Chapter 8


Peach has the wish to cut her wedding cake.  She doesn’t seem to care that her wedding has been done with forever and her cake was spoiled because she had to come home to socialize with the cat.   So, I just bought her a new one to see if that would work.  It did.


Umber:  I love you as much now as I did when we first got together.
Peach:  Yes, me too, but will you still love me two hours from?
Umber:  Say again??
Peach:  Nevermind.


Cotton Candy:  Starving!  I should be at the head of the line.  You morons are all in the green and happy.


Peach:  I snuck a baby!   I win!



You’ve already popped, why the morning sickness now?

Are..are you guys doing homework?  *heart attack*  What about the other two?
Tyr:  They are upstairs asleep.  I think they did their homework earlier.


Fudge:  No whammy’s!!!

Wrong game!


Fudge:  Yahtzee!!

No, you just won the house $5,000.


Amethyst:  Grandpa, next time you win, can you buy me a computer.
Fudge: Dagnabbit!  Stupid machine!

I missed the shot, but him kicking the machine was hysterical.


Fudge:  I know that one of your spawn wanted a computer, but I think I’ll be buying season tickets the Lame Llamas upcoming season.


I believe all the kids except for Tyrian and Jazz were signed up for boarding school right about here.




Peach:  As heir, you will be responsible for bringing in the next generation.  Just don’t be in a rush to do so.


Tyr:  There’s no way I’m going to rush into midnight feedings.  I have to finish my LTW first.
Peach:  Oh?  You picked one finally?  What was it.
Tyr:  This is not something I am prepared to discuss at this time, Mother.


Plum won a total of about $6500 for the house!  Yay Plum!


What the heck happened to the couch?
Cotton Candy:  I bet it was what disappeared when you loaded us up and it said some objects were removed D>:

Well, crap.  Sorry about that.  <moveobjects on>


Cotton Candy:  Wow, that was quick, but how did I get over by the wall without moving?


Tyr: New couch!


Jazz and Amethyst: New couch!!

Now rinse and repeat until everyone came to say that.


Peach:  Why’d you wait so long to have me fill out these thank you notes?

Well, I don’t hardly do weddings and you never got presents, so it never occurred to me.


Fudge:  I got my season tickets, but I don’t need them anymore.  We will start the bidding at $500 at my new number, 1-800-Iam-dead.


Peach:  No, daddy!  You’re life bar isn’t even maxed yet!

So weird, Charlie went the day before, and I thought she was a ton older than Fudgy.  Fudge was at 91 days of a 92 lifespan.


Peach:  Don’t take him!  He hasn’t met his last grandchild yet!
Grim:  Sorry, but I must do my job.  No special favors.


Fudge:  Can I at least pull the lever one more time?
Grim:  NO!  Get in the urn!!


I looked in to the endless void and survived.


Fudge:  Thanks for letting me escape this madhouse.  I was at my wits end!


Swirly:  Merow?


Umber:  Would it cheer you up to know that we’re having a baby boy?
Peach:  Really?  I am glad to know thank you, but I need to plan the funeral.


Fudge must have got his LTW, I really can’t remember now, but he did get the biggest gravestone.


Cherry will be one of the next ones to go.  All of generation two and three will be gone by the end of this update, just a heads up.


Peppermint:  So, about those season tickets….


Leave it to Cream Cheese to play video games.


Habanero looking as adorable as ever.  I ❤ him.


Papaya:  You just couldn’t find me anything more outrageous, could you?



Pumpkin:  C’mon, Big money!


Umber, you better get to the bathroom, ASAP!  It’s right there!


Umber:  Whew that was close.

Hab and Cream Cheese look oddly similar except for the hair.


Jello and his guitar.  A must have for any wedding or funeral.


Jello:  I am hella awesome!


???:  OMG! It’s the Emperor of Evil!  I hope he can’t see me!
EoE:  Yes, I can.  My x-ray vision does work best at night.


???:  He forgot his mask!  He’s going to get me!  I will just hide here all night.


Mango:  Look, dude.  I can see you.  You can see me.  Just come out here and be a man.
Ashe Amour:  No thanks.  I’m hiding here all night!

*dies some more*

A/N ~ So, I was wondering, do you prefer the bigger pictures or the smaller ones? Let me know.  The previous three pictures are small, medium and large.


The next day, baby time!  Mango and Pumpkin are still at the house too!


Marshmallow was soon brought out.


I wish I knew how to do animations.  I would love to help Nona out with this breastfeeding mod.  So, for now, Marshy will breastfeed while it looks like he’s being snuggled.


This is when I find out that Peach and Mango are on the cusp of being enemies.  The friend bar is 3/4 red.


Mango aged up to elder soon after and cried at his dad’s grave.  /sob.


I had Peach take her older boys out for dinner and a bonding time.


Later on, we got rid of the last swaddling of this generation.  Marshmallow has his grandma Sunny’s orange hair and his dad’s skin.  The eyes are all Great-Grandpa Blackberry’s.


Poop face!


Some toy box fun!


Tyr:  It’s almost time for prom and the girls to come home.   I can’t wait until they all start moving out.


Proof that Swirly does get attention sometimes.


I seriously doubt that this is appropriate for a toddler!  I am still pondering why there is a smoke alarm over here when the kitchen is on the other side of the house.


Marsh:  Toothbrush!  Go use it on your stanky breath mommy!


The girls are home!  She took Marsh everywhere.  When she watered she sat him down, then picked him up.  Carried him with her to pee, set him down.  Carried him to go eat.  Set him down.  She is infatuated with the little guy.


Prom was a bust.  No one else was there except the 6 triplets.  I had to add Arcana Silverflower to the game and age  her down to teen as she was the only one in my sim bin.  She is now the leader of town tart (LOL) and  a member of town harpy.    I had Peach talk to her and invited Tyr to the conversation.

Arc flirted with him first off.  She also has a boyfriend or three.


Later that night, while Peach dragged the boys all over town trying to find them some chicks like a good pimp mom.  Arc showed up and showered Tyr with no less than 4 bouquets of flowers.  I also got a pop up that she is no longer in a relationship with his cousin.


He accepted all of her advances.  So I used his teen interaction.


He asked her to watch the stars with him.


I got bored and took the camera to the house.  I caught Star Dust channeling some Great-Grandma.   I have decided that the next generation will all be insane.


He is all skilled up and I doubt I will even wait around for him to finish the xylo.  I never even bought pegs.


The park was rented for the triplets birthday.  I was not going to have a massive party at the house, especially since Pumpkin and Mango stayed for like three days.  I finally had to have Peach tell them to leave.


So far so good!  No major issues other than Cotton blocking the way so that Star Dust couldn’t blow out her candles.


We can thank Umber for bringing the little one here.  He was a serious party pooper.  I was trying to get Umber to use his adult interaction to pick the kid up and go home, but he kept cancelling it out to get to the cake.  Jerk.


I heard two distinct fail sounds.  At the exact time that Marshmallow passed out, Cotton wet herself.


Nice outfit and stink fumes, butthead.


So there are the two fails for this update.


Peach: Okay, son.  I have had this wish locked in for a week.  Go kiss Arcana.

Her wish was to convince Tyr to kiss a sim.  I cancelled out the ones that were Umber related, so I felt that this one should be done.




Arc:  That totally just made this party epic!
Tyr: So is the tightness in my pants.


The triplets all got makeovers and moved out.  I failed to get pics though.  I will start off the next update with them after I upload them.


Razz was crying over a dead spouse or girlfriend when he started to go.  RIP Razz D:


I didn’t think anyone else was still here.  For the 10 millionth time, Peach will have to break out the moodlet manager.


It’s been awhile since I have had this many grim visits in one session.  I think (although not documented) that this was number 8.


Marsh didn’t get an IF, so he was given an unused one to play with.


You all need to come home now, it’s past curfew and make sure you grab your dad too.


She then breaks out the MM and cures herself first and then grabs the next three as they walk in the door.


Well, kid it’s time.  Hope you are ready.


Marshmallow Tart – Grandma Sunny’s orange hair.  Grandma Charlie’s nose, Great-grandpa Blackberry’s eyes and lips, Mom’s head shape and Umber’s skin tone.  What a nice mix of genetics.


One of her MLC wishes was to quit her job.  I finally just gave up and changed her LTW to surrounded by family.  I feel like I failed.


Jazz:  So, first things first.  The voice takes pictures.  Boxes and boxes of pictures and hopes that you have failed in them.  Then she takes your most embarrassing or sexy moments and posts them on the internet.  Luckily, we both will escape this torture, but you need to be aware that you might be put up for download.  They always find new and exciting ways to exploit us Sims.


Peach: If your lazy ass brothers can make it to school, so can you!  Get to school!


Omg!  He did it!!!  *super duper extra happy dance*  I quit checking at level 7 LOL.


Sorry, Peach, but since you refuse to clean house or cook because of your slot addiction, I am afraid that it’s being sold.  I will give it back to you when you are not my problem anymore.  Luckily that’s super soon!


Jazz: It scares me!  Make it go away!  I’m too fragile to witness something that..umm  extraordinary?


Peach:  I wish to be rich!  I want lots of dough!  Gimme!


Peach:  Tingly!!!

Swirly Time!!


I’ve had the Traelia eyes since she posted them, but this is the first chance I’ve been able to see them in action.  Amazing!!  Fantastic job!  I can’t wait to get on the Vinson’s and check the doggie eyes.


Torch Holders: 3
Sim Failing School: 0
Passing Out: 32
Self-Urination: 33
Accidental Deaths: 0
Social Worker Visit: 0
Births: 24
Twin Births: 3
Triplet Births: 2
Fulfilling LTW: 3
Achieving Honor Roll: 4
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation: 2
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation: 0
Every 100,000 dollars: 2
Having an NPS Spouse reach the top of their career: 1


7 thoughts on “Chapter 8

    1. It must be me! They are always sneaking babies..I’m getting annoyed with them. This was with my mods turned off too. I liked the medium ones too. Thanks for the input!

  1. I love Marshmallow, he’s so gorgeous! As you said, great mixture of genetics. But he still looks like a berry, unlike some of the others of this generation – then again, this gen would be good fits for a non-berry town.

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