Chapter 6

Well, last update was me trying to concentrate on the kids and let the stubborn adults do their own thing…which was basically nothing, as usual.  We left off with Brazil Nut visiting after school,  Fudge had a birthday and his first day of school, and his first friend.  Now I’m pondering why Pop never brought a friend home?  I have no clue.

Which reminds me to do a household check to see who needs pet beds and cribs.  *writes that down*


Well, new friend or not.  Fudge left her outside.  Good thing Plum and P-apple were coming back from wherever they were.  The grocer I think..

Screenshot-179 (1)

I LOL every time I see this picture.  Another Cruella De Ville moment.   I sure hope she doesn’t consider little Brazil a “Dalmatian”.  P-apple is just as adorable as ever.

After this Chapter, we will be doing a  major house construction.  This family is morbidly attracted to befriending elders and then getting all their money when they die.  Not a lot, but it does add up.


This is basically why we are keeping her.  I want to say she has all bad traits, but still the sweetest thing ever.  She even accepts Plum’s “crazy”.


I want to kick that boy.  No IF is better than real people. I swear it’s almost time to make a spot for it on the roof.  He has not done his homework.


The bump is starting show…it better be a girl this time..dammit.    Anyway, Brazil is all for funny face making.


Plum tells her to do her homework.   Good girl, Plum!

Plum: “Stuff it.  I am about ready to MC her ass into our home.”

J:  “Not bloody likely.  She has a family and you have 900 people living in a box.”

Plum: “Not my fault, lazy ass.”


She went and did her homework.  Fudge still has the Idiot Friend out and Pop completes his homework and takes a nap.  P-apple grabs his stupid Idiot Friend too.  o.O  *Note to self* Uninstall Generations…pronto.




I think I was looking for the missing Bberry when I caught “the look”.


Going to pillow fight…until…..


It’s 10:30…Don’t get busted Brazil!     Apparently, Fudgy takes after his dad and knows how great he is.


Slam Dunk!   Now let’s hope we can keep them interested the next few sim years


Oh wow…I didn’t know he knew he still had a job o.O   Guess that explains why he was missing.


Lol  4 days from adulthood and he is getting his first promotion o.O


Fudge is trying to prove how wonderful he is.   It’s working


Well, it was working anyway.   Better get on that bus slacker.


A sequence of neglect.  I could beat the crap out of them both.  Her for completely ignoring (as usual) anything I tell her to do.


Instead of wishing for a washer, why don’t you put Pineapple to bed?


You fail as Sims and Parents.   Poor Pineapple Sad smile


I like producing the kids.   I don’t do the taking care of them part.



Bberry:  “I am having romantic thoughts.”

Plum: “Go away.  I’m nesting.”


We part ways with Plum staring blankly at the sink, Blackberry rushing off to work (can’t believe he has a job still) and a creepy pink guy staring at Plum from the door.   Stay tuned till next time, when we have a birth, a new house, a huge accomplishment for our very own Pop and a birthday or two.

I guess I should be the one to tell Plum that those boots totally don’t work that outfit.   Ever since the outfit of death, she is dressing herself in a weird outfits that I don’t control.

Note: This is the last update I have.  Luckily, I uploaded the draft a couple of days ago.  I do have some random saved pictures of the kids.  I will just post them without a storyline, since one won’t be required.


Torch Holders: 1
Sim Failing School: 0
Visit from Service Sim: 0
Passing Out: 2
Self-Urination: 2
Accidental Deaths: 0
Social Worker Visit: 0
Births: 3
Twin Births:
Triplet Births: 0
Fulfilling LTW: 0
Achieving Honor Roll:
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation: 0
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation: 0
Every 100,000 dollars: 0
Having an NPS Spouse reach the top of their career: 0


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