Generation 2 Heir/ess Poll

They were lost in Hell for many Simdecades and now that they have been rescued, I cannot choose between them.  I am doing this now, because by the time the youngest are heiress age, the oldest will be a bazillion years old.

Here they are:

Name:    Pop Tart
Age:      Teen
Traits:     Angler, Good Sense of Humor,  Heavy Sleeper and Insane
Food:      Fruit Parfait
Music:     French
Color:      Aqua

Pop Tart has no wife prospects.   If anyone has a Berry teen/YA, Pop Tart would be interested.  He is currently on the Honor Roll.

Name:   Fudge Tart
Age:     Teen
Traits:    Brave, Insane, Easily Impressed and Inappropriate
Food:     Mac n’ Cheese
Music:     Soul
Color:     Violet

Name:   Pineapple Tart
Age:     Child
Traits:   Brave, Insane and Virtuoso
Food:    Goopy Carbonara
Music:   Classical
Color:    Hot Pink

Twin #1

Name:  Lemon Tart
Age:    Toddler
Traits:   Loner and Eccentric
Food:    Grilled Salmon
Music:   Kids
Color:    Black

Twin 2

Name:     Cherry Tart
Age:       Toddler
Traits:     Couch Potato and Friendly
Food:      Ratatouille
Music:     Hip Hop
Color:      Lime


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