Chapter 11

Let’s start off with some good news, shall we?

Pop has now been on the honor roll in Elementary and now High school.

Pineapple is yet again stuck next to the bed.

Our first gnome was in the backpack of one of the kids.  I believe he got it during a field trip.

Things are not going so well between Fudge and Plum.  I’m not even sure if they are friends anymore.

Too bad none of you males got the clean trait.  You look like you’re in desperate need of one.

I guess Fudge took that as his cue to do the dishes lol.

Ack.  Go to bed.  I would rather have dirty dishes than a point loss.

I got a pop up stating that the Nut household fell short on the bed audit.  I went over and checked it out.  I then had Brazil move in with the Tart’s since I had plans for her anyway.  The whole house is screwed up in one way or the other.

Yes..go find the bed!  Quick.

I swear she’s been screaming for food for hours.

Not sure how close we came to a Social Worker visit, but it got down to the wire.  Luckily Plum got home from work and dealt with the girls.

Pineapple:  Mission Control, we have located the Creeper Housekeeper.  Please, verify code Alpha, 3, 5 Foxtrot, Charlie, Tango – Assassinate on sight.
Mission Control:  Capt. Tart, that is an affirmative.  Please progress with the mission.
Pineapple:  Capt. Tart, Out.

Brazil does good taking care of the girls after school.  I just wish that’s all she would take care of.

I don’t have high hopes of the girls getting their skills done.

Brazil and Pop rarely get along.

Then I caught this!  Disappointed smile

The moodlet area states that this is Pop’s first kiss (I knew that). It is not Brazil’s.

Yep.  Within hours, she had cornered Fudgy in the other bathroom.

Because I was chasing down Brazil to see what she would do next, I forgot that it was the girls’ birthdays.  Here is Cherry.  Proving that she is a couch potato.

..And here is Lemon.

We caught Fudgy doing his homework!   Even Mr. Gnome did handstands of joy!

Seriously?!?  In the kitchen?  You couldn’t take a shower like a normal Sim?

Apparently, Pineapple still thinks she stinks.

The kids seriously love their dad.

Since Plum does all the scolding, she is Public Enemy #1.

When the Insanity Needs an Escape – Plum Loses Her Cool….

How Cherry and Blackberry ignored that, I’ll never know, but this went on for hours.

And then it got worse…

Blackberry:  Okay.  That’s enough!  Put some clothes on before I start having naughty thoughts!

I bit the bullet and did something I swore I would never do to a Legacy/Challenge Family.

Welcome to Egypt, Tart Family!  I have taken families to China and France, but never here.  When Plum wished for it, I said what the heck.

The naughty thoughts persisted and Plum wanted to increase her Kama SImtra skill.  Let’s all scream in agony now.  *lullaby*  On a straight woohoo.

Let’s all be prepared now.  If you are pregnant and go abroad, or get pregnant while there, you come home with a kid child aged.

I left everyone to their own devices.  I had Plum start at the market and buy a ton of stuffs.  Then I found this….

Oh this was a treat.  Be prepared, you will probably be seeing a lot of this.

Plum:  Here Snakie Snakie Snakie!  I know you’re in there!

Plum: He said No!

Then it bit her Sad smile

What is the problem Pineapple?
P-Apple:  Lemon pushed me in.  Said the Arch would quit calling us sissies if we swam in Egyptian water.
I really don’t think fountain water was what it had in mind.  I mean…Arches can’t talk!

Lemon: I can’t believe he fell for it.
Then why are you in the water too?
Lemon:  I sorta fell in.

I accidentally deleted a bunch of pictures.  I had Plum hit the tombs.  She not only went diving and got chased by a Mummy, but she also caught on fire.  Luckily, this pool was here and she was able to dive in.

Shower, sleep and head home.

Your first and only decent look at Brazil.

Fudge: Hide me.  She’s coming this way!
I’ll do better than that.  Let’s get you guys home.

Author’s note. They came home with a little boy named Marion. Coincidentally, at the same time, I went over to Twallan’s to ask about how to get around that and saw that a ton of stuff had been updated the day before…including a fix to the pregnancy overseas problem. So, everything from here on out was deleted and replayed from the mandatory save before you leave for home.

First day back and Blackberry has turned over a new leaf.

He went on an after school scolding rampage.

Plum’s morning sickness kicked in.

Then we got maternity leave.

Pineapple had a birthday.

A lot cuter than his poll pic that’s for sure.

Brazil went on a massive rampage after getting shot down and caught trying to flirt with Blackberry in a hot tub that they got for being celebrities.  I only saw the tail end of it and did not get pics.  Blackberry was not happy and backed way away from her.

Then she started on Fudge and then I threw her out.  Within a day she was pregnant by a townie.

And this is where I leave you.  No proms were ever thrown for these guys and not enough people in the town to have any decent prospects.  I am going to do a rapid immigration and then force a prom so these guys have a decent chance of finding a girl.  As it stacks up currently Pop has 2 days to Young Adulthood, so he will miss the prom.  Darn.

Since there were a ton of age ups.  Let’s recap the new traits.

Pop is holding steady with: Good Sense of Humor, Insane, Heavy Sleeper and Angler.
Fudge:  Brave, Insane, Inappropriate, Easily Impressed.
Pineapple:  Brave, Insane, Virtuoso, Evil.
Lemon:  Loner, Disciplined, Eccentric.
Cherry: Couch Potato, Hot-Headed, Friendly

2 thoughts on “Chapter 11

  1. Oooh, Egypt! I bet that was crazy with so many people. Can’t wait to see the new baby! I’m glad Twallan fixed your issues, but I hope you get it working so that the town will actually procreate again. ><

    • Egypt went good! I pretended that she went by herself and ignored everyone. No one fell below green or left the market/ camp; area. They only stayed one day though. I just wanted to visit there really. Not really ISBI material though.

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