Chapter 2

Previously, we had a date that lasted four days, the birth of Pop Tart, glitches galore and finally the marriage of Plum and Blackberry.

This is a pretty boring update, so I decided to throw it up sooner than planned.


BBerry brought in enough to score some walls and a real bathroom!  I forgot to mention that his LTW is Master of the Arts.  He got a job in the Music business.  I forgot to turn off paternity leave, so he’s underfoot quite a bit.


Plum calling to find out where Bberry ended up.  He left for the Theater to apply for a job earlier that day.  Plus the sorta kitchen and living room.


Why is he at the criminal building getting “juiced”?


Bberry:  There’s a rumbly in my tumbly!!

J: Glad to see you finally found your way home.


Bberry pondering on the many ways to save Pop from the quicksand.


Well, #2 is definitely on the way Smile.  Bberry is yet again showing me that I put him in the wrong occupation.

I prefer if when they wait until one is at least a toddler before starting another.  I’m going to have to be quicker on the cancel button in the future, if it’s needed.


I personally can’t stand the IF’s.  I usually stick them on the roof of the house, but the screaming children do tend to get annoying after awhile.  So, I let them have them, but never let them run around or become real.  All the ones I have had were evil and mean.  They’re just creepy.  Anyway, this is Pop’s.  It disappeared between this pic and the next time I loaded up the game.  I swear I did not kill it.


Someone found the easel.  Happy Day!


I’ve never seen a wild foal before, but here is one doing his/her impression of the Karate Kid.


Plum: No idea what this is..but yay!




Poor Bberry has a major hygiene problem.

Which is fine with me.  Plum won’t go near him normally, so maybe if he stays smelly, they’ll stop procreating. Open-mouthed smile



Why does she laugh at birthdays…I don’t get it.   Happy Birthday Pop!!  I hate parties, but I usually start having them when they turn to children.


LOL  I think he has Plum’s eyes


Tasty!   This is the only time he gets fed lately.


Slight graphical issues, but her arms were not chopped off in a freak accident.  I can’t believe she autonomously started playing with him.  She hardly goes near him normally….unless I make her.


Either the screaming finally got to her or Bberry is not home.  Not sure which.


Found him…and he found the shower.  Do I hear angels singing?


I swear he never sleeps :/  …but every once in a while he does something like this.  More yay moments.


Teaching him early on that babies should come after the diamonds.


It’s that time! the nursery.

*note to self*  Have crib before the baby shows up…if there’s a next time.


BBerry:  Not to worry Pop, she will be okay soon.  We’ll just stand back here and laugh at her screams of pain.


So darn cute!   I ❤ Fudge

A little bit of randomness before we part ways until the next installment.


After delivery massage!  Awww!


After massage fight.   Sigh


What?  After ignoring him for decades you’re going to fight over him?  Hello…there’s another >>>>> over there.   I have to say though, the dejected look is quite adorable on Bberry.


HAHAHAHA!  NO!   Look at her, she’s starving and tired of the screaming.  NO!


I hate high chairs.  I only got this one for the points.  It will be deleted.  I just had to enjoy his happiness.  He really is quite adorable.


Happy time is over.  It might probably, maybe have to do with them not feeding him.



LOL!  He literally follows her around and then wants whoever she’s holding.  So freaking funny.

Screenshot-198 (2)

*sob*  Not funny.

Had her at the Peppermint Pier harvesting money trees and an elder death that left us like 5k.  Saving up for a big home project..since neither of them do anything for money.   I wonder if Ty Pennington is available?

And this is where we part ways for now.   Pretty boring section for the most part.


5 thoughts on “Chapter 2

    • I made minor changes, like rolling random traits to make him different and a new wardrobe and, I think hair, since he was bald and I had no clue where to find the one you had for him. I am a PSPer normally, not a blogger or even a Simmer..yet. I bought Sims 3 within a week of Sims Social, which I hated. Within the month I had every EP and SP pack except Pets and only because it wasn’t released yet. I am still learning how to deal with other people’s Sims so as not to offend them and such. So, I chose to treat Blackberry as your property and only making minor enough changes that anyone that follows you or came across him here, would know that he was borrowed, but not a clone.

      • Whoops…totally forgot to say that I adore Pop. I was like, what kind of name goes with Tart…the light bulb going off was blinding. He’s really great.

  1. selahgio says:

    Noooooo this post was really funny, I’m in love with your blog now! 🙂 It gets better with each post.

  2. OMG, Blackberry, how many kids do you want? Though it is funny…kind of making me want to test out having autonomous Try For Baby on in my game…

    Pop is so cute, love the random grandparent genetics. Gives us some change from pure purple, at least.

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