Heir Poll for Generation 3

I thought I had the heir figured out, but then I aged up the younger ones and I am now rethinking my choice.  I’m hoping you guys will seal the deal.  I am doing this now because the older three are quickly approaching the YA threshold.

Mother of the first four kids was Ginger tart, red hair and eyes.  The family just recently moved, so the teens do not have any friends or jobs as of yet.

Papaya Tart – currently a teen.  Papaya is Neat, Genius, Hopeless Romantic and a heavy sleeper.  If he is chosen as heir, his last trait will be insane.

Orange Tart – Currently a teen.  Twin to Kiwi.  Orange is Neurotic, Genius, Perceptive and Evil.  Last trait will be Insane if chosen.

Kiwi Tart – Currently a teen.  Twin to Orange.  Insane, Brave, Clumsy, Klepto.  Last trait will be random.

Child 5 and beyond belong to Charlie Tart – Vanilla Townie.

Peach Tart – Current age – Child – Eccentric, Artistic and Friendly.  All traits will be random until YA, which will then by Insane.

Habanero Tart – currently a toddler.  Twin to Pumpkin.  Genius and Eccentric so far.

Pumpkin Tart – currently a toddler.  Twin to Habanero.  Virtuoso and Good.

Mango has already moved out and is not in the running.  Charlie is currently pregnant.  That one is not in the running either.  I went from one favorite choice to three.  I am definitely going to need help.  Pleeease vote!


4 thoughts on “Heir Poll for Generation 3

  1. I would have voted for Habanero, too. All three of the girls have a weird mouth – top lip wider than the bottom? But Peach and Kiwi are also really pretty, and I love Pumpkin’s eye colour.

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