The Kids of Generation 3

Thought I would do a quick update from around the town.  I have the family tree made out on Family Echo, but none of Fudge’s kids have been added yet.

Pop Tart and Brazil Nut had Beech Nut (later changed to Tart)

Pop Tart and Danita gave us Apple Tart – anyone else think he’s a P-apple clone?

From P-apple and his ex-wife, Kristi, we got Crumb Tart.  From Razzle Dazzle, we got Felecia (later changed because she looks like a Grape).

From random townie Trisha Landers, P-apple produced Tori and Trisha

From townie Traci Francisco, we got Sean.

This little guy is Lewis.  He belongs to Cherry.

I have since changed my setting so that the most amount of kids per family is 2 and they have to be at least 8 days apart.  So, if there are more kids, it will be quite awhile and hopefully no more for P-apple.

All of Generation 2 is up on the exchange except for Tangy, who is still a child.  Mango being the 1st of Generation 3 to hit YA is there also.  I aged down Plum to put her up, but she crashed the game..the old bitch.

Habanero, Pumpkin and Peach are all still outside after the move.  I had to go and put hair on the town since they were bald and I finally was able to locate it all and reinstall it.

Blackberry was doddering around and I had to give him a makeover.  He looks a billion times better.  Plum was not impressed with hers and tried to hide away from the camera.

Habanero was the 2nd child to learn to potty.  Last one up is Pumpkin.

Yay for autonomous mommy!  Peachy has one day to childhood and this is the last thing she needs to learn.

Everyone else has found ways to keep themselves occupied.

Little Pumpkin still has to learn to walk and talk. Habanero only needs to learn to talk.

She was going to put Habanero to bed, but she took off running.

No way!  First she clogged up the toilet and then this?  I don’t recall a woohoo prior to the move.  I know they haven’t since they got here..we are still on day one of the week and move.

The move and skilling tuckered the little ones out.  Everyone else is asleep and starving.  I wish they would learn to eat then go to bed.

This is where Plum crashed the game.  So, we are going to leave it at a mini update.  Other than the one pic of Tangy doing homework and Orange reading, I have no clue what those four (Papaya and Kiwi were never seen) were up to the whole time.  I think they were all in bed.  I will hopefully get back into the game this week and do a proper update.

I am happy to say that in the 20 or so minutes I played, not one fail!  Yay!


6 thoughts on “The Kids of Generation 3

    • Hey cool. I know..Crumb looks almost exactly like P-apple.

      I can’t believe Charlie and Fudge snuck 2 tfb’s by me lately. I was in overhead mode clicking around the tabs when I heard the lullaby. I almost died. They have like 7 kids already.

      • You have the worst luck with that. It makes me afraid of the woohooer LoL My sims in EA mode never do that. Which is disappointing too. I miss back before they “fixed” the SP, when sims around town paired up and had kids on their own.
        Stupid EA.

      • Oh it’s not the woohooer, it was me. I forgot to turn off the autonomous woohoo. I found out that when my sims get bored..they head for the nearest surface that allows “servicing”.

        The wishacy is what I’m playing now – Luc and Spike were just caught red-handed coming down from the treehouse. Like 5 minutes ago. I was too late to stop the lullaby. You can turn off the TFB and Woohoo, I just haven’t because I need people around town to start going at it and adding babies for all the saves since there is no one there. Luc and Spike now sleep in single beds smooshed together. The tree house was sold and the showers are now tubs 😀 No more babies. I won’t say how many they have now XD

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