Chapter 7

I found some lost pics.  Just wish it was the whole update.  Still not sure how to solve the save file problem.


Creepy Pink Guy turned out to be a neighbor.   He ended up staying until the middle of the night when Plum finally had to tell him to leave.


Look what time it is.



Plum with Cherry Tart 🙂   Please take note of the thought bubble.


She peed 2nds after delivery.  Not a happy mommy moment that’s for sure.

For some reason she had natural twin girls at the exact same time.  Lemon Tart materialized on the floor.  Not sure what happened.  The norm is putting one in the crib before the 2nd shows up.

I don’t have the pics, but in the last save that is lost, they are toddlers.  They are not exactly identical, but I think the only difference was eyebrow colors.  One was pink and the other purple.  Both had really good traits locked in.



LOL I had like 10 of her pop ups telling me how naughty she was.




The last one I have.  I love this one.  Fudgy and Daddy walk exactly the same.  Creepy pink/green guy is still here….and Pops left a surprise that Daddy gets in the toilet.   Okay that sounded so wrong…I meant a prank.

After expanding the house, they ended up with a room and bunk beds for the boys in their three colors.  Pops favorite color was aqua, Fudgy was violet, P-apple was hot pink.  A room for the girls’ in their colors.  Cherry’s was black (like mom) and Lemon was lime green (pretty close to Blackberry, who likes regular green.)  A second bathroom.  A massive kitchen with an island and 5 or 6 chairs, a reading area, play area and laundry room.   The girls were still in the nursery.  I forgot a master bed, so Blackberry and Plum used the single (LOL) beds in the black and lime room.  They were both 1 day away from adulthood and I didn’t want to chance a delay with another baby.  I was lost in regards to heir.  It was between Fudgy and Pineapple until the girls came along.

They also had adopted a stray dog and were going to call around the neighborhood for another.

I have posts everywhere regarding the save problem with no solutions.  This is the last post.  Pops was a handsome teen and almost ready to turn YA.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 7

  1. When I had that problem, it was because I hadn’t installed the world the save was based in, but you’re in Sugar Valley, right? That’s base game Sunset Valley, so I guess it can’t be for that reason with your save. 😦 Sucks! Maybe if you zip the save and upload it to mediafire, I could try and open it in my game, then resave it…and then maybe you could open it. Worth a shot! I wanna see those girls!

  2. I finally came over here. I think I opened a mediafire to sneak a dog into I will upload it and you can grab it whenever. No rush. I have 2 surviving saves from the original 4..neither open for me.

    I am in Sugar Valley and I even put the save file in my save folder and load up and make a family and save hoping that would work too. I will PM the mediafire link to you at boolprop.

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