Chapter 4.2

I am really loving these moments that I capture a whole series on.  Some are decidedly better than others, but I love any that have the kids, since they are growing up and will be gone soon.


“Wench, bring me my mutton!”


“Listen as your Prince speaks to you, I say!”


I am the Good Prince Lancelot


I love to sing and dance a lot


I have an eye, for a pretty face


I love the girls, but it’s no disgrace.


“I would sing the rest, but I’m too young to know that many girls.”

“Plus, I’m starving………feeeeed meeee!”   *cough…choke…splutter* “‘Tis the end of Lancelot, no more shall I dance or sing a lot!”

J: Yet another award winning performance.


3 thoughts on “Chapter 4.2

  1. Oh I know. Endlessly entertaining. If Pop was not on the chess chair, then Fudge was. At least Pop managed to do his homework first. Fudge never did his.

    My little tribute to I Love Lucy.

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