Chapter 2

Screenshot-149 (700x526)

The title says it all.

If you remember, I lost my game all the way back to the triplets infancy.  I also did the weirdest thing.  I added two mods as a test for this and my speed legacy.  It kills the lullaby and the other kills the woohoo music.  I find the idea being surprised by this super fun.

Screenshot (700x525)

Well, on a happy note, I see that I did save after doing the decorating.

Screenshot-2 (700x525)

Peach:  Finally got hired on as a singer.  LTW here I come.

Screenshot-3 (700x525)

Peach:  I randomly wished to give you a present.  Here, take this sleeping bag even though I think you have 10 in your inventory.
Umber:  Gee, thanks.  Just what I’ve always wanted!

Screenshot-4 (700x525)


Screenshot-5 (700x525)

What’cha doin?
Peach:  Well, I need to buy a business, but I broke the laptop.  You are forcing me to fix it.

Screenshot-8 (700x525)

How long can a person stand in one spot pondering the beauty of their house?

Umber: As long as I damn well wish!

Answer:  Until the NEXT morning.

Screenshot-9 (700x525)

Peach:  Watering the plants sucks!

Screenshot-10 (700x525)

Fine, now you get to upgrade sprinklers instead…Happy?

Peach: No Sad smile

Screenshot-12 (700x525)

Um you do realize that you get off work at 9pm right?

Fudge: Er..Yes?

It is now 4am.  I’m glad you remembered where you live.

Screenshot-14 (700x525)

You just pray you find your bed, mister.  If not, I will have Peach cook for the next week.

Screenshot-17 (700x525)

LOL!  Night night Fudgy.

Screenshot-20 (700x525)

Jello:  I’m sorry I couldn’t hack it at Prep School and made you bring me home, sister.  I’m also sorry that Peppermint came home with me.  Forgive us?

Peach:  We’ll see.

Screenshot-25 (700x525)

Peach’s first singing job was to her (niece? Runs off to check the family tree), nope cousin, Tori Tart, who succesfully did a one jumping jack workout.  Tori is one of Pineapple’s daughters.  Single, no kids.

Screenshot-26 (700x525)

After that she wished to get a little fishing experience in.  I saw the rock in the background and had her pick it up.  Yellow sapphire.

Screenshot-28 (700x525)

She then wanted to earn an athletic skill level so I had her jog before taking the MM home.

Screenshot-33 (700x525)

Peach:  Don’t touch her, Umber.  She isn’t tired, hungry or smelly.  In fact, she has just had her birthday.  Go to bed!

Umber:  Aww, but I want to put her in her crib.

Screenshot-35 (700x525)

So here is the random blonde of Star Dust.  She has Umber’s eyes.

Screenshot-36 (700x525)

Cotton Candy has Umber’s hair color and the Sorbet Green eyes and lips (just like her mom).

Screenshot-37 (700x525)

Apple Blossom has Umber’s eyes and Charlie’s hair.  The only other person to get that hair is Peppermint.

Screenshot-42 (700x525)

Jello:  Ugh!  This place is nasty.

I see two hands, get to cleaning.

Jello:   No thanks.

Screenshot-43 (700x525)

Peppermint:  I really, really need to pee.

And the house has like 5 bathrooms.  Find one!    And Fudge…leave that girl alone!

Screenshot-44 (700x525)

Peppermint:  No, I think right here is the perfect spot.   -5 Pepper.

Screenshot-46 (700x525)

Jello:  Oh that was nasty.  I hope you slip and fall in it.

Screenshot-51 (700x525)

What are you doing that brought on that look?

Peach: *innocently*  Nothing.  Nothing at all.   Carry on with yourself.

Screenshot-53 (700x525)

Fudge:  Oh, oh man.  When I was TH, I never let the house smell this bad.

Lies!   Start cleaning then.  Peach can’t do everything…well she can but why should she?

Screenshot-56 (700x525)

Star:  If you leave me in her, gampa, I gonna be mad!

Screenshot-57 (700x525)

Or she’ll just reset the both of you out here?  I have no clue what happened.  One minute Fudge was leaving her the next they were both here.

Screenshot-58 (700x525)

Peach:  Hmm, this is quite disturbing.  Help.  I require help!

Screenshot-59 (700x525)

Pic just because it is amusing.  She was able to rescue Star from Fudge though.

Screenshot-60 (328x313)

Um..WTF!  See, I get to be surprised now too.  I just wasn’t expecting it….

Screenshot-61 (340x329)

….because this won’t go away DDD:

Crap..Peach potty..NOW!

Screenshot-64 (700x525)

Peach:  If he passes out, I will not let him have a party.

It’s not his birthday yet.  Just go to the bathroom.

Screenshot-65 (700x525)

Peach: Fine, I’m going, but he is never getting cake again if he passes out.

Screenshot-67 (700x525)

You heard her, man.  No more cake for you.   -5 Jello.

Screenshot-70 (700x525)

Peach’s next job was for Orange who got a promotion.  In the background on the left is Watermelon Tart, she is the wife of Apple (Pop Tart’s boy).  On the right is Kiwi.

Screenshot-79 (700x525)

Kiwi required a photo before Peach was allowed to leave.   Why the rush?

Screenshot-80 (700x525)

Some stupid ass put a perfectly happy Star in the crib and left.

Screenshot-81 (700x525)

Jello:  I believe I hear a child crying.  I better not investigate.

Screenshot-82 (700x525)

Jello:  In fact, I’m going to ignore my sleeping bag and just pass out.    -5 Jello. (total for him – 10)

Screenshot-83 (700x525)

-5 Fudge.   Will you wake up!  I swear you have to be the one who put Star in the cage.

Screenshot-84 (700x525)Screenshot-85 (700x525)Screenshot-86 (700x525)Screenshot-87 (700x525)Screenshot-88 (700x525)Screenshot-89 (700x525)
Screenshot-92 (700x525)

Oh look who all showed up and did NOTHING!   I’m so full of hate for the four of you.

Screenshot-93 (700x525)

Find a bed…NOW!

Screenshot-96 (700x525)

Peach:  Mommy’s here sweet baby.  No more crying.

Screenshot-97 (700x525)Screenshot-99 (700x525)

For good measure, she made sure that Star got lots of attention.

Screenshot-100 (700x525)

Peach:  My family are morons.   -5 Peppermint (Pepper’s total – 10).

Screenshot-102 (700x525)

Star is potty trained!  Yay!  One kid and one skill down.

Screenshot-103 (700x525)

Fudge, Pepper and Jello:  Let’s all just stand here until we pass out from our own stench.

Day 3 of Pepper and Jello not taking a shower or going to bed.  Fudge randomly has access to the MM, so he only fails once in awhile.

Screenshot-104 (700x525)

Umber:  You guys can stand over there.  I’ll be over here.

Screenshot-108 (700x525)

Pepper:  I’m so tired!
Jello:  I think I’ll go on up to bed.
~bus honks~


Screenshot-109 (700x525)

Peach: It’s about time we got the potty’s moved.

Screenshot-110 (700x525)

Fudge:  Daughter, you are disgustingly stinky!
Pepper:  I couldn’t agree more.  P.U.

Screenshot-118 (700x525)

Fudge: I am so awesome.
Jello:  I’m so tired.
Peach:  *Derp*
Apple:  Hello!  Potty Stinky and the road is blocked in all directions.

Screenshot-120 (700x525)

Peach: Omg!  You’re foul smelling.  Go away!  Wait, why aren’t you at school?

Screenshot-122 (700x525)

Baby Disappointed smile

Fudge:  Son, personal hygiene is your friend.

Screenshot-123 (700x525)

Pepper:  Passes out.  (-15 total)

Screenshot-124 (700x525)

Girls are perfectly happy and content…for now.  Poor Apple can’t go anywhere because Peach has a Potty train interaction stuck in her queue.

Screenshot-128 (700x525)

Fudge:  Being tired and stinky is no excuse for missing the bus.  You better help out around the house.
Apple:  Hello!  I’m still sitting by the potty, mommy.

Screenshot-131 (700x525)

Umber:  Whatever your dad said to Pepper was meant for you too.  Now get to school!

Fudge:  Yay for stinky cat.

Pepper:  What did I just get yelled at for again?

Screenshot-132 (700x525)

Jello:  I’m so sorry in advance.  Please forgive me.

Screenshot-134 (700x525)

Jello:  *passes out*  (-15).

Screenshot-135 (700x525)Screenshot-136 (700x525)

I couldn’t figure out why they just stood at the front door all day and night.  I finally just assumed they were stuck or bored.  I took everything out of the barn and put all this fun stuff in here for them.

Screenshot-137 (700x525)

I had to finally reset Peach.  Two toddlers potty trained, third one is almost done.

Screenshot-138 (700x525)

Or she was until the maid nabbed her and wouldn’t put her down.  She then set her down, said she was done and collected her $125.

Screenshot-140 (700x525)

Okay, three potty trained and three done with pegs.  Bye bye pegs.

Screenshot-141 (700x525)

Jello:  I’m so tired.  I’m just going to stand here until the mailman comes tomorrow.

Screenshot-142 (700x525)

OMG Pepper found her sleeping bag!

Screenshot-143 (700x525)

Umm…I put a eat food interaction in your queue about 2 sim hours ago.

Screenshot-144 (700x525)

Ohhh oops.  I forgot Pepper’s birthday.  Happy Birthday.

Screenshot-147 (700x525)

Pepper: Me and my creepy night eyes are out of here, bitches.  Laterz.

I kicked her -15 pointed ass out and she glitched my game.  I can move around, but nothing is selectable.  I was able to click on Star’s map tag and get into the Porter.  I packed these guys up.  There was something seriously wrong since they moved here and off they go.

Screenshot-148 (700x525)

Sunset Valley.  Porter dumped 7 sims and a cat into a one bedroom house.  Oh goody.  There isn’t even enough room to do any expanding.  Time to move.  The Tart’s brought 44 people with them, but this is the empty Sunset Valley that my Wishacy moved to a while back.  Luckily, I had a save of it after I made over some of the people, but before the Café’s moved in.

I like the look of this house, I might try to work with it, but I won’t hold my breath.

Torch Holders: 3
Sim Failing School: 0
Visit from Service Sim: 0
Passing Out: 25
Self-Urination: 27
Accidental Deaths: 0
Social Worker Visit: 0
Births: 20 – Forgot to add in the triplets previously.
Twin Births: 3
Triplet Births: 1
Fulfilling LTW: 1
Achieving Honor Roll: 4
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation: 2
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation: 0
Every 100,000 dollars: 3
Having an NPS Spouse reach the top of their career: 0


2 thoughts on “Chapter 2

  1. So I was reading along, enjoying the Tart’s as usual. Then Kiwi showed up in her latest crazy outfit and, if my mattress weren’t already on the floor (moving tomorrow) I would’ve ended up there. LMAO!

    Holy crap this chapter was a nightmare. I was going to do an ISBI… this has frightened me away. LoL

    • OMG It’s really good fun…when you don’t want them all to die in a fiery blaze. Pepper and Jello..drove me nuts this update.

      Yuck to moving, but I hope the move goes good! You should see them now that Peach is no longer pregnant! o.O

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