Chapter 1

Before we begin, I should mention that this is my first Sims 3 challenge.  I have no talent for writing, so please bare with me.  Any constructive criticism is welcome, just try not to be too harsh.  lol.

Anyway, I have been reading some absolutely hysterical posts and I will link them as soon as I figure out what I am doing here.

Our Generation One Torch Holder is Plum Tart.

1. Too busy to meet

J: Erm…Is this necessary?

Plum: Definitely.  Go away.

*Taps foot* Plum!

2. Yeah hi

Plum: Yeah, yeah.  Hello.    Just go show them the dump you’re forcing me to live in while I do this.


Well, you’re completely broke, so there isn’t much I can do.  This will just have to do for now. I know that you want to be an International Super Spy, so why don’t you go get a job while I finish your intro.


(Is it just me, or does she resemble a purple Cruella De Ville)?

While she does that, we will talk about the Challenge.  ISBI stands for I’m Surrounded By Idiots, or what I prefer, Insanity.  The Rules are here.

Side note:  Due to horrible DEP crashes (and I have plenty of RAM), I cannot go into Edit Town and the only time I can enter CAS is when I start a new save.  Might have to break down and delete some mods.  I deleted all CC and still had problems.  I hate chasing issues as I am barely able to remember how to turn the damn computer on. 

Anyway, I have some cameos planned, which is why I mentioned the CAS problems.  I can’t use saved Sims unless I port them into CAS as part of my Create a Household.  So, I put 3 male someone’s with my girl, randomized their traits, put hair on them since they were all bald :/ and did some random clothing changes.  I sent the three into a house when we first landed in  Sugar Valley and off they went.  Plum never spoke to them or even looked at them.  I tried my luck with Edit Town (which didn’t crash the game for once) and had them move into a household with one person and plenty of room so they could thrive….until Plum could hunt them down like a lion after an impala.

From Berry Crazy ISBI  We got Blackberry Sorbet…. sigh…


J: I thought I told you to get a job?

Plum:  Done.  Now it’s time to make “friends”.  Can we keep him?

J:  With a 4/4 and 10/10, you bet you can.


Plum doing her Mannequin impression.  Blackberry, not to be outdone, does a better job.


Are you kidding me?   I went to look at a fight and swiveled over and caught this.

I try to keep her autonomous as much as possible , because it’s hysterical the things she does.  I intervene only when her stats start dropping and she doesn’t do anything for herself.


……and Blueberry Sorbet ❤   Thanks for the scare.  You have been crossed off the list.

Plum and Blueberry have never even spoke.  This amused me.


Okay, this did not amuse anyone but here I think.  Flirting with Blueberry in full view of Blackberry..not very smart.  You better go fix that.


She goes to gossip and a fight breaks out.  Apparently, Paparazzi Clavell does not like Granny Apple.  He walked right up to her and beat her down.

J: Left side of screen next to chick in white is one very hot Merlot Pinot Noir from Berry.


Plum: So, like, do you want to hang out tonight?

BBerry: I’m so hot.  Can I borrow your mirror?

Long story short:  They went to a restaurant, made a memory.  Got glitched.  He kept trying to give her flowers while she was stuck in the restaurant screaming bloody murder.  I didn’t want to lose the date by resetting her, so I had her teleport next to him.

Sunday Night – End of the first day.


Wishing she had more than 600 Simoleans to go buy a book, I guess.


BBerry: Here, let me shove my tongue down your throat…you’ll forget all about book reading.


Fun commences.   Think I heard a lullaby, but not sure.  We’ll see.


Apparently the act warranted formal attire, while BBerry makes sure he didn’t work her over too hard.


Ugh! I HATE Stride of Pride.   I thought I turned it off, but apparently I didn’t.


BBerry:  I’m so freakin’ hot.

J: Apparently so, you stood in front of that mirror for the better part of 12 hours.  TWELVE!


Plum runs off for her first day as a cop.   Meanwhile…….

Monday Morning –


….BBerry doing his morning dance.

J: I should mention that they are only at Romantic Interests.


Yep, still sexy.


Two hour conversation about the solar system with the papergirl.


Eats Plum’s unfinished breakfast.  Plum is at work starving.


Cleans up.   Bonus points right there…


Checks to make sure he’s still hot.


Either the weather rocks or the view in the mirror does.


Plum: You’re still here?

BBerry: Oh, was I supposed to leave?


Monday Night –


Not sure what she was doing, but he was not having any of it.  Then two seconds later shoved his tongue back down her throat.   I really don’t understand these two yet.


When I think of you……


…I need to clean the toilet….


…So, I can puke.

I guess I did hear the lullaby.


Plum:  I have something to tell you..


BBerry: I give this two thumbs up.


Awww!  Never had autonomous tummy touching before.

Tuesday Morning o.O – Still only romantic interests.


Plum:  Are you ever going home?

BBerry:  ?? I’m supposed to leave?


Apparently the “perks” override the need to shower!   He does brush his teeth a lot though.


BBerry:  I hear a larva!


BBerry: Can’t wait to meet my little pink or blue cocoon.

So adorable.


Still hot.

I swear, if he ever joins her household, I’m permanently attaching a mirror to his hand.


More nothing going on.  She spammed romance on him for 3 days and still nothing….and he hasn’t left yet.

I wonder if he’s glitched??  The romantic options never progress further than the flirting stage and they do it back and forth….Constantly.  The sappy lovestruck crap is getting boring and gaggable.

Possibly Wednesday Night.  lost track.

72 hours of woohoo, flirting, fighting, insulting, woohooing, flirting, fighting…yeah…this is what it all comes down too.



LOL@the stray dog sleeping on the bed.


Plum: Hey dog, find another bed.  I’m going to need this one after I get the larva delivered.


Stray Dog:  Woof!!

I think that was dog speak for “Good job.”


Let’s all play a game.  It’s called FIND THE BABY!


Seriously!!?!?  O.M.G.   No one has touched the baby in hours.  It’s not moving and it’s in the yellow on the way to red.  Plum ignores all force interactions.



*Ultimate Jaw Drop*  (I literally yelled NO! and it’s like 1:30 am in a house of non-simmers) NO!  NO FRACKIN’ WAY!   Seriously?   He nailed her on a Try For Baby, right as I finally got her to stand up and get the baby.  It cancelled the interaction and she LEAPED into bed.   She resembled a two-legged gazelle.  I. Am. Not. Happy. ‘Bout. This.

I thought woohooer/MC had it set so they could only get impregnated every 3 days?   *counts on fingers* Oh…ultimate duh.  I better go change that to 6 days or I think she’ll be pregnant forever.

I don’t care if it is cheating.  I keep resetting the baby in hopes of un-glitching him.  Poor thing.  At least he’s moving now, but there’s no crying or even gurgling.  It’s like he’s there, but not there at all.  Ninja Baby!  Yes, I have saved and restarted the game, no help there.

Thursday Morning –

*Insert missing pic here*

Sigh…yes he’s still on the ground Sad smile  Not sure why they’re talking about Blueberry..although I did see a pop up that he’s in a relationship with someone named Lillian.

Still working out the screenies for the pop ups, I keep forgetting to go into windowed mode.  Merlot works for the Military.

They fought all night.  The relationship bar is down to the middle, from being fully maxed.  And I’m ticked at the game and those two.


A.T.M.  Alert the Media!   She found him!!  Yay!


Whatever was stalling the game fixed itself.









They immediately had a private wedding.






That’s it for now.  Sorry it was so long, but I was not expecting to be glitched in the romance department for 4 Sim days and this is my first blog.  I seriously doubt anyone will see this anyway…LOL and I’m a total pic whore.  Just be glad it wasn’t 5x longer.

Next time on The Sims of Our Lives – the updated house.  BBerry brought in about $7K.  We got walls!!


16 thoughts on “Chapter 1

    • It’s okay. It all worked out in the end. I have had the game up either paused or playing for the better part of 9 hours and I have entered CAS 4 times without crashing.

      I adore Blackberry! He’s so funny. I did not realize how hard it was going to be not “helping” everyone. I literally try to channel ESP to pixels :/

      Thanks so much for reading!

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I’m a fan of your other blogs but this is the first time I’ve commented; I think you do a fabulous job and hope you keep it up! Sorry about your game issues: if EA would pay attention and start the game with the better hairstyles and clothes we wouldn’t have to go and get the CC. Please keep up the blogging!

    • Aww, thanks and I definitely will be keeping it up. I always like to hear from readers!

      I’m trying to build Luc and Spike a house, but my hubby, the anti-sim says it looks like a Branch Davidian-type compound and instructed my sims to “not drink the kool-aid”. Jerk.

      Anyway, I too, wish that EA would do something useful instead of throwing more stuff at us that we have to pay for. Sooner or later, we all will smarten up and stop.

  2. selahgio says:

    Oh my I am loving this! 🙂 I can’t wait to read more! 🙂 I’m loving Plum and Blueberry. This is amazing for your first time also! Keep up the good work 🙂

  3. Hayley says:

    Heheheh Pop Tart… I see what you did there!
    I hate when the game glitches up and is beyond repair. Annoys me!
    Oh Blackberry, I love you in your original legacy and I love you now, you vain man you! ❤
    Onto moar chapters!

  4. Lol Pop Tart, I like it when names are like that. I had a “Pole” family, Starting with Bean Pole, I was eventually reduced to naming one of the kids Stripper because I couldn’t think of anymore pole’s.

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