Chapter 9

So, I woke up this morning with the intent of ridding my game of as much useless CC as possible, which took a lot of the day.  I finally got a chance to load up Plum and the guys.  When I finally got in-game, there was a pop up with a list of demands in very erratic handwriting. 

1.    We want a real house.  Now!   You lost us, now you make it up to us.
2.    Find my hair!  I can’t stand this housewifey crap on my head.
3.    From here on out, in punishment for losing us, you will satisfy every wish I get or make up.  This will extend past me and onto every heir forevermore.

If these three demands are not met, you might not like the consequences.


Well, I had to think on this and reacquaint myself with the family.  I had to learn them quick and apply all the new stuff I had learned since their loss.

It didn’t work quite that well.   I need to take a moment and say a warm thank you to Styxlady.  My graphics are back to normal with your tips.  I really appreciate it.

I also won’t keep you all waiting.

Screenshot-20 Lemon TartScreenshot-20

Now let the horrible day begin!

It was roughly 2 pm in game.  I checked on the boys who were supposed to be in school.  Well, do they get points for trying?


You know, if you keep standing here you’ll all get grounded for skipping school.  I was ignored and they all continued to stand there.  I took the opportunity to fix Brazil Nuts broken hair and now she looks normal again.

Pretty soon I saw a Lemon in yellow (hehe), I went back to see how Plum was doing.


Shut up.  It took 3 hrs to feed, play and change Lemon.  Then Cherry started crying.  Do you hear that sound?
No, I don’t.
Fine, just look to the left then.


Where is Blackberry?
Outside snoring because you refuse to build us a decent house.
You do realize that you’re broke right?
Just do something about this shack.
Hurry and pee, I refuse to lose points the first day you guys are back.


This is no joke.  From the time we saw the boys at school to now it has been 8 hrs.  HOURS!  It’s almost 10 pm.


Will you get your butt home before the cops get you.
No can do, Miss Jenn.  I have to do this real quick.
What is so important that can’t wait until you get home?


Well poo.  I totally forgot.  I mean it has been a month, but I really forgot and never thought to check.  In the future can you please do it where there is light and with a little warning?


You didn’t turn out to bad, OP!

So I didn’t get a shot of it, but at 10:15 PM, the school bus dropped off Fudgy.

So, it was finally time.  Since they needed a new house anyway….


Did you not read the note?!?  I said a new house…not destroy my house.  Hey!  Where the hell am I?  What..what have YOU DONE!


I am at the point where I don’t know if I should kill you or cry.  The voices vote for murder!
Oh hush!  It’s not that bad.  You just kinda moved to Twinbrook without being told first.  I needed you in a less laggy place and also where I can’t lose you to expansion problems.


Bberry, did you know about this?
No way!  I totally would have done a better job.

Bah…this is crap.  I ported them here and unpacked them, which I thought would have sold their house.  It had done that previously with a different family.  It diidn’t work this time.  So, they came to Twinbrook broke.  I have to build them a house for under 50k.
Wait…hold up!  Prince Fudge must speak to you, Peasant.   Where is Brazil?  Uncle Blueberry?

They’re around here somewhere.  I deleted everyone in town and brought Brazil and her whole family, Blueberry, Merlot and the creepy pink guy with you.

Can you hurry and build?  Our arms are totally gonna get tired.  Then we will need to take the babies to the hospital when they get dropped on their heads.

Two Hours Later…..


I can’t believe she just dropped us off in the middle of nowhere in some town where all the people were deleted because they were ugly!

Did you hear?  Miss Jenn moved us across the world!  She is so cool and murdered a whole town for us!

Who are you two talking too?

Some Justin Beiber lookalike named Walter.  I picked up my phone and just dialed a random number.

Someone named Charlie.  I did what Mom did.  Dialed a random number.  I’m not sure if it was a boy or girl though.


Arms…my arms are going to fall off!

Can we go in yet?  I really need to get my homework done.


Entryway into the living room.




Kitchen/Dining room


Only bathroom for now.


Other half of the bathroom

And that my friends is where the money ran out. Bathroom has the only painted ceiling for now.


Pop and Fudgy’s room  Later another bed will be put in here for P-apple.


I thought I got a pic of Plum and blackberry’s room, but alas, I forgot.  Here is an overhead view.

The search was an endless one, but I finally prevailed.


When she had that glitch that reset her to base simdom…it had deleted this hair and her clothes.  I didn’t realize it until she wanted her hair back.  Luckily, I only use NewSea hair, so it was a quick download to get her normal again.



Homework is for losers!

I heard that, Pipsqueak!


Um, you left Fudge on the side of the road!

Can’t he walk?

Um, well..I sorta can’t remember.

And this is how the Tart’s spent their first day back in the realm of humans.

Being paused all day while you spent our money is not our idea of a grand time.


5 thoughts on “Chapter 9

    1. Thanks, I consider that high praise indeed. It was actually fun for a change. I am hoping to get the bedrooms done soon. Plum’s maternity leave was cancelled in the move, so I had to have Blackberry quit his job so that Plum could work. Hopefully she progresses quick and makes some decent cash.

    1. It was pretty, too bad the contractor needed to be sued. They would go to sleep and the upper halves of their bodies would be outside. They sat in invisible chairs..the list goes on. I finally had to have Fudge move them to an EA made house until I learn to build better.

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