Chapter 7

Loaded up their save today and it immediately froze.  It did it repeatedly.  I finally managed to get the game paused long enough to pack everyone up and move them away.  Now it takes 9 hours to have two birthdays.  I am not sure what to do next.  I will post small-ish chapters because that’s all I can stand to play right now.

Charlie was stuck in preggo derp for 3 hours.

Finally she popped and I had Fudgy call everyone home.  They seem to have landed safely in Starburst Shores, but the lag is horrible.  I don’t have this trouble with Boo, so it must be their save.

Peachy and Habanero doing some random stuff while Fudge gets Pumpkin skilled up.

Peachy finally got finished with the xylophone later that night.  Then we immediately had her cake.

Due to the lag, I forced Fudge to finish teaching Pumpkin to walk and talk.

Orange – 5, which pisses me off.  He left the party with 2 hrs until he wet himself.  Two hours it took to walk 50 ft.

Here is Peachy!

Peach:  Dude, you totally need to get some pants on!
Tangy:  I like my undies and I intend to wear them all the time from now on.  If you don’ t like it, don’t look.

Pumpkin:  I’m done skilling.  Want cake!
Fudgy:  Gotta wait for Habanero to catch up, Pumpkin.

Apparently there is a girls night in the bathroom.  They’ve been there for hours.

All that is left for Habanero is the xylophone.  Then more cakes.

They get out of school at like 2.  It just hit 5pm and they just walked in the door.  I had Fudge head over to them to tell them to do homework.

Papaya:  Man, you suck at music.
Habanero ignores him and continues on.

An hour later, they are still waiting for Fudge to get to them.  Kiwi randomly starts dancing…which is very lame.

Fudge finally shows up.  Too bad it is now bedtime and the kids are both tired and starving.  Kiwi is the only one who did their homework that night.

The fact that Tangy came home from school in his underwear caused me endless minutes of uproarious amusement.

Preggo Charlie walked up and stood right there…for no apparent reason.  Orange is just now getting home from school.  It’s 10 pm.

It was hinted to me that a few of them might be tired.

I ignored the hints like I didn’t see them and had birthdays instead.

Habanero got a makeover pic!

Poor Pumpkin.  CAS is freezing up and laggy too.  I didn’t remember to take her pic until it was closing out.  She was not amused that I took a pic of her in her undies set.

-5 Kiwi!!

Two of these little heathens should be at school.

Things seem to be slowing down, if that’s even possible.  Preggo derp for 2 days (okay not really, but it seemed like it).

Don’t give me that look.  If you didn’t want more kids, you should have not snuck away for a TFB when I wasn’t looking.

Out of nowhere, she got this look of happiness.  I quickly turned off woohoo and TFB.  I don’t trust that look for nothing.

Go take a shower smelly.  Meet Cream Cheese.  He’s got good traits and no card.  I was not in the mood to do it.  Sorry kid.

Guess who gets birthdays now?


Charlie got a whole new wardrobe…only took an hour (real time) to get the stupid everyday wear clothes to load up.

Oh just great.  Let’s really make my night suck.

Might as well make a  new toddler to play with.

Cream Cheese is cute, just like the rest of the kids.  This will hopefully (fingers crossed) be the last birth and toddler for a while.

This is where we leave off.  I can’t take it anymore.  Took four hours of gameplay to get this amount and I’m used to triple that.  Not sure what I am going to do next.

Stay tuned.  I probably won’t have another update until after the heir poll is done.

Torch Holders: 2
Sim Failing School: 0
Visit from Service Sim: 0
Passing Out: 14
Self-Urination: 22
Accidental Deaths: 0
Social Worker Visit: 0
Births: 14
Twin Births: 3
Triplet Births: 0
Fulfilling LTW: 0
Achieving Honor Roll: 3
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation: 1
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation: 0
Every 100,000 dollars: 3
Having an NPS Spouse reach the top of their career: 0


9 thoughts on “Chapter 7

  1. That picture of Pumpkin is one of the most adorable sim pictures I have ever seen!

    That chair you have with the smiley face giving a raspberry is pretty cool. Is that a pattern?

    Tangy had the going to school in underwear dream only this time it really was real! LMAO

    “It was hinted to me that a few of them might be tired.” – Ah I was STILL laughing by this point and it just started it again.

    I’m really sorry to hear your game is loading so poorly. Mine is always pretty bad but at least the everyday wear only takes maybe 10 minutes to load as opposed to one hour. =/

      • Yes, I still have it…my drunken fingers posted it and it was only partially done. I plan to put it up this weekend sometime. I am just recovering from a hangover from hell today. I have been in a dark room watching season 1 of Hawaii 5-0 all day.

    • I have a chair with a happy face? I better investigate. I have never noticed that. I have no clue where I got that from. I will look through my patterns and check it out.

      When Tangy walked through the door after so much time trying to get Fudge there was probably the funniest thing ever. I laughed long and loud over that. Same with the tired thought bubbles. It took like 4 sim hours to get cakes done and eaten.

      I took the family, well the save file itself and moved it to the regular EA folder (not my any game starter folder for them) and I only took my makeup, patterns and hair. They are all base game except for whatever I had in the mod folder, that went too. They are loading like a dream.

    • Okay, I recall finding that chair when I was in the game last. The little chair is from one of the expansions. The smiley face must be a pattern, but I can’t find it anywhere so I have no clue where to direct you too. It was not on TSR or MTS.

    • I still have not found the pattern for the smiley face chair. I wonder if it was from a house in Twinbrook? I have done searches everywhere. I am loading them up to play them for a bit today, I will do a more indepth look at the chair itself.

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