Chapter 8

Plum:  It’s about F-ing time you rescued us from the 5th level of hell!!
Sorry, Plum.  It’s only been a month oddly enough.  It just seems like it’s been a long time.
Plum: So what the hell is wrong with my offspring.  Only Fudgy is the same.
It seems that some vital parts were missing.  I did a little work on everyone, but at least you’re all alive!  That’s what matter most…Right?

Bberry is Back!  Slight problem with baldness, but I gave him a new ‘do and he looks handsome as ever again.

Pop Tart made it too.  He also had to have a new makeover.  He was wearing girl jammies?   I am so sorry I left you to suffer with Lucifer’s little humiliation tricks, Pop!

Pop:   Just be glad you got here when you did.  If I had to traverse the underworld much longer I would have found a way into your dreams and made them nightmares.

Ahhh Fudgy.  You haven’t changed a bit…well except for the girl jammies.  What’s was up with that.

Fudge:  Who cares…I rocked the pink jammies!

P-apple also had a balding problem.  I quickly fixed him.  Other than that he was cc free so no changes were needed, but gave him a new wardrobe anyway.

The twins, Cherry and Lemon are 1 day old.  You will meet them soon.

Now, I am having severe graphical issues.  It seems my game reverted to default settings and I can’t find my way back to where I was. 

Poor Plum is all smeared looking and haggish.  No one is happy with this.

Graphics issue
Any tips on correcting this would be greatly appreciated.    The pictures I took in CAS turned out fine, to me anyway.

Also, I am exporting everything in the blog and putting it at a new WordPress addy.  It takes up to 24 hrs though, so I will post the new link soon.



3 thoughts on “Chapter 8

  1. Hmm, you could try raising up the sim detail and going into windowed mode (usually helps the game run faster) and maybe raise the edge smoothing? Could be a video card problem for some reason…does it look like this in other saves?

    Eee so glad the Tarts are back!

  2. So far it seems to be everything Sims related. Everywhere else is fine. I think my GeForce 9800 whatever is only a year or two old. If it is dying, I’m not going to be happy,

    I will fiddle around with it. Vinson’s are trying to load now. For some reason Hidden Springs refused to install, but when I went to install I was told it was already there. I deleted it and put it back.

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