So, you’re not mad at me for forcing you to get pregnant?

Peach:  Nope.  I find myself quite excited actually.

I guess we should mention that you had to move towns this past week.  Something is causing errors, and no the move did not help yet.


Whatcha doin’?

Peach:  Fixing this stereo for Habanero.  I guess he figures I’ll electrocute myself and then he can take over as head of the family.

I guess I should mention to him that if you die, then the family is done for.

Swirly Star Spam while Peach fixes that.


She really reminds me of my Doodle.


He seems really excited to get his stereo back.

Peach:  I think my brother is just retarded.


..and insane.  I’m so glad you forgot to make me an insane creature.


What have you done, Peachy?!?

Peach:  I found my Dad’s old lamp in my backpack and decided to clean.  He offered me three wishes.

What did you wish for first?

Peach:  A large family Open-mouthed smile



Prepare yourself for either twins or triplets!

Peach:  Yay!


We interrupt this update to bring you Umber Hotness.   Game is having fits, he will be changing hair and clothes more often than a runway fashion model.


Fudgy was wandering around aimlessly and since Peach was asleep, I decided to follow  him around.

A/N:  Earlier in the update, Peach was not happy with the house they were in and so I had them move to this one.  Umber was not happy when she bought a Horse Ranch.

Anyway, Fudgy ended up in the corner of the empty horse stable and stood there for awhile.


Then he did this.  I swear he had almost a week left to go before his birthday!


Meanwhile, Umber and Peach cuddled throughout the night unaware of the forgotten birthday.


After it was her turn to cuddle him, she threw out this wish.


More Umber Hotness.  I gave him this to wear to work.  I think all doctors should wear this (well, maybe not All, just the hot ones.)


Peach: Honey, I’m pregnant.  We are going to have a baby.  Like today because I kept forgetting to tell you.

Umber:  Really?  A baby?


Umber:  Good job!


Peach: *takes a deep breath* Imadeawishwithagenieinalamp *another deep breath* andIthinkwearehavingmore thanone


Umber:  You did WHAT?!?


We all know what this face signifies!


Bring us generation 4!


Last Umber Hotness Pic.  Next up will be the Daddy Hotness Pic!


It’s a basket…and there are two of you.

Peach:  There’s three of ’em.

You do realize that you’re the only one who will be taking care of them right?


Well, I would much rather look at Umber, but I wanted to show you that they brought home three pink bundles.


Grandpa Fudgy was on hand to keep them entertained.


Nothing in this update ever happened.  Cue removal of 800 mb or mods, hacks and cc.


Things happen utterly and completely different this time.  Peaches current wishes are Eat cookies, Eat Spaghetti and Eat Mac n Cheese.  She has to learn the recipe for cookies first though and then she made them.


Swirly Star needed a quick moment of attention.


Then she made the spaghetti.

Peach: OMB!  This tastes like shit.


Cream Cheese:  Peach cooked?  And you people are eating it??

Umber:  Sit down, shut up and eat, CC.

Poor Umber, back in his ugly non-medical related work clothes.


Cream Cheese, who is used to being ignored, promptly sat down and shut up.


Because two seconds later Fudgy pulled a cake out of thin air for him!


Typical Fudge started making fun of our newest birthday boy.

Oh I should mention, Fudge is back to needing 7 days to Elder…*shrug, don’t ask me, I just sit here and take pics*


As you can see, we went all the way back to the beginning of the Pregnancy, unfortunately, I had saved after the wish…o.O.  I’m not documenting anything else.  I’m sending  Peppermint back to boarding school and moving Cream Cheese in with the first house that has Tart above it.


Wait, wait…..


There we go.  Four hours later, everyone finally gets their makeovers and I redecorated for the babies.


Peach:  Baby?  Are you happy?

Umber: What a dumb question! Of course, I’m happy.  Why do you ask?

Peach:  I have just decided that I want a boy now.

That was so random.  I was at a loss.  So was Umber, for about two seconds.


Did you two try for baby, while there are three infants in the house?  Really?

Umber:  Of course not.  We just plan to have risky woohoo until we find an appropriate time.


Peach:  Appropriate time?  I’ll show you an appropriate time.

Promptly rolls another woohoo want, make out with Umber want, Get married want and Marry Umber want.    LOL


Peach rolled wants to snuggle all her babies.


Umber:  Hi, Mom.  Your grandchild count just hit 8!


Umber; Um….We had three little girls.

~more silence~

A/N: I hate EA genetics.  I hate the random grandparent genetics.  When I put Umber in town, he came with his mom and dad, Sunny Dee and Ashe.  They just live elsewhere and live their lives quietly.  As soon as the triplets were born, his mom called.  It was so sweet!


Fudge, Peach and Umber are trying to get their groove on.  Don’t you think it’s time to leave?


Fudge: OMB!  What are they doing?  Is he ever going to marry my little girl?

I have half a mind to wait until they age up to full adults to avoid the Midlife crap that ruined your life.  TYVM.


I think my scan room option is broken.  Look how sweet they are cuddling.  You’d never know that on a scan room, Peach rolls 0’s where Umber is concerned.  Umber is up to 185 with her though.

They have never been mean to each other, they don’t argue.  They chat all the time and do the woohoo thing all the time (I have risky and tfb turned off XD)


So this is the exact town that Boo lives in from my WYDC.  I, of course, deleted anyone related to her.  Except I didn’t delete her first grandchild Amber Sticks, because she was pregnant.  This guy is Castro Sticks.  His mom was named Catalina Sticks,who I swear is Styxlady’s simself, but I keep forgetting to ask TUF to confirm.  Anyway, this is Amber’s husband.

Peach and Umber needed a night out and tried to leave the babies with Fudge, except he ran off to work.  The babysitter did show up though.   I had them head to the diner to eat.


Castro:  Oohhhh *glurg glurg*  I feel nauseous.  I wish there was a doctor about to save me!

Umber:  Oh really?


Dr. Umber autonomously pulls this out while I was looking for Peach.  Peach had snuck back in to order drinks…LOL

Dr. Umber:  Well, Mr. Sticks, it seems like you are in your first trimester.  Please set up an appointment for a prenatal check-up at your earliest convenience.

Castro:  But..but That’s impossible!


Dr. Umber:  Nope, I have the babies heartbeat right here.

Castro:  What kind of quack are you??  I demand a second opinion.


Dr: Umber;  Quit being a dork. I was just kidding.  Grab some Tums and call for a check up with your GP tomorrow and have a work up done regarding heartburn.  I also recommend that you refrain from eating at the diner.


Peach:  Oh gosh honey, that was funny!


Peach:  Marry me?


Love me forever and promise to never leave me?


Umber;  Yes, Peach, for always and ever.


Peach: I lo……

Orange: Woooohoooo!  YAY!  Congrats!!

Peach:  Ugh..let’s go home.  I want to hold the babies.


I’m actually dreading the first little bit after they age up.  After the crash and during the replay, something was seriously bugging me, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.  It took until the girls aged up to notice.

I was trying to do a video type deal, but not sure how that will (or if it will) turn out, so there is a slight lack of pics.


Apple Blossom: Country, Ratatouille, Spiceberry.  Artistic and Eccentric.
Star Dust:  Soul, Veggie Dim Sum, Lilac.  Perceptive and Friendly.
Cotton Candy:  French, Spaghetti with Veggie Sauce, Spiceberry.  Virtuoso and Friendly.


I see you two.  Carry on.


Wow, been awhile since any mention of babies was seen.


Everyone is feeling quite happy after a nap, diapy change and a bottle.  So far, only Apple Blossom can walk.


But Mommy is back on the job, even though she is still recuperating from the bout of lullaby inducing woohoo.


This is where I finally figured out what was bugging me.  My default eyes are missing.  They have creepy soulless eyes.   Saves and quits.  I had to put them back in.

A/N again.  Something happened.  I played and saved for every prompt.  I just went to reload the game and none of my saves are there.  The last shot I took was at 1:25 pm (3 hrs ago), my save is from 11:30 am.  The triplets are babies again and Cream Cheese is still a teen DX  I’m so upset.  I know for a fact that I saved after the proposal, because I put a Wedding venue on the map and saved beforehand.  I saved after the toddlers got their makeovers too.  I’m so sad now.  I had their little formals for the wedding all done too.

I’m done.  I got Netflix in today, so I am heading off to watch Supernatural  Season 1 discs 3 and 4.   I have no interest in playing all over again for a third time.


7 thoughts on “Chapter1

  1. selahgio says:

    Awwh! I love the names of the triplets. I gotta start getting creative on the names of my Torch holder’s children >.<

  2. He seems really excited to get his stereo back.

    Peach: I think my brother is just retarded.

    LMAO!! That was so funny.

    Apparently Fudge still has that child’s eagerness to age. LoL

    Boo to the errors. That is so frustrating! 😦

    • Very frustrating. None of this happened. The save icon shows the triplets as infants. I will have to replay this for the third time.

      I loaded up the VInson’s to do a horse update…Shooting Star and Girl Friday are missing. Cobalt is back from boarding school..I don’t what happened. I’m so sick of the errors.

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