Golden Plumbob Nominations

As mentioned in my main blog, I (and the Tart’s) got nominated in several categories.

I got nominated this year.  Thanks to whoever nominated me, I love you!  Now I am here to shamelessly beg ask for votes

Master post so you can vote for other great Sims players too.

Best Avatar – Vote

Most Jealous inducing graphics – Vote

Most talented sims creator – Vote

Prolific story completer – Vote

Completed Stories: Most Impressive Win – The Tart’s – Vote

Best Sims 3 Challenge: Three Options!  The Tart’s, The Vinson’s or Boo’s Boo Boos.  Vote

The Great Boolpropian Olympics – Hidden unless you are part of House Plumbob, like me 😀

House Plumbob MVP and Most Team Spirit

I did get nominated last year, but I did not find out until after voting had ended (I was on a sims hiatus).   So, thanks for nominations last year, whoever you were.


Tart ISBI: Year in Review, 2016

The Helper Monkey’s abandoned us this year, but I have a cheap knock off Year in Review for you.

2016 stats

2016 saw 11,724 views from 1,648 people.

Views by Country

There were some visitors from everywhere!  I wish I was as well traveled as my blog was!  *waves* to you all.  Thanks for visiting!

I think this was a major year for views and visitors since I only posted 37 updates this year, which is more than any other year!  I was determined to finish this family up, that’s for sure.

From my Tart family and I to yours, Happy New Year!

Chapter 8: The End!

Welcometo the finale of The Tart ISBI.  If not, I am doing this early enough that I can do more updates if needed.

Last time, we had birthdays and our first move outs.  LTW were completed and we are now waiting to see if Elijah tops his career.  The newest teens, Firefly’s triplets, are waiting to leave for boarding school as we speak.

TS3 2016-12-07 07-10-58-85

First we have to deal with another bed issue.  Pansy seems to think that the bed is occupied by Hazelnut, who is actually downstairs being told to take out the trash by Firefly.  A copy of the bed was made and this one was deleted.  I don’t count it as a used interaction to check if Pansy could sleep in the new edition, which she was able.

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Happy Anniversary, Tart and Vinson Families!


Today, we celebrate my fifth year with WordPress.  This also means that the Vinson’s also are celebrating today, since they were the very first family I blogged about.

Tomorrow, The Tart Family celebrates their 5th anniversary, because you can’t always have just one family floating around.

The difference between the Vinson’s and the Tart’s are their completion dates.  The Vinson’s (the first 10 generations) were completed on Nov. 22, 2014.  On June 20, 2015, Vinson 2.0 got its start and is currently in the 5th generation (although it is on a small hiatus so I can concentrate on the Tart’s alone).

The Tart Finale comes tomorrow, Dec. 12, 2016.  It’s been a long ride filled with laughs and glitches, insanity and sometimes the downright boring, but through it all, you all have stuck with this family and we love you.

Thank you for an amazing 5 years, from my families to yours.