Chapter 2


Previously on the Woohoo ISBI, we had woohoo..excessive amounts of woohoo.  We also had peeing, passing out, birthdays, move outs and finally the onset and birth of Generation 3.

I need to learn to do the pics and posts at the same time.  I can honestly say that I cannot remember what happened last time I played.  This bodes very badly for any sort of excitement.

Let me also mention that it’s 24 degrees (F) here with a windchill making it feel like 13.  Hubby was fixing the heater and it’s right next to me.  Within 5 minutes of the “fix”, I was dying from carbon monoxide.  2 hours later and I still have a major migraine and queasy tummy.  This might be partially responsible for any memory loss to the last play time.

So, he works on his fire truck and alarm.  That’s it.  He has put out two fires and saved one sim.  He is level 8 now.

*I Hate the firefighter career with every fiber of my being*

Mango:  Hewwwowww!  I stinky!

Mango: I use the Power of Purple to get you idiots to do my bidding!

Ginger:  I’m only picking you up because you won’t stop screaming.

Ginger:  Okay, I’m done with you.  Now shut up.

Ginger:  Holy crap that thing stinks!

Fudge: Daddy’s here, Mango.  Now you’re all clean.
Mango:  Hungy, daddy.

Jenn is now sorry that she made Blackberry get a job and had Ginger quit hers.  Useless bitch.

We got another one on the way.  Not sure if they will have a third or not.  Please post your thoughts on that topic.

Mango: I hungy and I have to pee.
Fudge:  Just a couple of more words for daddy and then you can have whatever you want.

Fudge: …..and that’s how you clean the cage, mom.
Plum:  Yeah, I don’t do cleaning anymore.  I had to clean up after you pigs for a whole generation.  I’m done.

Fudge:  ..and Ginger, instead of stuffing your face, why don’t you do some dishes and take care of your child.
Ginger:  How about not.

Aww, Razz I was so mad at first.  Luckily, the shower and the thought bubble saved the day.  Carry on to something else.

Mango:  Daddy, keep scary redhead away from me.
Fudge:  No worries, Mango.  It’s your very special day.

Birthday time!

Mango is now an insane, evil snob.  But he’s such a cutie.

Holy crap.  Pineapple is married to someone named Kristi.  Yay!

Please, please, don’t kill yourself.


I am happy to report that the invisible chair did let Mango get to the bathroom in plenty of time.

I also hate this stupid house.  I hate building.  I hate decorating.

Still doing his athletics when he can to escape his whacko family.

He wanted to train someone and luckily Blackberry was handy.

Oops.  Apparently while Fudge was training Blackberry, we failed to care see the baby incoming pop up.  Double oops, my poor precious got screwed of his card.  Don’t worry precious, I got the game open just for you.

Okay…that crib is seriously making me ill (from carbon monoxide and that pattern)…must look away from pic.

I love Fudge!  He read my mind!   He wished to move.  We did!  EA home, but they won’t stay.  It’s only long enough to figure out what I did wrong with their house.  I think I built on the dotted line or something.  They started sleeping half in the house and half in the yard.

The move gave Ginger this.

It was to be Living in the Lap of Luxury or something.

Fudge is still at a 2 fire count.

Poor Blackberry spends most of the week in jail, hence why Mango was not properly taken care of when Fudge was at work.

A few sim days later….

Poor Bberry.


Pop married?  Wow!   So, it was past time.  Beech was given to Pop as an infant.  I kept an eye on him to make sure all was well.

Beech Tart (yep, he deserved a good last name).  He is (makes me giggle) Insane, Clumsy and Unlucky.

Danita Tart.  I changed her hair and added makeup.  So pretty!

I didn’t want Kristi to feel left out.  Here is Pineapple’s wife.

Wow, I thought I had more for you guys.  We are caught up.  Papaya is still an infant in my game.  So, here is one of my shortest updates in history.  I will make you all suffer next time.   I should also mention that Ginger isn’t really that bad.  She was just having a horrible pregnancy and kept a low profile and I have a headache so my grumpy trait showed through a bit when I was reminded of how Fudge had to be removed from work to change and feed Mango.


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