Chapter 1

Well, here is to finally making it to Generation 2.  It feels weird leaving Plum to her own devices.  I caught myself heading over to click on her at least four times before realizing that I can’t do that.

First things to pop up on Fudge’s official first day..

Um wow! Seriously?


Too late, girl.  She has, to my knowledge, a boyfriend and 5 flirts.

Ya know, I sent you to the FD to get a job, not jump on the trampoline.
Fudge:  Got the job.  Weeeeee!!!

Can you be done soon?  We need to find you a wife.
Fudge:  Will you buy me a trampoline?
Really?  With like $1 in the bank?  Do the math, boyo.

Fudge: Tra la to my first fire.

Fudge: Fireman Fudge to the rescue!  I will save this tree!

I put him back to work before Fudge took over.

Fudge:  Hello there co-worker.  Wanna flirt?
Blue Chick who I can’t remember the name:  Sure.
Guy who no matter how hard I look, I can’t find now: So not cool.

Yeah, we moved on quickly.  She called us creepy and ran away.

We are here to celebrate the (FINALLY!) the birthday of Pineapple, a prankster that put Pop to shame.

Plum is our first fail of Fudge’s rein.  – 5 old girl.   You suck!
Plum: Shut it.  I was celebrating.

Pineapples’ Goodbye pic.

Oh c’mon, Blackberry!  Where’s your sleeping bag?  -5…I don’t have high hopes for this chapter.

I think I had Fudge doing a cyber woohoo to pass his work day time.  I gave this guy a makeover because I was bored.

Really bored.  This was a no go since they are both straight, but I had to try.  Poor Fudge is not Casanova material.

Fudge:  Hey baby, what’s your sign?
Rosanna:  My sign says, “Go away creepy guy.”

Fudge:  Look, chick, you’re my last hope.  I do put out on the first date.
Ginger:  Well, seein’s as I don’t have anything better to do while waiting for a rich guy to come along..sure whatever.

His inappropriate kissing gene finally worked.  Poor girl has no clue what’s in store for her.

You could try to pretend to enjoy watching the stars with Fudge, ya know.
Ginger: I’m still running my options through my head.
Fudge:  Want to come over and visit for a bit?

Ginger: Hmmm this house does show some promise.  I must rethink his suitability.


Later on, they head to her house…

Welcome to the family Ginger Tart.

Ginger Tart  – Nurturing, Loves the Outdoors, Ambitious, Neat and Hopeless Romantic.  R&B, Autumn Salad and orange.  She came when I did a rapid immigration to the town.  I knew from when I did her makeover that she was an adult.  When they got married, I found out that she is ancient.  I can’t remember the exact number but her bar from adult to elder is halfway filled.

Oh well, she wasn’t the girl for you anyway, Pop.

Baby Beech Nut was born though.  Say hi to the first grandchild.

I wish you would pretend to be normal…just once.

Yes, folks, their color scheme is hideous.  My eyes bleed every time I come in this room.  Please, note that my woohooer is still broke in this portion too.  She has been laying here, except to do things that keep her alive, for 8 hrs trying to entice poor Fudge into bed.

She finally prevailed.

Cherry:  Daddy, aren’t we supposed to going somewhere.
Bberry:  I believe so, daughter.  Let’s all get dressed.

I was, and still am, shocked that everyone made it into their formal outfits.  Poor Razz never got a formal outfit added to his wardrobe, so he’s the odd one out.

Brazil’s first kid aged up right at graduation.  It’s hate on sight I guess.  Brazil chose to stay outside fighting with the daughter the whole ceremony.  It was sad and I am thinking of taking Beech away and giving him to Pop.

Brazil:  How can  you not like fruit parfait?  It’s my favorite.
Daphne: I hope it gags you, you cow.
Daphne Nut is an insane, friendly loser.

Fudge:  Oh wow guys, I can throw the diploma as high as the plumbob!
Brazil:  What moron put this keyboard here.  MOVE IT!

Lemon:  Too many people.  I wanna go home now.
Fudge and Ginger:  *smoochies*
Brazil:  I need more child support.  I wonder which Tart I should corner next.

I started doing an after celebration dinner at the Bistro for major things like graduations and completing all job levels with the 2nd generation of the Vinson’s.  I have no made it so that it’s a family thing on all challenges.  The Tart’s are having their first one.


I still have no plans to give these dipsticks pets, but he can at least get to know them.  He is a closet horse lover.  He only rolls horsie wishes after meeting this guy/girl.

I think he had a work book to read.  I clicked on read and he walked until he found a chair.  The wild horses followed him and then proceeded to throw a fit because he was there.

His athletic skill is now high enough and he started to wish to train someone.  I might have gone a bit overboard with these lazy asses.

Fudge: Move it Ginger!  You’re about to spend 9 months as big as a house!  Start working!
Ginger:  Remind me to kill you when my muscles come back to life.

Fudge:  Run Lemon.  Run like the hounds of hell want to bite your ass!

*I am happy to report that when he was done training them, they stayed on until they were fatigued.*
Fudge:  I’m so hungry, but I have to make sure you’re doing this properly, Cherry.  Lift those arms!

Stupid woohooer!  C’mon, Plum.  Potty before woohoo!!

-5 smelly head.

Fudge: *singing*  It’s my day off, but I’m still maintaining the stuff.

and cleaning the cage because no one has managed to kill the bird yet..tra lalalala.

Don’t ask.  I have no clue who it is.

It’s so nice having an heir who doesn’t get pregnant.


Fudge took Ginger to work in the motive mobile so he could up her stats and maintain the firetruck.  Best laid plans and all that.

Fudge: *blank stare and drooling*  What was I doing again?

Fudge: *gab gab gab*  Yeah, I hate conversations that make me angry.  Speaking of, here comes the wife.  She has angry face.  Buh-bye.
Ginger:  That better have been one interesting call for you to have missed out on your child’s birth.

I am seriously worried about that nose.  Evil and Insane – rolled.  Good chance he’ll be heir.

If I remember my pop ups correctly…this was a Lemon mess.  -5   Oh and it’s time for birthday’s!!

All the kids in the house age up.  We start with Razz.

Razz –




I believe it was Ginger that added to Lemon’s mess.  -5

Dammit Lemon.  I had just told her to move out too!  You couldn’t wait could you?  -5

Call.  Call now.  Call before you flop again.

Cherry:  I can’t wait to bake in my own kitchen.
Lemon: I can’t wait until I can sleep and pee anywhere without anyone getting mad.

Cherry:  We totally should have finished our driving lessons.  I thought you weren’t supposed to drive through flood waters?
Lemon:  The bridge just hasn’t loaded yet, dumbass.
Cherry:  Oh.  We’re not gonna fall in are we?
Lemon:  Remind me to move when we get to our new house.

They arrived at their new house in one piece.   WTF!  What am I hearing?  Bye girls.  I can’t wait to see what SP does to you two.


Ginger: *off to the side* Oh help!  Help!  A tornado is eating my Mango.
Relax, I just accidentally took the pic mid diaper change.

Fudge: Mom and dad…please leave so that I can woohoo with my wife in your bed.
Bberry:  Will you leave, I want to woohoo with my wife in MY bed.

Ginger:  Hunny, I’m not sure I’m ready to have an orgy with your parents.  It’s just really creepy, ya know?

Fudge:  Um, hello.  Please get out of my way!  I’m trapped here.
Bberry and Plum: *murmured love words*

Fudge;  A little help here, eh Jenn.  Can’t you make them move.  I keep getting calls to go woohoo with Ginger and I can’t get up.
No can do, Fudge.  They have to move on their own.

I was highly amused when Fudge finally gave up and went to sleep.

You’re taking care of the kid?
Ginger:  Yeah, Fudge is trapped and I gave up on getting woohoo’d tonight.  It wouldn’t stop screaming, so here I am.

Plum:  We finally get to woohoooo!


Razz escapes the madness by playing the piano outside.

No idea who this is.

I should have known.


I was beginning to wonder if Mango actually existed.  Razz skipped school a couple of times to take care of Mango because of the woohoo problem.

Apparently a bathing suit will not get you a promotion, but the world record for being on your back will.  Good job!

Aww good job!  But I forgot to have you quit your job when you moved in…we shall take care of that soon


Fudge sometimes remembers to go to work.


Okay, I had to get these out in one update.  I didn’t want to mix broken woohooer with the fixed one.   I never heard any lullabies, but that doesn’t mean anything in my game.  I will have to a check in MC.  This was a mess.  Poor Razz and Mango were on their own for this portion.  I do believe that I caught Blackberry teaching Mango to walk one time while Plum was at work, but I can’t remember for sure.

Torch Holders: 2
Sim Failing School: 0
Visit from Service Sim: 0
Passing Out: 6
Self-Urination: 9
Accidental Deaths: 0
Social Worker Visit: 0
Births: 6
Twin Births: 1
Triplet Births: 0
Fulfilling LTW: 0
Achieving Honor Roll: 2
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation: 1
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation: 0
Every 100,000 dollars: 0
Having an NPS Spouse reach the top of their career: 0


7 thoughts on “Chapter 1

  1. Oh man, I’m so glad you got all that fixed! lol, would drive me nuts. Randomly, I love Bberry and Plum’s bed. It’s preeeetty. Mango is so cute! None of Ginger’s coloring, but I love his facial features.

    • I gave up trying to get Fudge to sleep in his own bed hoping the rest would follow. The orange and violet one belongs to Fudge and Ginger (her color is orange). Plum and Bberry are black and green respectively.

      I was so hoping to get some coloring of Ginger’s on that kid. He is very cute though.

  2. Holy cow Pineapple! /wipes the drool away
    And Razz WOWZA! I knew I liked him 😀

    Are you saving them anywhere for downloads?

    I do like Mango’s traits. 😀 And he’s all purple too! I am hoping at least one gets some of Ginger’s red too though.

    Also the whirlwind picture for diaper change is really cool visually.

    You make me want to try Twallan’s again… it broke on me months ago and I haven’t been brave enough to try again.

    • I can’t play without Twallan. When my woohooer went wacky (and after I posted it, a few others came forward with the same trouble), he had 3 woohooer updates in 2 days trying to fix it. .He is amazing. I use the woohooer when babies get low and I can get some teens knocked up quickly. It’s always used for male/male pregnancies as I have several gay families.

      Razz seems a little fem to me in his getup…I might have to check out his gender preference lol. Pineapple did come out very nicely. The only one I won’t have for download is Blackberry, he belongs to Styxlady, but I will put a newer link back to her. I think it’s all the way back in Chapte 1 of Plum

      It never occurred to me that anyone would want them. I will do that next time I play them.

      • I like snagging sims from others’ legacies. I think it adds more nicely to my genetics 🙂

        The woohooer sounds awesome and I could have gay families without getting cheater traits. Those infuriate me. I might try it… but I’m a little scared to LoL Is it also the mod that lets you “scan room” like in sims 2 or is that a different one? I loved that so much and really miss it, the attraction I mean. I always liked my sims choosing who they were attracted to.

      • I actually just noticed the scan option just recently. I have never used it since I had no clue what it was. You know, I’ll be going crazy with it now.

        I am not sure which mod it’s attached too tho…okay searched through Twallan’s…yes it is the woohooer. I would have loved to have known what that was so I could let them choose for themselves too.

  3. I love Fudgy reading his work book in the middle of some random field…because he (finally) found a chair. And the wild horse chucking a fit because he was there. Such randomness.

    Cherry: We totally should have finished our driving lessons. I thought you weren’t supposed to drive through flood waters?
    PMSL, yes, Cherry, you should have finished your driving lessons. Nice capture!

    And I love that Ginger wears high heels with her lingerie. Doesn’t make her look like a call girl one bit, nope.

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