Chapter 0


In the days leading up to Young adulthood, I had Peach take care of some business.  

Peach: Swizzle Stick, I am not interested in you anymore, especially now that your EA hair keeps disappearing.

Straw:  My name is not Swizzle Stick!

Peach: Whatever.  I am breaking up with you anyway.


I got her started on some skilling too.

Peach: This sucks ass!  I think you forgot that I am not athletic!


Blackberry was giving Swirly some much needed attention.  Yay!


Fudge was doing his first autonomous action in forever.  He looks adorable!

Fudge: Weeeeee!


Until it all went horribly wrong.  Did you break anything?

Fudge: Just my ass and pride.  Nothing major.


Last time you will ever have to do homework, make it count!

Peach: Um…hmmm…..I think the square root of 1,500,000 is 1,224.75.


Peach doing some random skilling at the library.


With Fudge at work and all the siblings in boarding school, it was only Blackberry who cheered on Peach for her birthday.


Peach: I wish that all my dreams will come true.


I see your dad and grandpa aren’t the only ones to show up. 

Peach:  I wish I could be happy about that, but it will just create a lot of traffic and make this last longer than I want.


Kiwi showed up in her military outfit.

Kiwi:  I work here, idiot.  I could care less that it is graduation day,


Tori, one of Pineapple’s daughters showed up. Within an hour of Peach dumping Straw, Tori swooped in and they are now going steady.


Trisha, another of Pineapple’s daughters skipped school to attend.



After graduation, Peach wandered around town.  She didn’t even bother to change.  When she got to the coffeehouse, she saw a dark haired guy out of the corner of her eye staring at her.  She quickly headed inside to escape the strange feelings she got.


The feeling of being stalked started to cause a rising panic.  She has not decided if that is bad or not. 


She quickly glanced behind her.  She didn’t know him, but she wished that she did.  Her phone started to ring.  Peach wasn’t sure if that was a blessing or not.  Fudge informed her that Pumpkin and Habanero were home for their birthdays.


She got home as soon as she could.  Fudge was on hand to make fun of Pumpkin, who  insisted on showing up in her undies.


Habanero went first.

Pumpkin quickly followed.

While making changes to the household, the three remaining kids decided to sneak out of boarding school for the weekend and come home.


Here is our first look at the new teen, Jello.

Habanero and Pumpkin moved out and in with Kiwi due to the lack of housing in town.  Peach, was tired and went to bed.


The next night, that guy seemed to be everywhere that she was.  This time, he was already at the country bar when she got there.  She kept stealing glances his way, but he never even noticed her.


Or so she thought. 

Waiter:  *handing Peach a drink* Compliments of the gentleman in orange.

Peach: *blushing* Thank you.


Peach:  Thanks for the drink.  I’m Peach Tart.

Why does he sit and stare at me? 

Stranger:  I’m Umber Amour.  I just moved to town.

Peach:  *stuttering* Ha…Have we met before?

Umber:  Not that I know of.

Peach:  Why you have been following me around?

Umber: Well, this is an ISBI and you are going to need a man.  I am applying for the job.

An incoming phone call interrupts them. 

Fudge: Peach, you better come home.  Fast.  It’s Grandpa.


*cries*  RIP Blackberry (Sorbet) Tart, 103 years old.



Umber:  Let me give you a ride home.  You can’t drive in this condition.


Peach: Thanks for the ride home.

Umber: Are you going to be okay?

Peach: Yes, we all will with the help of the moodlet manager.

Umber: It’s getting late and I should be going now.  I live just down the hill.  You have an open invitation to come over whenever you want.

Peach:  Okay, I’ll come over sometime soon.


The next morning she got up and decided she hated to be alone.


Peach:  Alone, but not for long.  That’s all I gotta say.

Yeah, I know.  That is our mission for the day.


Peach spent the first part of the day cleaning and repairing broken stuff around the house.  The remaining siblings headed back to boarding school.


Peach showed up at Umber’s house after the her chores were done.  She returned home with a new boyfriend and a new house member, Dr. Umber Amour.

A/N:  Special super duper uber thanks to TUF for letting me abuse use Dr. Umber from her Colors of Amour DITFT,  Pons (from atop her unicorn), for telling us all that Umber’s soul mate was a librarian, while Peach was at the library.  OPB for the encouragement with my story (although not connected) even while she is doing her own Umber tumblr.

Peach and Umber have a story on my tumblr, but it is not for the feint of heart or small minded.  You must be at least 18+ years old for the address.  There is sexual situations, foul language and role playing.  If you are interested let me know.  It is unrelated to the ISBI and is sorta like a dream world of Peach’s, with each post a new dream that Peach has.  You don’t miss anything by not reading it.


11 thoughts on “Chapter 0

  1. I just noticed the font on the title image. LoL What font is that? I like it!
    Peach’s blue shirt… is that Domo? Now I must do a made shirt for Domo clothes for sims!
    I’d like to read your tumblr. What’s the link please?

  2. I don’t feel like I wrote anything meaningful. It’s hard to at work. O,o
    BUT I enjoyed her start. I always enjoy your sim stories 🙂
    Can’t wait to see more of them! The Tart’s are one of my absolute favorite sim families and stories. 🙂

    • I never write anything meaningful. LOL I just like the pictures. I will hopefully get them opened up again soon. I just managed to get the Boo’s K baby born finally. Tart’s are one of my favorites too.

    • Yes, it was. I have a hard time with doing stories (no lasting imagination), so it failed. My WYD, lasted storylike for all of two updates before I couldn’t do it anymore.

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