Chapter 4


Telling Uncle Blueberry how much he hates school.


Doing his homework, although it seems to be getting late.


Plum calling him home before the cops get him.


Pedal faster, you’re almost there!


I can’t believe it took this long (other than toilet clogging) to have our first plumbing problem.  Still 0 fires…. o.O  I bet this means the house explodes from a meteor.


and quickly repaired.


Taking care of her wish to watch the stars with Blackberry.


*grabs stomach*  Starving…..dying……feeeed meeee!   I’m wastingggg awayyyy!   *hand to forehead*  I’m fading fast.  Good-bye cruel world!

Plum:  Leftovers in the ones stopping you from grabbing some…..until I remember to buy that lock from the store…muhahahaha!!!

J: I see a future in pictures for Pop..another academy award winning performance from this family.


Plum is off to work.  Maternity leave is over…and she’s finally learned to keep her legs closed.

Which means……..


Blackberry has the kids all to himself….hahahahahaha.

He’s not been alone with them for any more than an hour or two at a time… ever.  I sure hope the loony look moodlet leaves Plum now…it’s been there for months….maybe years.


Bberry: “Oh Gawd, they aren’t crying.  Are they broken?”


Oh no!  Plum will kill me if I let Pineapple get swallowed by the quicksand!


Mommy will be glad that you’re safe, p-apple.


Even years later, Plum cannot figure out what that’s a picture of.  Hopefully she remembers that she’s hungry soon.


Yay for doing homework two days in a row.

Pop:  1 + 1 = 4


Nah..that can’t be right.


School sucks!


Sweet Fudginess time.




Reading the book for a promotion.


We don’t need your $2 simoleans…I need a story!

Worst idea ever.  *Kicks the EA employee that thought this crap up*  He’s like 50…he can read  himself to sleep.




I was out looking for a stray cat that is friends with Plum…..  (((I’m trying to hold off on the pets until Pop is a teen, but I run horse ranches on all my other saves…no pets is killing me.))))….came back to this.  I see guilt in them both.  What have they done?!?!

Speaking of..I need to quit hoarding money and get them all a room.   If you can believe it, I do love building the houses boxes with walls, but I’m a worse decorator/builder than storyteller.  My imagination is 0 ZERO!  I wanted to create my own world….I got a migraine trying to make the road straight. I haven’t opened CAW since.  Anyway… enough random rambling.


Original Prankster


I didn’t do nuffin.


Plum: Cancel the party…what if he turns out like OP back there?

J:  You can’t stop this from happening…just grin and bare it.



Awwww!  I ❤ P-apple!!  (I totally cheated…total awesomeness to come).

Time to spam the Pineapple Open-mouthed smile




ewww!  Boogers!

~End of Pineapple spam~


I was slobbering over Pineapple…so I missed that OP totally drenched his dad with the toilet.


Blech…guess what P-apple found.

The Beginning of the End.

First off, I never mentioned it, but I will now so that you don’t get weirded out by the color schemes from here on out.

Pop Tart: Favorite color – Aqua

Fudgy: Favorite color – violet

Pineapple: Favorite color – Hot pink.

Plum: Favorite color – Black

Blackberry – Favorite color – Green


Family outing to the park.



Family portrait.  One of the last with her as the mom…well it will still be her..just a weird one.


Swing time.



Say it isn’t so!!


Here it is..the last picture before she crashed to premade simdom.   Okay, yes this is the last pic of her, but there is no telling when she broke.  I am set to save every 3o minutes across 4 saves.  She corrupted them all.  So, I was saving a corrupted Plum for 2 hrs and Overwatch/Debug never told me or I (most probably) deleted the pop up without reading it.

The game saved here, but because of the broken outfits…everyone ended up like this on reload…and I get depressed every time I see this.  I almost cheated and used an older save, but chose to live this one out and see where it went.


OP presiding over his Royal Court at the park.   (Yes, from now on he is the Original Prankster and will be forevermore).


This is how she was brought back and caught Blackberry flirting with a perfect berrified sim.  Julip something or other. Plum got the upset icon but never confronted him.  She just went to the bathroom I think.


I stayed and watched his amorous hug.


Giving her flowers.  Plum never confronted him…even though I felt I should have her break up with him…I was still upset about almost losing the whole family…lol  She stormed off.  Taking one of the babies.  I had to teleport the other one home because he stayed out all night with this chick.


She promptly tossed her cookies later on.

He came home in the red sometime later…serves you right!


This is the remade Plum.  To commemorate the occasion, her whole wardrobe is new.

Huge update, but I needed to get through the Plum break so I didn’t have to think about it anymore.  It’s going to take forever to get this family back to normal.  Everyone is in the pink with regards to Blackberry.   He is persona non grata around these parts.  Even the toddlers prefer their mom now.   Any other time, I would have put a stop to it…but I couldn’t without cheating.

I also just realized that it will be halfway through the next update before you see her.  It seems that all the pictures are cut off at the neck or shows her from the back.  Totally subconscious, because she’s not really that bad.


See!  Just kidding…you have to see the whole picture, and you can’t until next time.   P-apple doesn’t seem afraid though.  LOL


2 thoughts on “Chapter 4

  1. Oh man, what a crazy update! Glad you’re mucking through with this save, but I’ve never heard of that glitch before! So weird. And Black, I’m so disappointed in you! SMH

    • I was quite upset with him too, until I thought really long and hard. While in the park with the female sim, he didn’t acknowledge any of the babies either. It was like he thought he was single with no wife or children. (Before outfit break) Even when late home from work and me checking on him, he only did the get to know, chat, and talk about family actions. There is a shot of Pop very sad, but he didn’t do anything and treated his dad like a random stranger and went home. That is why there is no divorce, or even anger later on. It was like it never happened. Very strange stuff here. I blame the game not the Sims for this. This whole family has been a bit glitchy from the beginning all starting with the date at the restaurant where he was romancing her and she was stuck inside. I really think it’s the town. Everyone is just so unique here that I just hate abandoning it.

      In regards to the glitch. She broke her outfit which knocked out all genetic changes I made before starting this games.. But I had 4 or 5 dereferencing things that Twallen took note of. I’m under the impression that they have to be pretty bizarre for him to keep copies of. Think I’ll take a wait and see approach.

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