Chapter 5

A Peach’s job is never done.  The poor thing needs her job back just to get a break from the family for a bit.  This is her week in one update.


After Fudge mopped up that same puddle four times, Peach was finally instructed on toilet fixing and cleaning.


Peach:  A new table?  Cool.  Now if only I could get a new family…with neat traits!


Well, his intentions are clear, not bad for not going to school that day.



Plum:  I can’t believe she had two set of triplets.  I think the genie was more of a curse than a treat.

I hope you’re kidding.  You had seven kids and Fudge had ten.  She has less than either of you.


Jazz:  Wanna play tag, Daddy?
Umber:  Of course!  Let’s do it.

The proper response:  Is your homework done?  In this case..nope.


You finally doing your homework?

Jazz:  Yep.  I don’t want to be a loser like everyone else.
Cotton:  I’d rather be non-smelly than have good grades.


Amethyst:  This house is smelly.  So are the people in it.
Peach:  I agree.


Bus!!!   I wonder how many will get on it today.  Look how perky these two are.  Jazz is actually running to the bus!


Fudge:  All of those little bastards better go to school or I’ll beat their asses!!

Fudge is an angry old man.  It’s quite sad really.


Umber:  Toilet is broken again.  WIFE!  WIFE TOILET IS BROKEN!


Cotton:  I can’t go to school smelly!  Oh how embarrassing.

Cotton apparently didn’t make it to the shower.


It’s a different story after school.

Cotton:  Smelly!
Jazz:  Hungry!!


Cotton:  So tired!
Swirly:  Sooo lonely!


Ahem!  Too late to stop them, but a quick peak shows no incoming spawn.


I’m so glad Peach can be elsewhere and still call everyone to a meal.

Tyr:  I bet Grimmy comes for Gramps soon.  I can’t wait. Grim is sooo awesome.
Amethyst agrees.


I believe there might be someone at the door.  Let’s have Peach check.


Or not.  This can’t be a promising sight.


This is Ever Green, I believe.  She used to be the daughter formerly known as Sandi or Molly French..I never remember which is the parent or child.  Peach says hi and quickly gets rid of her.


Oh crap.  Cotton down. I repeat, There’s a Cotton Down!  -5


A better, up close look for posterity.


Peach now has six go to bed interactions all queued up.


Cotton is heading off.  You better make it too.

Peach:  Just friggin wonderful.  My favorite.  Down for the count.
5 shocked voices: YOUR WHAT????
Peach:  I didn’t say nothin’.


Poor bb.  We now have a Jazz down.  -5


Peach:  Go to bed, Ame.  You’re dead on your feet.  Umber, grab some food!  It’s right there.


You too, Star.  I’ll try and have you all up early enough for homework.


Go to bed, Jazz, on the double.


Jazz: I don’t like my bed.  Can I use my sleeping bag?
Peach:  Of course, as long as you go to sleep.


Peach:  Good night, Tyr.


Peach:  I’m very tired, Apple.  Don’t make me tell you to go to bed again.


Good girl!


Cotton:  Stupid mom.  Who the hell does she think she is?  She can’t make me go to bed.  I refuse!

The next morning…..


Jazz:  Mom forgot to wake us up, Star.  Better get your homework done now. The bus is almost here.  Oh crap.  Gotta peeeee!


Broken toilet means that Jazz wets himself.  -5


Peach, again, finds herself fixing and cleaning toilets.  BUT in other news…


Fudge does dishes!!   Poor Jazz.  He must love his stink cloud by now.


I hope you’re down for the night, Fudge because Jazz is blocking the door.  LOL


Peach:  I told you to go to bed, young lady.  Don’t make me have to get up and tell you again.

Star Dust stood half asleep in the bathroom for the better part of two hours.


Plum makes another appearance.  I had left her and Blackberry in the mausoleum on accident.


Apple:  Yet more proof that you’re the favorite.  Mama never makes our favorite food!
Jazz:  It probably tastes like garbage anyway, sis.

Purely accident, Peach will have to get cookin’.


Umber, you had a computer thought bubble over your head three times in two days.  I definitely see a computer there for you!

Umber:  Nah, I’d rather play chess, thanks.


Jazz was able to get his homework done before school. Yay!  I think three kids total got it done.


Tyr was able to get rid of his stink cloud!


Peach sat down to play with Umber, but Umber saw Star and had to get up to wave to her.  Then he wandered off like a dork.


I found Fudge just standing in the corner of his room.  It’s getting quite apparent that he is getting senile.


Who the hell are you calling senile?  Huh?


I raised 10 kids, survived two idiot wives and you dare call ME senile?


I topped the firefighter career and made it partway through the sports one too.  I think YOU are the senile one.


Thank you, Mr. Corner, for letting me vent.

*toddles off to take out the trash and recycle newspapers*  o.O


Star:  I need a bed.
Umber:  I need a vacation.
Cotton:  I need cold hard cash.


*snort*  I was placing cakes and then I looked in Fudge’s bed.  There better not be any spawn you two!


I can’t believe how quick the time went.  Apple, Cotton and Star all turn teen tonight.


She is not my favorite, but this just put her in the front of the heir line.


Peach:  Honeycakes, I think we need more babies!
Umber: Plays deaf.
Star:  WTF??? I hope you’re joking!
Cotton:  Great!  I will probably be forced into tea parties and diapy changes.  UGH!


I’m sad that I didn’t get a close up of it, but Jazz has the saddest face ever.  It’s so cute.


Peach:  Everyone aged 14 and up, sit still.  You need a whopping dose of Moodlet Manager.


There were several successful zaps made.


Poor Apple had to suffer through 5 zaps and a fail.  -5


Jazz did crash right where he was standing, but luckily he did it in his sleeping bag.


Star Dust  – She is currently a clumsy, insane bookworm, who is friendly.   She has Umber’s eyes, color and I think mouth. She has Peach’s nose.   She is not my favorite by any means, but that insane roll puts her at the #1 spot.  She, like her sisters, is a cute girl though.


Cotton Candy – She is an Unflirty and evil genius who is also a virtuoso.  Just look at her.  She is Peach’s clone with Umber’s coloring.  Not up for heirdom, but she is a cutie.


Apple Blossom – She is an Artistic and friendly loner with a green thumb.  She has Umber’s nose, eye color and head shape.  She has Peach’s eye shape and mouth.   My favorite in the genetics department, plus she’s adorable.

That is all I have for you at this time.  It’s like 90 degrees and the pool is screaming for me.

Torch Holders: 3
Sim Failing School: 0
Visit from Service Sim: 0
Passing Out: 31
Self-Urination: 32
Accidental Deaths: 0
Social Worker Visit: 0
Births: 23
Twin Births: 3
Triplet Births: 2
Fulfilling LTW: 1
Achieving Honor Roll: 4
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation: 2
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation: 0
Every 100,000 dollars: 2
Having an NPS Spouse reach the top of their career: 0


4 thoughts on “Chapter 5

  1. Jazz’s Panda Domo shirt. ,< Poor Richie. :p

    I laughed my ass off when this happened:
    "Umber: Toilet is broken again. WIFE! WIFE TOILET IS BROKEN!"

    Wooww, Cotton Candy and Apple Blossom are beautiful as a teen! They really blossomed!
    Star Dust is pretty too and different looking. I like all of the girls!

    I can't wait until you are back and can upload some of them and update too. I am caught up now and I'm sad. 😦 I want more! LoL

    • Hubby won’t spot me the money. I get more child support for my oldest next Wednesday. Then shipping. I have the new power supply all ready to order that morning. Should be. Three day delivery. You have no clue how bored I am and typing on my iPad sucks ass.

      I like Apple but she’s her moms clone. The other two are just okay to me. The other three get to stay kids a bit longer.

      • I’ve had to type on the xbox before. If it’s anything like that then I truly feel for you. LoL Ugh. I know how I get with no computer. Talk about “stir crazy”. I hope at least it gets there in the shortest time possible.

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