Chapter 12

Cross  your fingers guys.  I am hoping to make this the last post of Generation One.  Hence, why I’m doing another update so soon.

Why are you in Lemon’s bed?
Fudge:  Pretty!

You have an awfully determined face.  What’s up?
Plum:  The shower is mocking me with it’s dirtiness.  Must clean.

Don’t do it, Bberry!
Blackberry:  I am smelly, therefore I shower.
Pop just left the area.  You do remember your child, OP?

It’s a lovely shade of teal.  Very becoming.  Want me to make you over to look like this all the time?
Blackberry: I don’t think so.

Is amused that the boys’ room resembles a girls party pad.

Girl’s bathroom finally got some color.

Now that Fudgy has vacated the area.  Here is the girls’ room.

Partway done with Plum and Blackberry’s room.

This is my 3rd pregnant female this week to fix the dishwasher.  Plum is the first one not to be standing in a puddle.  We can thank Blackberry for finding the mop all by himself.

What are you two doing?
Plum:  We came in here to work on my Kama Simtra skill.
I see you ran into some troubles.  You do realize that you are standing in the middle of the bed, right?
Plum:  No, actually I hadn’t.  I have a little more important things on my mind.

Oh..yay for baby!   Home or hospital.  You get to choose.
Plum:  Drugs!

*dies laughing*
Fudge and Pineapple:  Omg! Omg!  What do we do!  Omg!  MEDIC!!

Where’s Blackberry?
Plum: *pant* No…clue.

*Please ignore the fact that nothing rendered. I was in a hurry*
TV?  Is there some sort of cooking special on?
Blackberry:  Shhh. Learning new recipe.
Plum will skin you alive if you fail at being there for the new baby.
Blackberry:  *blink*  Baby?  Shit!!

Blackberry:  I’m coming, Plummy!  Please don’t take me to Egypt and set me on fire!

I’m putting my foot down.  Nevermind the cute.  No. More. Babies!

We replaced the green with red.

Razz was born just in time.  Ignore the broken kitchen lol.

You two came out okay.
Blackberry: I know what you have planned.  I am not happy about it.

Blackberry: She can’t really expect us to walk around like this and keep our heads held high.
I am amused.  Therefore, you will.

Blackberry:  *Grumble*

Nicely done!

She got to go hide out in the spa.

Dammit.  I thought we were doing so good this update too.  -5 to add to the tally.

Pineapple takes care of the hungry Razz.  Head to bed when you’re done.  No passing out!

You do realize that the three of you have beds.  Color coordinated.  It shouldn’t be too hard to figure out which one is yours,.   Cherry, Lemon and Blackberry.

Maternity leave ended the next morning and off Plum goes.

Razz wants mommy.  He started screaming the second she left the house.

I have two words for this picture.  Midlife Crisis.  She has to flirt with Coco Nut.

Coco just happens to be married to Merlot   He came over to flirt with Plum.  Plum looked at him when he was done and just stared at him.  Yay!   They then had a group convo about fishing.

I would ask what the hurry is, but it is blaringly obvious.


More birthday goodness.


Razz is adorable.


Lemon – Locked in Equestrian for bad study habits.


Cherry – locked in Good Sense of Humor for the same reason as Lemon.


Pop is now ready to move out.  He rolled Charismatic.

Plum and Blackberry celebrate the birthdays in their own special way.

I am now caught up in gameplay.  In fact, everyone is still eating cake and Pop hasn’t moved out yet.

The new heir is….

Fudge.  Um, look here mister.  I can’t pick you as heir and then have you skip school.  Get your butt in gear!
Fudge:  Want cake!
Too bad!

I chose Fudge only for the simple fact that he is male and I was ready for something different.  He has four days until he is a young adult and officially takes over.  There is also five days left on Plum’s midlife crisis.  Not even wanting to see how that turns out.   Stay tuned!

Additional content.  I realized just now playing through the next couple of day how lame and boring.  Let’s get them out the way.

Pop: No!  No! Save me from the evil scarabs!
It wasn’t scarabs, goober.  It was just me controlling you for the first time.  This is why you got a job using your charisma in Politics.

Here is me telling you it was time to move.
Pop:  Hello, Real Estate person?  The strange scarab lady is forcing me to call you.  She said I had to move.  I don’t want to move Sad smile
Realtor: We have just the shack house for you.  It’s even near the swamp water.
Me:  Sold!

We followed Pop to his new bridge.  Bridge?
Pop?  Where’s the house you got?
Pop: Dunno.

Pop: I think I prefer living under the bridge!
You and me both.  Well, have fun.  See ya around.

Eep. Pic fail!   Plum finally had enough reward points saved up for the Motive mobile.  I can’t believe it took her whole life to do it though.  This is the first thing she has bought.  I spent Blackberry’s one time for the No bills thing.

Off to teach Lemon to drive first.

Epic fail.  Lemon had just hit level 2 driving skill when a pop up came up.  I clicked the check mark because it was in my way.  A minute later, Plum and Blackberry left on a free vacation.  If she pulls a Jade and comes home pregnant, I will shoot her.  Or get someone to poison her.

So that puts 2 days of me watching the kids do absolutely nothing.  I forced them to prom.  Fudge was king and Cherry was queen..ironic.  Pineapple now has Brazil as a Romantic interest..she really made the rounds in this house.  Lemon got into fights.

MasterController shows me that she is not pregnant when she got back.  The midlife crisis was cancelled during the vacation and she is now resuming Razz’s skilling.

After about the 5th painting in this house, I stopped selling them.  This and the Pooh to the right are my favorites.

Poor Fudge glitched and never got his birthday.  It said he was celebrating his birthday.  He got bigger and his status bar still said 0 days to birthday and high school student.  I had to trigger his birthday and that finally fixed itself.  Here he is now skilling the last tiny bit of Razz since Plum is now uncontrollable and it’s Razz’s birthday.

Poor guy was bald.  Razz is getting caked right after he learns to talk.

Our YA makeover picture.

Thought I would throw in our first Adult decision and result!
Backstory:  Pineapple is the worst kid ever. Seriously.  He skips school, doesn’t do his homework and the whole town and house is riddled with his pranks.  He has been grounded his whole teen life.

Fudge: Yet, again you have snuck off to go to school.  What the heck were you thinking.  You are grounded, again.

Pineapple: Oh yeah, jerk?  BOOOOO!!!
Fudge:  AHHHH!   Holy Hell!

Other than that he has no plans.  He got Athletic as his last trait.  Firefighter superhero was his only decent option for a Lifetime wish.  I was hoping for something easy like Superstar Athlete, but it wasn’t even an option.

After what seems like 300 years, we finally made it to Generation 2.  Yay.


We part ways with a Makeover Razz pic!

Until next time.  When Fudge has to decide what to do with himself.

Generatioin 1 Score Tally

Torch Holders: 1
Sim Failing School: 0
Visit from Service Sim: 0
Passing Out: 4
Self-Urination: 5
Accidental Deaths: 0
Social Worker Visit: 0
Births: 6
Twin Births: 1
Triplet Births: 0
Fulfilling LTW: 0
Achieving Honor Roll: 2
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation: 1
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation: 0
Every 100,000 dollars: 0
Having an NPS Spouse reach the top of their career: 0


8 thoughts on “Chapter 12

  1. I love the multi-colored puzzle piece floor. Very creative way to fit in their colors!

    I think Razz is my favorite color-wise. He got all purple!

    Fudge came out quite handsome though!

    Also I knew I had those different colored cakes! I had to reinstall and no longer have them. Do you recall where they are from? I know they were an EA thing…

  2. Razz is a cutie. I can’t tell if any of them are face clones though – the berry colours make it hard to tell. I know Lemon/Cherry/Fudge have all Blackberry’s colouring, and Razz seems to have Blackberry’s colours with Plum’s eyes. Ah well, fun to just enjoy the insanity.

  3. I always found it hilarious that grounded Sims aren’t allowed to go to school, thus when they do so, they just keep getting grounded again for “sneaking out” while grounded… resulting in an unending grounding cycle for pretty much all their teen years. Poor, poor, Pineapple. You aren’t bad, just a victim of EA’s dumb programming. T_T

    • After all these years, I still have not put in a mod for that. I really, really, really need to get one. It’s such a lame thing for EA to do to these poor kids.

      • I have one, it’s actually the first thing I did after I bought Generations and discovered the lame punishment system that came with it. It’s called the “User-Directed Scolding + Other Punishment Tweaks” by icarus_allsorts and its on ModTheSims. He’s one of the guys that moonlights for Nraas, so it is compatible with all the Nraas mods, as well.

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