Chapter 3

Warning:  BAD LANGUAGE THROUGHOUT.  PMS AND HORRIBLE SIMS have conquered me and caused episodes of horrible potty language.  I have tried to tone it down, but I’m positive that something will slip through.

I don’t know why I’m even posting this update that isn’t an update but was so full of pathetic fail that I now hate the Sims and the Tart’s and I can’t not post this since it never happened anyway.  I want them all dead.  Except for Fudge..and Razz and… Okay, I realized just now that I only want Ginger dead.  I almost succeeded too.  -100 points for me for adding her to the family.  Let’s get going.

New house pics –

J/K… I didn’t take any.  How about Tart Family Response to new house?

Oh yeah, Skins, eyes and Sims all went wonky.  Age bars are all fker’d up too.   Poor Mango was back at 0 days old.  Ginger (stupid twat or ST for the remainder of this vacation from reality) was about to age to elder.

Yeah, anyway bug-eyed Fudge pretty much sums up the house and he hasn’t even been in it.  Jerk.

Fudge:  You’re house sucks worse than any of your pathetic excuses for a house to date.  In fact, today everyone hates you and we’re here to show you just how much.

Plum:  I’m not going anywhere near the House of Fail.

Bberry:  What the hell do I care about this house, I spend all my nights in prison anyway.

Razz:  *mumbles*  Almost time to move.  Almost time.  I can’t wait to escape.  I hate this place.

Clairvoyant ho.  She already suspects that she takes down the house and me.  DIE BITCH

Poor Mango.  He is spared my ire…he is perfect.

Mango:  What if the walls eat my head again?  What about the mean arches.
I take it back brat!  Kidding!   No arches and dad will test your bed.

Bed #1   So far so good.

Bed #2   As soon as I figure out favorite colors I will recolor Lemon and Cherry’s beds.

I built the house shell in Edit Town, but I want them to spend the money they made from buying and selling houses, so it was furnished after I finally go them to move to this house (took 5 tries of game fails.  I had to finally remove them and merge them into this one in Edit town…luckily they did have to pay for the house).

Nursery is bigger now.  I made all rooms at least 8×8 except the bathroom.  It has stupid funky dimensions, but who cares, I refuse to take anymore bathroom pics anyway.

Ginger:  I was really enjoying hearing him scream in starvation.  Put him down so I can hear that sweet music again.

Me and Fudge both love it when it’s time to go to work.

If you catch on fire, I will kill you.

Bberry:  Look how great a grandpa I am.  Can I have a new wardrobe now?

Poor suffering Bberry.  Yes, you can have one next time I load the game.

It’s official.  Mango is grabbing his plate.  First family dinner ever.  It’s the end of the world.  I was forewarned.

Sad smile   But, but Kristi is pregnant too…You’re wife.  You do know who that is correct?   You will also note that Pineapple is not making any friends either.

I am officially done documenting firefighting moments.  Just repeat this a billion times in your head and we’re good to go.


Fudge then had to rush home to take care of yet another baby on the verge of death.

Are you ever going to cover up your nasty ass?   Geez.  Get some clothes dumbass.

Time for Papaya to get mobile.

Plums eyebrows made a comeback.  So cute.

Obligatory Fudge and Papaya shot.

Fudge’s life in a nutshell:  Go to work.  Come home.  Clean the house.  Make dinner.  (tonight we had Pap’s birthday…okay  no Pap…Papy?  We’ll see.  Anything is better than being called Pap smear.)  Feed the kid, change him, put him to bed.  Clean more house.  and then it’s time to go to work.

Someone (Willow!) told me to go for it.  So, baby three got cookin’.

Now that Papaya is mobile, we can add skilling to the dying overworked Fudgy.

Well, I heard the fail sound had to investigate.  Apparently, little Mango blew himself up with the chem set and then passed out.  -5 Mango.  His very first fail.

Blueberry is still kicking.  Single, no kids.  Poor guy.

Razz:  Hurry and eat, mommy.  The garbage is coming.

Razz, this is what happens when you’re mean to pregnant women.  The Stork Coalition uses all their mojo to cause fails.  Thanks so much!  -5 Razz.

Some skilling cuteness to break up the pics of fail.

Fudge:  Now, criminals are bad, Yaya.  (ok that’s lame too)  Grandpa fails at being a criminal.  If anything, be like uncle Blueberry.
Papaya:  Unca Bewwy!

Loser.  I was hoping for no potty pics…at least I now know it is big enough for my to maneuver.  -5 Miss Ginger.

Blue screen!  Even though it looks black here.  I have no clue where I saved last, but I know it was soon after Miss Ginger pissed the bathroom floor….I think.   I’m counting them since there is documented proof that in some alternate dimension it happened.

I really need to check Razz’s traits.  He always seems to dress appropriately.  Did I not give him his insane one?   Anyway,  I haven’t done a school bus pic since Pop and Fudge days.

o.O  Disappointed smile  That was doubly needed.  I went back that far?  She is now just realizing she’s preg…again?  Shitsticks.

The mostly empty hallway has a passing lane so they can get by the radioactive stench emanating from Ginger’s pits.  Day 50 with no shower..I swear.

I don’t even know what room this is, that’s how new the house is…again.  If you pass out, please go out to the pool and die.   Oh wait, you’re pregnant and can’t die…hold that thought for a couple of days.

If you’re thinking I’m to harsh on Ginger…I’m not.  I am to the point of killing her.  Painfully.  I want a death that lasts for days.  I want her to suffer.   I actually hate the sight of her now.

First Mango went through this.  Now Papaya.  Blackberry, who just got out of jail, finally took care of him, even though he was next to death too.

This poor baby.  Ginger was alone with him while everyone was at school, work or jail.  I hate her.

The screaming baby moodlet is a permanent fixture now.  No one goes near the nursery except Blackberry when he’s not in jail or when Fudge is not on the other side of the world dealing with fire and disasters.

Another -5 for the near elder, who is still younger than Plum and Bberry.

More Papaya starving pics.

Finally got food, even though he can still scream while eating.

We then spam him with as much attention as we can.

Someone kick her!   -5 again…that’s -15 for Ginger in like 2 days.  She is a winner.

WTF?!?!?!   HOW!?!  She’s either pissing herself or passed out!!  Plus, she’s about to pop, like any minute.

Huh?  He was in a building rescuing people.

Well fuck.   I was trying to figure out how Plum had a betrayed moodlet from “Witnessing Betrayal” and didn’t even realize Fudgy went after her.

Oh damn, Fudgy.  Leave her alone so she can go pee!  Answer the phone or something.

Sigh.  I got him to walk away, but he had to stop and laugh at her when she peed.  – 5 for Ginger.  I swear she has to pee more than any Sim I have ever seen.

Taking a break from watching those two fight, brings us to Razz.  He seems to like looking at the Horse Arena from his bedroom.  Room is Red and Black now.  Him and Mango have Red as favorite colors.

I love how now everyone (Razz ((In front of Fudge))and Fudge) have to fight Ginger for the kid.  I don’t think she’s been near him in days.  As soon as she realized I was tossing her after the baby, she had to pretend to be useful.   Oh and when we moved back to this new house, we forgot the motive mobile.  So, no one is ever happy anymore.

Oh golly!  Hurry and pop it out so we can throw you out.  I should mention that no one in the house (Mango included) got the broken marriage moodlet, that’s how disliked she was.

Put the baby down and back slowly out the front door.

Holy Crap P-Apple!  The other two haven’t even been born yet!

Normally this is where I would introduce you to Orange


But first
Mango:  Mommy, can I have a bedtime story?

The answer was no.

She follows Fudgy around causing trouble.  I can’t tell if she has the same stink cloud, or if she just re-stinks.

Not sure which one started this crap up, but I at least, would have taken it out of the nursery.

Well, he’s a firefighter with athletic skill..of course you got whooped.  I still am not sure if she did a cyberwoohoo or what to get accused of cheating.  When the reputation thing hit her moodlet area, it did not say falsely accused.

You better run.

Hate…is not a strong enough word for what I feel right now.  -5.  I think that’s -25 for one update.  I swear it has to be a record.

I laugh in the face of your misery.

Fudgy taking a break from fighting to chat with Elder Merlot.

I have no clue what was going on here.

Yep, a day early, but they get their birthday now.

Oh Gawd…the cute…it’s killing me.

Ack!  Double CUTE!

CRASHHHHHHHHHH!!!   Kicks the computer!   Stupid #$##$##%$##$!!!!!   All the way back to her still being pregnant.  I cannot remember if the last save was before or after the cheating and subsequent divorce.  I just left the game shut down and haven’t turned it on since.  Anyway, that is the reason they didn’t get birth cards.  I know that Orange followed the boys and his color was red and Kiwi followed Grandma into the black.

So here the happy family is.  I will have to open it back up sooner or later.  At this point, I’d rather go scrub my bathroom with my toothbrush.    I think Fudge and Ginger need to make ghost babies.

Next time, we will figure out how many game days I lost and if Ginger and the family act different on replay.  I am dreading the outcome since it could go worse than this.  I do feel kinda bad for Ginger, I have still not figured out how she cheated or if she really did.    Anyone hear of a game glitch that would do this?  I am seriously only angry that she has left both Mango and Papaya to the point that the Social Worker was about to show up.  Although, not sure I can overlook the -30 points (yeah, no pic but she did pass out in the bathroom right after Plum beat the shit out of her).

As it stands pointwise….

Mango –
-5 for passing out after getting blown up.
Razz –     
-5 Self wetting.
Ginger –
-5 Self wetting.
-5 passing out.
-5 Self wetting.
-5 Self Wetting.
-5 Self Wetting.

Grand total of -35
But points for twins…that haven’t been born yet…lol


2 thoughts on “Chapter 3

    • I never thought it was possible to hate a Sim before Ginger happened and (subsequently thought the same thing with Winter from the perfect genes challenge too). I still can’t prove that Ginger actually cheated on Fudge.

      Blackberry was either in jail or passed outside of the jail in his sleeping bag. After Brazil had a teen pregnancy, I turned that off and I thought adult/teen romance with it. Plum keeps the laptop in her inventory.

      Kicks game.

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