Chapter 3


Well, here is the house I had them buy.   The previous one was across the street from Chris Steel.  This one used to be the Bunch House before I deleted that band of nutjobs.  I extended the right 2nd level to match the first level and make more room.

The downside is that Mixologists and the consignment people all spawn inside their fenced in backyard and get stuck there.  I am probably looking at a whole new rebuild soonish.

Screenshot-3 (700x525)

Well, a home is not a home until puppy Fudge marks his spot.

Better now?
Fudge:  Woof!
Just don’t pee on the floor.

Screenshot-4 (700x525)

Peach, have fun singing, now that I have my earplugs in.

Peach: Har har.

Screenshot-5 (700x525)

Peach enters the gym where someone had a successful workout.  We find Felecia (Pineapple daughter) who is a few hours pregnant with some random guys kid.

Screenshot-6 (700x525)

Cream Cheese was spotted too!   I love the jobs that take sims out and about.

Screenshot-8 (700x525)

Peppermint is stunning.  I think she turned out excellently.  Remind me to upload her for you guys.

Screenshot-9 (700x525)

A quick check shows the girls surviving…for now.

Screenshot-12 (700x525)Screenshot-14 (700x525)Screenshot-13 (700x525)

I mean seriously, look what wonderful caretakers they have!

Screenshot-16 (700x525)

Jello:  Wow, blocks.  I never had blocks.

Lies.  It’s not my fault if you didn’t find them.

Screenshot-17 (700x525)

Jello:  Wow, cake.  I never get cake.

Crash!  And you’ll never get one at this point.

Screenshot-18 (700x525)

Replay…Her first job is back at the gym.  This time we find Pumpkin Colada now that she married Pina Colada

Pumpkin:   Oh, yes please ignore that fact that my sister just impaled me with a door.  Just carry on commenting about my love life.

Screenshot-19 (700x525)

Sorry, thought it was a new accessory.  Hello Pumpkin’s husband with the ugly pants.

Screenshot-20 (700x525)

Razz is here..and he got old.

Razz:  I’m not old!  I’m pleasantly aged!

Screenshot-25 (700x525)

A job is done and off to Pineapple’s house for the second of the day.

Screenshot-26 (700x525)

Tori: I’m not rendered..go away!

Screenshot-27 (700x525)

Sorry about that.  You so look like Peach too. Tori got married she is now Tori Salt.  Her brother is Pineapple’s youngest, Sean.  How he got a vanilla name, I’ll never know.

Screenshot-28 (700x525)

Let’s all get our last look at Pineapple the Adult.  Very shortly he goes Elder on us.

Screenshot-29 (700x525)

The job is this lady.  Ironically, now that she married into the family, she’s Plum Tart.  It took a bit, but she is married to Cream Cheese.  Her maiden name is Ojeda.  A family of 8 siblings that I put in town.

Screenshot-31 (700x525)

Baby Check!  I found Umber playing with Cotton Candy.  This is a rare occurrence.

Screenshot-33 (700x525)

Peach was finally done for the night of their first day in the new town and house.

Screenshot-35 (700x525)

Daddy loves baby!

Screenshot-38 (700x525)

Jello:  I told you I never get cake!

Oops!  I forgot.

Screenshot-41 (700x525)

Jello:  Watch out ladies, here I come!

Screenshot-44 (700x525)

Umber: Time for all of my little princesses to go to bed!

Screenshot-46 (700x525)

Fudge found the chess table.

Screenshot-62 (700x525)

Mossy Green – Also known as Sandi or Molly French, which ever was the mom.

Screenshot-68 (700x525)

Doubles up on the earplugs.

Habanero got a promotion.

Screenshot-70 (700x525)

Star Dust: DADDY!  Wait for ME!

Screenshot-72 (700x525)

Peach:  I’m hiding.  You can’t see me!

Screenshot-73 (700x525)

Peach:  Aw shit.  I lied…MEDIC!

Screenshot-75 (700x525)

Seriously? Wow.  Peach entered the hospital and Sunny Dee showed up.  I guess to make sure the newest addition arrives safely.

Screenshot-77 (700x525)

Umber!  Why you bring Apple?  I got a babysitter for you guys.

Umber:  Sorry, she wouldn’t let me go!

Screenshot-80 (700x525)

I totally failed with the baby pics.  I thought I took some though.  HEre  is some baby skilling going on.

Screenshot-84 (700x525)

There you go.  Amethyst, Jazzberry and Tyrian.

Screenshot-86 (700x525)

Peach:  This is a set up for failure isn’t it?

You betcha.  Get ready.  I foresee horribleness to come.

Screenshot-88 (700x525)

I could totally kiss you right now, Umber….until you piss me off later.

Screenshot-90 (700x525)

Amethyst:  Is my dolly, momma?
Peach:  No, Ame, that is your brother.

Screenshot-91 (700x525)

Tyr:  Derp!

Screenshot-92 (700x525)

Jazz:  Derpx2

Screenshot-95 (700x525)

Six toddlers.  The worst ISBI idea ever.  EVER!  SHOOT ME!

Screenshot-98 (700x525)

Screenshot-100 (700x525)

Fudge;  Just picking up my grandkids.
Yes, and not changing or feeding them. Thanks!

Screenshot-101 (283x99)

Sigh.  I swear, I have never seen this before, but whoever said it should be shot.  Poor Peach has to take care of and skill 6 toddlers by herself.  She hasn’t eaten or slept. So she made hot dogs and got yelled at.

Screenshot-105 (700x525)

Ame:  It stuck in my eye! Owieeee!

Screenshot-106 (700x525)

Tyr:  I got bwock!

Screenshot-108 (700x525)

Screenshot-109 (700x525)

Peach got a bit of skilling done, but this is just the calm and cute before the storm of HELL.

Screenshot-110 (700x525)

Ame:  Bunny!

Screenshot-118 (700x525)

Apple:  Mama!  EATTTTTTTTT!
Peach:  Do they ever stop?

Nope.  Get to it.  Only 5 more to go.

Screenshot-122 (700x525)

Peach:  STARVING!!!!!!

Tough, we need to lessen the load…literally.

Screenshot-123 (700x525)

Ame:  EATTTTTTTTTTTT!   Mama stinky!

Screenshot-125 (700x525)

We have a successful sleeping child.

Screenshot-127 (700x525)

Fudge;  Come to grampa, Jazz!


Screenshot-128 (700x525)Screenshot-129 (700x525)

Screenshot-130 (700x525)

This is our babysitter.

Screenshot-134 (700x525)

These are the babies he’s sitting.

Screenshot-143 (700x525)

This is our former babysitter.   He was hired to take care of the babies so that the men could go to work and Peach could go to sleep.  It failed.

Screenshot-145 (700x525)Screenshot-146 (700x525)

Double Fail!  I am so killing that babysitter.  Poor babies!  -10

Screenshot-147 (700x525)

Fudge’s idea of helping.  JERK!

Screenshot-149 (700x525)

Fudge would come up and then take the babies downstairs one at a time.  Here is Umber  home from work to do what no one else could.  Peach was about to pass out, I had her take a drive around the block in the MM.

Screenshot-154 (700x525)

Poor little things.  They all are in the red.  I’m waiting for a Social Worker pop up.

Screenshot-156 (700x525)

Baby fail 3.  – 5

Screenshot-157 (700x525)

Apple: Gwampa weft me out hewe aww by mysef.

Looks like he saw the error of his ways and here he comes.

Screenshot-159 (700x525)

*cries*  Finally.  12 hrs.  12 hrs to get them all changed, fed and in bed.

Screenshot-160 (700x525)

Oh and Star Dust is one level down in the actual nursery. There just isn’t room any where for 6 cribs.

Screenshot-163 (700x525)

Time for some auto skilling before work.

Screenshot-165 (700x525)

I don’t foresee a Peach sighting for a week at least.

Screenshot-175 (700x525)

You can’t tell because of the broken shower, but this is a Peach peeing herself!  -5 for the TH!

Screenshot-176 (700x525)

More proof!

Peach:  LIes.  I didn’t do nothin’

Screenshot-178 (700x525)Screenshot-180 (700x525)

Just so you see they all got cakes, I will spare you the actual events.  Four birthdays coming up.

Screenshot-188 (700x525)

Star Dust

Screenshot-194 (700x525)

Fudge is old!

Screenshot-200 (700x525)

Apple Blossom

Screenshot-201 (700x525)

Cotton Candy

Screenshot-190 (700x525)

Daddy giving the first one to age up, Star Dust, a hug.  She was on her way to her bed…autonomously!

Screenshot-192 (700x525)

Peach is attempting to get these three finished up and aged up too.

Screenshot-193 (700x525)

How the one room looks now.  As soon as there are no cribs needed, that wall will be knocked down and 6 beds will be here.

Screenshot-195 (700x525)

I used the kids’ one interaction to send them all off for a Saturday Painting class.

Screenshot-199 (700x525)

Hello, work?  I’m quitting to get my children under control.  bye!

Screenshot-209 (700x525)

I tried not to resort to the swings after they were done with the baby stage, but I couldn’t hack it.  They are released one at a time for skilling now.

Fudge, go to bed.  Umber, go eat!

Screenshot-207 (700x525)

Cotton Candy found the chess set like Fudge did.  Although it is past her bedtime.

Screenshot-211 (700x525)

Why is there a convention in the bathroom?

Umber:  Well, I smell and the girls are just here to play with the IF’s.  Sooner or later they will leave, and I’ll shower.  I plan wait them out.

Screenshot-214 (700x525)

I think this is Umber, but don’t quote me.

Screenshot-215 (700x525)

Fudge:  Coffee:  We’ll need truckloads of coffee to deal with all these kids.

Screenshot-218 (700x525)

Strange, but Umber gets to take these three to their cakes.

Screenshot-219 (700x525)

Oh no.  Put that kid down and run!!!  Go, Umber go!

Screenshot-220 (700x525)

Poor baby. You almost made it.  -5 Umber.   Peach takes over.


TyrIan Twilight


Jazzberry Mist


Amethyst Rose

These three will be sent off to Painting class too.  I also decided that having Motive Mobiles was less fun.  I put them all in the family inventory and the next time they come out should be when Peach teaches them all to drive o.O

Peach will also be reapplying for her singing job.

Torch Holders: 3
Sim Failing School: 0
Visit from Service Sim: 0
Passing Out: 28
Self-Urination: 29
Accidental Deaths: 0
Social Worker Visit: 0
Births: 23
Twin Births: 3
Triplet Births: 2
Fulfilling LTW: 1
Achieving Honor Roll: 4
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation: 2
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation: 0
Every 100,000 dollars: 2
Having an NPS Spouse reach the top of their career: 0


4 thoughts on “Chapter 3

  1. Peppermint did turn out pretty! I like the jobs that make them go out too, well except in my current Bridgeport since it’s super laggy and they live across the bridge.
    Razz is also looking good. And Pumpkin. Aww, I love all the Tarts!
    P-Apple again. Ha! I love seeing him. He is the one who wears “Tart” the most LOL

    I’ve never seen anyone get yelled at for grilling either. That’s weird. Way too many toddlers LoL I hope they all make it. Poor Peach, and you! They’re all so cute though. I like how Apple Blossom got red hair. I don’t know why but it seems fitting.

    I think Amethyst is gorgeous! The prettiest one out of them all. Definitely save her for me please. 😀

    • I will definitely save her for you. It’s sad that they will start dying off soon. Pop tart has been an elder for ages.

      I died when I realized she was pregnant again. Then was :O when I saw she still had the fertility thing from the genie three days later.

      I hate Bridgeport! That’s where the Doodleburger’s started out. Blech! Amethyst and Jazz are my secret faves.

  2. Amethyst is my favourite, love the orange colouring. You are really crazy with six toddlers. I would have left the second set as babies for a few days to at least finish the skilling for the first three.

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