Chapter 1.5

Welcome to update #2 of SimNaNoWriMo for the Boolprop Gold Medal attempt!

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Chapter 1.4

Fudge aged up as did the four babies.  Plum and Blackberry played musical jobs and had daily foot races to the carpool.  They both got notifications that they were about to be fired, but somehow they always managed to move the performance bar up into the green in time.  There was a lot of toddler skilling and we saw Pineapple grow up too.  Pop and Fudge set a lot of booby traps that poor Plum had to set off.

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SimNaNoWriMo 2018 starts on September 1.  I have chosen these guys, so there will not be an update until the first.  I will be playing this month though.

If you want to keep current with me, I am over on another blog doing a Sims 4 OWBC.

Also, this blog has gone and had a bit of a makeover.

I also played around in Photoshop.  Leave it to Plum to pull out his crazy for this selfie.

Oh, my vacation was amazing!  It was really nice to get away from it all.