Chapter 5

I really do not have an attachment to any of the kids yet.  After we get caught up with some, “Before patch” pics, we might have to follow some of them around a bit.

We shall start off with Tangy Tart’s birthday.  I pretty much ignored him unless he was creeping to close to the red.

It’s been 8 days since I have seen these pics.
Orange, if you pee yourself, I will be quite unhappy!
Orange: *takes off running*
Plum, put the kid down and go to bed!

I say, Go to bed!  Ugh!  I see you back there Charlie…go to bed too!

Tangy:  I want ATTENTION!!!
Sorry, kid, you learn that in life, cake always comes first.

Told ya so!

Papaya:  Want caaaakee!!
Seriously, kid it’s right in front of you.  Fudge grabs Tangy.  Charlie is doing a horse impression?  WTF?  She’s not insane!

Fudge: It’s not mine.  Why do I have to take care of him?
Because we failed to notice your parents’ TFB.

Fudge:  Even though this is overdone, it’s still the cutest thing ever –  IT’S GOING TO GET YOU!!!
Tangy:  If I could talk I would say, “NOOOO.  Don’t get me!!!”

Tangy: He scared the Poop outta me!  *cries*  I smellllyyyy. Change me!!!
Fudge:  It’s crying.  Why do I have to do this again?
‘Cuz I said so.

Might as well start the potty training.

Oh yeah, that’s a shocker considering if it moves, he nails it.  I’m more shocked that he hasn’t maxed that skill.   This is where we start the (Mis) Adventures of P-apple.

Charlie:  A new marriage should not be starting off with the scent of pee in the air.  I think that’s Mango.  – 5

Sleeping bag or bed..just get to it quick!

The Power of Tart strikes again!

That’s about as good as it got right there.

In breaking news – we have a starving child, but then again what else is new?

Charlie:  You are grounded for being out after curfew.

Mango:  You’re not the boss of me!  In fact, no one is.  I’m autonomous.  I do what I want, when I want.

The next day.   Let the competition begin!  We will touch down on that a little bit later.
Charlie:  Baby! Smile
Fudge: Baby! Sad smile

Well, I can only say IT’S ABOUT TIME!   I deleted the cribs and the replaced them.   Let’s see how long that lasts.

I got squinty a swing.  Not very practical for an ISBI since I can’t stop them from making him sick from the fast setting, but he’s happy for now and that’s all that matters.

Bberry!  Put him back!  He was happy!

It seems that with him happy and out of the crib, people are finally going to interact with the kids.

Off to check the family tree.  This came home with Orange.  Oh wow!  This is Crumb Tart.  P-apple’s oldest and only child with his wife.  Cute little guy!

The poor deprived little guy has never seen toys before.  He spent most of the night with the blocks.

I am unclear as to why she has sad face or why I took this pic in the first place.

Fudge teaching Tangy to walk while Papaya takes notes.

*NOTE*  She didn’t pee herself was testing a water breaking mod out and forgot to take it out for the Tart’s.  I still have it in currently because I forgot again.

Charlie: I can go to the hospital right?
Um, let me find Fudge since he’s the only one who can tell you to go.
Sorry, Charlie (lol)  It went straight to voicemail.

It’s a girl!

His love of babies reminds me of how like his dad he is.  They both stand over the swings watching them all the time.

Aww.  Time for Papaya to hit the teen years.

Instead of cheering, Fudge and Plum laugh at him.

Uh oh.   *quickly puts a no in the potential heir column*

He looks a lot like Fudge and Bberry.

Mango spends his life in trouble.

Orange!!!  -5
Quit laughing, Plum!
Plum:  Why should I?

Cuz you’re next.   -5

Trying to get Tangy skilled is hard in this madhouse.

Girl, that better be because of rancid food!

Mango got in trouble yet again.  I am unsure if this really affects him.  I don’t think he’s seen a playground in his life.

Four cakes?  I wonder who they are for??

In case you were wondering how the Adventures of P-apple (and Razz) were stacking up to actual game play.

You’re backwards and in the middle of the table, Bberry.  The cake is behind you!
Bberry:  We’re getting old, hunny.
Plum:  I will love you even when you’re grey and wrinkly!

Fudge;  HAHAHAHA  Mom and dad are geezers!  Hahahahaha!
You’re adult birthday is fast approaching.  I hope you remember this moment.

Tangy is up next.  I do not remember if he learned his skills or not.  Someone in this pic is wearing maternity clothes!

makes the 4th birthday!

Ack…BED!  Quick!   Wait a second…is this the first we have seen of poor Kiwi this update?   I wonder where she was.

It’s pretty obvious that she was not off sleeping.  -5 goes to Kiwi, the third pass out of this update.

Fudge ran off to save people, got up to 4 saved.  Then decided to quit his job.  He now wants to be an astronaut.

Here they are.  The Sorbet genes pretty much wipe out everyone’s.  I thought there would be a chance that Charlie would put a bigger stamp on Peach.   They all look great though. I bet we will see Grandpa’s eyes and lips through the rest of the generations.

We commemorate this birthday with a potty problem.  -5 to tangy.

Thanks Orange.  One wasn’t enough?!?  -5 Orange.
Tangy:  It’s my birthday, I’ll pee where I want.

Heard the music.  Zoomed over to find Charlie doing a test of the comfiness of the bathroom floor. -5

Fudge:  Let’s learn to potty, Peachy.

A puddle.  Checking the absorbency of the wood floor by any chance?  -5 Charlie.  Poor Charlie is having a bad day.

After the Party, Mango makes yet another person mad.   He sure can be hateful sometimes.  I reset the town soon after this and we now rejoin the family under patch 1.31.

If I knew that I had enough pics for another update, I would have gotten this out days ago.  Next time, Fudge spends his points to change his lifetime wish…again.  Tangy and Papaya get sent away.  Baby?   Probably more birthdays too.

Until next time!   Oh I mentioned the competition.  It is currently in a tie situation with the lead getting closer and closer to going to Fudge and Co.

Competition pic
Five kids a piece.  Charlie is going to deliver soon.  Not sure what P-apple has up his sleeve though.  P-apple is currently with Starla Pincher, sister to Butt Pincher and Aunt to Ass Pincher.  I hate that family.  Anyway, a quick peek shows that she is not pregnant.   MC tells me that there are 2 pregnancies in town.  One belongs to Cherry.  I just have no clue who the second one is (active family is not listed there).

That makes 5 kids for Fudge and Pineapple.  Two kids for Pop and Cherry is 55 hrs pregnant.  Cherry is married to Pine Nut, a product of Merlot Noir (now Nut) and Coco Nut.

The updated scorecard –

Torch Holders: 2
Sim Failing School: 0
Visit from Service Sim: 0
Passing Out: 13
Self-Urination: 19
Accidental Deaths: 0
Social Worker Visit: 0
Births: 11
Twin Births: 2
Triplet Births: 0
Fulfilling LTW: 0
Achieving Honor Roll: 3
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation: 1
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation: 0
Every 100,000 dollars: 2
Having an NPS Spouse reach the top of their career: 0


5 thoughts on “Chapter 5

  1. Buahahaha! P-apple leveled his Kama Simtra. He is officially a baby daddy in my WYD challenge btw LoL

    Pineapple will win though, if you count his kids across the sim universe. LoL My game, your Queen Bee, etc.

    1. Because the Tart family are babymakers without all the traits to help them along. My luck a Hopeless Romantic will roll the surrounded by family or marry a family oriented sim. I have since found out that nothing stops the Tart’s from excessive procreating. They are monsters.

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