Poll Results


First, let me thank everyone that voted.  I really appreciate it.

With 6 votes:

We ended up with a tie.

Mr. Fudge Tart


Miss Cherry Tart

Poll Results

I must have been channeling confusing ESP thoughts.  My two favorites won.

Now I just have to decide what to do with these two.  The choices are:

1.   Control both and first one to produce an heir takes over and the loser moves out.
2.   Control one on certain days of the week: Fudge, MWF and Cherry on TTS.  Then
have Sunday a free day?
3.   Put up a tiebreaking poll and let the 15 voters duke it out.

Let me know what you think.  Please comment here, on the forum or on the Facebook post.  Thanks.


3 thoughts on “Poll Results

  1. Please note that in my game, Fudge has a week until he is a Young Adult. Cherry has 3 days until she is a Teen. I have no problem turning teen pregnancy on for Cherry to make it more even, I’m just not sure I want to go that route.

  2. Hmmm it looks like they have the exact same features, so I’d make the decision based on who’s potential spouse I liked better. XD

    Also, I will have to look you up on FB!

    • I know. They could easily be twins. I will send you the link to fb. It’s not a special one, just my own personal one, but with 700 friends, I was hoping for a better voting result.

      As of right this minute, neither one has any spousal prospects. I might have to do a rapid immigration into Twinbrook, since I don’t want to make the spouses and stack the deck against one over the other.

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