Chapter 4

Monday Morning in the Tart House.

Screenshot (700x525)

Jazz:  We need more bathrooms.  All the empty ones are not good enough for me.

Jazz starts the week off in style.  First child stage fail.  – 5 Jazz!


Star Dust:  Brush your teeth.  It makes you feel better for a few minutes.


Apple:  Gotta pee.  Can’t move!

Screenshot-11 (700x525)

Umber:  How is it that out of 6 kids, only two managed to make it to school?  I hate to yell at you, but you better help around the house.  Now I have to hunt down all you brothers and sisters and do this too.
Apple: Can I go pee now?
Umber: Of course.

Screenshot-13 (700x525)

I only panned away for two seconds, Apple.
Apple:  I know.  I forgot to leave my spot.

Screenshot-14 (700x525)

Umber started to leave in a taxi to hunt down the two that actually made it out of the house, but then he stopped to hunt down Star Dust.


Star Dust:  ♪ The toilet is brokeeen, but I don’t care.  Just getting’ squeaky clean in the tub and washing my hair.♫

I see you get your singing voice from your mother.  Warn me next time so I can get my earplugs.


Umber:  The toilet is broken!
Star Dust:  Just adds to the nastiness of this house.

Screenshot-20 (700x525)

Umber:  You skipped school!  As the oldest, it is your job to set a good example!
Star:  Yeah sure.  6 kids separated by 11 months.  No one is really the oldest.

Screenshot-22 (700x525)

Fudge:  You want to chat with your old, lonely grampa?
Apple:  Of course, grampa!

I have not seen a social bar that low for Fudge since he was a kid.  It was very sad.


Fudge:  Oh good.  I like the color violet.  I am hoping to redecorate my room soon (hint hint).

Screenshot-24 (700x525)

Apple:  My favorite color is Spiceberry.  They are almost the same!

Screenshot-26 (700x525)

Tyr:  Why go to school when I can stand outside and stare at the buildings from the playground and slide?


Jazz:  Well, you could be up here looking at the same buildings with me!

Screenshot-28 (700x525)

Jazz:  I’m too kool for skool!


Don’t you know better than to try and slide with wet pants?


Jazz:  That’s gonna leave a mark.


Tyr:  Dammit, Jazz.  You left a wet trail on the slide!  Gross!


Tyr:  Great.  Now I’ll have a matching mark on my ass.


Star:  Those two idiots went to school to play on the playground.  I’m the oldest, therefore the smartest.  I stayed  home to play here.


Peach:  This place is a disgusting sty!  How about some help around here?

Star does not agree, but it looks like Fudge does.

Monday Afternoon:


Umber:  I have a great idea!


Umber: I am going to work to escape this dirty madhouse.

The Mac n Cheese was demolished so Peach threw some cookies out for the kids.  The two that did go to school were Cotton Candy and Amethyst.


Jazz:  Please tell me to go home!  I’m tired, hungry and stinky.  I just used this sink here to brush my teeth, but I don’t feel better.

No can do, kiddo.  I’ll try and get your mom to call you home soon.  Jazz went to Mortimer Goth’s house after school.


Amethyst:  I sure hope we don’t have to do dishes, Bella.
Bella Spearmint Gum:  I no longer answer to the name Bella Bachelor.  Call me Spear.


Ame:  I can’t believe how many of my siblings skipped school!  I wish I had too.


Star:  I’m tired.


Star:  I better go find the bed in that room that I have to share with five other kids.


So far, we have Star and Apple locating their beds.


Cotton Candy had already done her homework when I wasn’t looking.  Amethyst got hers done too!  Yay!


Cotton:  I’m getting tired.
Tyr:  I better go find my bed.


Peach made Swirly Star some gourmet chicken food.


Peach:  Okay, that makes five.  Five?  Aren’t there supposed to be six of you?


Peach:  Son, it’s seriously time to come home.  Hurry up.  I have food on the table for you.


Look kid, we have only had two fails today.  Let’s keep it like that.  Go to bed or something.


Jazz:  Does mom really think cookies are an appropriate dinner item?

Doesn’t everyone?


Peach has to get busy cleaning and unclogging all three toilets.


Peach:  Time to go, Spear.  It’s almost 1am.  Be careful going home.


Spear:  She can’t really expect someone as small as me to walk all the way home alone in the dark can she?

Yes, she can.   I am also happy to report that Jazz does make it up to bed!!  Yay!


Fudge;  The toilet is broken.  I am done doing all the dirty work.  You better get a good system down soon!  I can’t live in this filth.
Peach:  I am aware of this.  Thanks for you input.


Peach:  I’m glad you aren’t a yeti.  I hate those!


Swirly:  I seriously enjoyed my dinner.  Thanks, mom.


Amethyst and Fudge both climbed into Peach’s bed since her room has the only tv in the house.  If you call that thing a tv, anyway.



I wonder if this will be the only time that all six kids find their beds?


The gym?  At 4am?

Peach:  I was stir crazy and was told to workout for four hours.   This was the ideal time, so here I am.

She made it two hours before I sent her home.


Umber got a promotion!  He is now a Gene Therapist.

Umber:  Food!


Everyone agrees and rushed the fridge!


You finally going to shower off your pee cloud from yesterday?

Jazz: I sure ……~HONK HONK~  Nope, gotta go to school!


Poor Jazz.  There goes the kids and now it’s time for some peace and quiet.

Tuesday’s Remodel


I deleted the third floor room that was completely useless.  I added a room where the garage used to be and it is now the new kitchen.  The upstairs has two bedrooms and a bathroom now.  I widened the entryway, moved the door, and expanded the steps.


I got them all color coordinated and go their beds all done up.  The room itself still needs major work. though.


If all goes according to plan (they have all new beds), It will be Tyr in the blue bed, Apple in the spiceberry, Star Dust in the lilac bed.


Jazz in the corner in aqua.


Amethyst and Cotton in the two other spiceberry beds.


Not even started yet is the bathroom and Peach/Umber room.


I made a little change in Fudge’s room.  I expanded his wall (around the wood floor area) and then forgot to put his door back inside the house..whoops.


I moved the kitchen under the kids’ room..and got a new table!  Yay!  I even got Fudge his coffeemaker, but he hasn’t even had any yet.

Next on the list will be bathrooms,and I’m considering putting in a fourth…somewhere.  Oh and a living room so that Peach and Umber can get to bed now that everyone watches tv in there.

Torch Holders: 3
Sim Failing School: 0
Visit from Service Sim: 0
Passing Out: 28
Self-Urination: 31
Accidental Deaths: 0
Social Worker Visit: 0
Births: 23
Twin Births: 3
Triplet Births: 2
Fulfilling LTW: 1
Achieving Honor Roll: 4
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation: 2
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation: 0
Every 100,000 dollars: 2
Having an NPS Spouse reach the top of their career: 0


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