The (Mis)Adventures of P-Apple

Madcapp inquired as to P-apple and his putting the name Tart through it’s paces.  So, I thought we would have a little fun with him while I fix my games.

Madcapp – This is for you.

Let’s start of with the P-apple MasterController Status pic taken on the night of Feb. 24, 2012.

I guess you either love him or hate him in Twinbrook.  Pineapple is officially going to be snuck into my Queen Bee Challenge since he likes to procreate.

I figured he would have it maxed by now.

Of his current four kids, Kristi only had the first one.
This is mother #2.  They had a daughter EA named Felecia.
I had to throw this in here.   Bow down to the Power of Tart!  I died.  After this I put random non-active family pop us in here too.


No official word on if they are expecting.


Now, it is a mild spoiler, but there is a silent competition between Fudge and Pineapple.  Who can make the most babies.  Stay tuned for our next update to get the official tally.  Razz and P-apple have a competition on who can have the most enemies.  Razz beats everyone up though.  P-apple just does the bitter name calling junk.

Pop Tart and Danita are sappy quiet ones.  They are always hand in hand and playing public kissyface.

Pineapple has one child with Kristi – Crumb Tart.  Twins with Annie Landers,  Cori and Trisha.  One Daughter by Razzle – Felecia.  Plus the boy named Sean with Traci whatever her name was.  So, the answer to your original question, Madcapp, is 5 kids with 4 women….so far.


2 thoughts on “The (Mis)Adventures of P-Apple

  1. May the power of Tart compel you indeed!
    LoL This is awesome! He is such a tart! I wonder how long it’ll go. He’ll make plenty of enemies with the stupid reputations and what not. My WYD baby machine sure has. Hey, maybe he should be one of her daddies. 😀

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