Trouble in Tartville

My poor Plum Tart became a deleted object during game play.  I never saw or noticed the error trap pop ups, so I just might have had a bunch of popups piled up and I went on a mad clicking spree and missed them.   When the game crashed, I had 10 script errors, which are currently posted for Twallen.  I am hoping he can at least explain what happened or if it’s fixable, which I doubt.    This wiped out of all 4 of the save files I keep, as the errors went back over a two hour period that I was playing on.

A generic weird alien being is in her place.  I am going to have to port a binned copy back into the game.  I will use MasterController to get her missing skills back (she’s been pregnant so long that none are above level 3) and she has only been to work twice.  LOL  I will have to either do a TFB or just pollinate her since I know the sex of the next baby.

Oddly enough, BBerry and the kids are all fine.  It was just Plum.

Just weird how when I loaded the save, the house lot was empty and there was no family picture.  I loaded it anyway and it took me to the start up area, where you either play a family or create one.  I had the bright idea, after a while, to see what was sitting on my lot and there was my family.  I had some family members at the park, a kid at home alone and the weird alien was outside peeking in a window.  So creepy.

Here is the weird alien being.


She looks like a generic premade alien.


I can’t even bring myself to use the binned copy.  I think I might just transfer all genetics of the binned one and just do major corrective surgery on the weird alien being.  I just hope the genetics were locked in with her original looks on the babies and not how she looks now.  I’m not really sure how EA handles genetics.

I wonder if this is a Sugar Valley problem?  I might Port them all somewhere else and bring some berries with for some genetic smash ups somewhere else.

I am going to try this Delphy’s Dashboard someone just told me about.  Hopefully that finds out if I have a conflict somewhere.  I never had trouble before Pets was released.


4 thoughts on “Trouble in Tartville

    • I did a workaround. I brought the binned copy into CAS copied all her sliders and stuff and redid the original Plum. She is a little off, but I think only I would notice it. According to Twallen, she broke all her outfits (probably in a fit of rage) plus some dereferencing things, which I don’t know what that means. But the main thing is that I got it back to “normal” and just abandoned those other saves and started 4 brand new ones.

  1. bagley777 says:

    Bleh! Hate those glitches. Darn EA, stop cranking out expansion pacs and fix the game you have now!!!! Though, I do love the expansion packs….

    Obviously, I’m not far into your blog, but it’s really interesting so far! I like it quite a bit 🙂 Can’t wait to read more of it! I just started a legacy blog of my own!

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