Well, I deleted the blog from my Live Writer and redid it for blogger, but I hate it!  It’s icky! 

So, I retried to connect to my WordPress version and after an hour of it frozen, I cancelled and tried again.  If this post goes through, it will have worked.

Unfortunately, I went to play the Tart’s yesterday and their saves are missing.  I have the previous weeks four, so I won’t have missed but the one update.  That means, his heartbreaker LTW was never picked, Peach never died, and his three babies were never born. 

I am also considering going back to Sunset Valley, but not taking any extended family outside of Peach, Umber and the 6 kids.  I just really want to work with the remade townies, but the extended Tart’s have already mated the EA versions.  I don’t want cross genetic incest.  It’s just as wrong as my one person who insisted on marry their grandfather’s son’ son.  *shudder*

Anyway, I haven’t decided.  I’m really bummed about Tyr’s babies though.  Two girls had just aged to toddler and an infant son had just moved in.  I never even took the girls into CAS to get a better look or pics.


8 thoughts on “WordPress

  1. And all isn’t lost so that’s a good thing too. Yeah, the incest thing is wrong and I wished that EA had a better tracking of relatives so it didn’t happen. Just play in whatever town will make you the happiest.

    • Yeah, I read the other day that a similar thing happened to you. I don’t care if one sister marries her sister’s ex-husband, but you don’t marry your sister’s grandkid. It’s gross. This is not Medieval Europe trying to preserve thrones..it’s sims!

      • Yeah, my Marmalades like to marry their 2nd cousins, which sure we learned that royals did that, and I know I started them off with Georgia being sort of a Southern Bell in my head, but that doesn’t mean they should marry 2nd cousins.

      • I agree. I think EA needs to work on the familial lineage aspect a bit more. There’s a tree for a reason, they should use it.

    • It happened again. Paradise’s boy is romantically linked to your daughter Fawn in my game. Paradise and Cashew are cousins with their mother’s, Jihl and Serah being sisters. Overcrowding. I might have to restart this same town just without family coming with.

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