Chapter 2

Sorry for such a long absence.  I needed a break plus I patched and had to wait for mods to be updated and then Seasons came out.  Busy, busy two months.  During that time, I got addicted to sims 2 also.  Fun stuff.  These pics are from the end of September.


Tyr:  Um, Dad, I am trying to have sexy times, do you mind?
Umber:  Nope, don’t mind.  Carry on.
Davina:  I can’t do this with him watching!
Tyr:  Just pretend he isn’t there.


Umber:  Are we going to hell for watching our kid woohoo?
Peach:  I don’t know.  It was a great show though!
Davina:  Are you kidding me?  Both of you watched?   Ewww!
Tyr:  That wasn’t a lullaby was it?
Davina:  God, I sure hope not.


Peach:  All of a sudden, I am in the mood for sexy times now too.
Umber:  Me too.  Huh.  Why does that sound so creepy?


To stop any attempts at Peach and Umber sneaking in a TFB, I had Tyr grab everyone for a trip to the beach (this is still September, so no Seasons yet).  I demolished the house while they were gone.


Here it is in the planning stages.  It didn’t turn out that well at all and I quit taking pics of this lame house.


They didn’t seem to like or dislike the house.  They’re stuck with it for now.


Caramel still goes on long journeys.  It’s totally adorable.  I found out that I put a toddler interaction mod in.  This ended up being a blessing in disguise.  They no longer go around scratching up the furniture like werewolves.  If there was another toddler in the house they could talk to each other..if they both knew how to talk.  I found that out on another of my families recently.


Tyr finally took a break from chasing Davina’s skirt long enough to teach Caramel to talk.


Caramel takes off on another exploring excursion around the new house.


While Caramel was trying to get on the teeter totter, someone in the world died leaving the family a buttload of cash.


Caramel:  When I grow up, I’m gonna be a ghosthunter.  Then I can find the ghost of the person that died and say, “Thanks for the cash, crusty!”


Finally someone besides me pays attention the cats.  Peach shows me that we lost her outfit yet again.


Caramel:  Everyone is so tall!  I hope I get to be that big someday.  Until then, they better not step on me!  You’re blocking the door.  MOVE IT!


Caramel:  Oh wow!  A new kitchen.  Too bad the decorating in here stinks!


Caramel:  I found the laundry room!  I sure hope that means I can get some clean clothes soon.


Caramel:  Oh!  A garage!  No one will ever find me here!


Caramel:  YAY!  New lights!


Caramel:  Oh wow!  I found more lights in the dining room!


Caramel:  Oh crap!  I’ve been spotted!  Hide!  Run for your lives!


Caramel:  I’d rather converse about the lack of color in this house, daddy.
Tyr:  Do we really have to?


It was a sad evening when it finally sunk in to Umber that his dad died.  We now know where all that money came from earlier that day.


Caramel:  Is this absolutely necessary?  Can’t you go bug someone else?  Better yet, go look for a fail to report or something.  I can’t do this with an audience.


Blackberry came out for a visit that night since the graves were all rescued and put in their new spot in the basement.


Hopefully the house survives without Tyr for a while.  He ran off to a party at Jazz’s house.  He met up with Apple Blossom while there.


The visit was cut short due to a yellow face in the portrait panel.  Tyr got home right before Caramel had a meltdown to full red.


I guess ghosts like steam baths or something.


Marshmallow doesn’t do much, but at least he hasn’t had a fail yet either.  No one has found their beds yet except Tyr.  Davina just sleeps in whatever bed she happens to be near at the time of her getting tired.


Umber and Peach guard the rock wall.


Oh wow!  Glaze aged up!  I don’t even remember that.


Really, Davina?  You couldn’t wait until you got to the toilet?
Davina:  Tyr was using it!  I didn’t have time to find another bathroom!


Our first failure of the update is now our last since I have run out of pics and I haven’t played since the end of September.  Next update will be soon…I promise!  I am still trying to decide if these two will get married, have more babies either way, or have Tyr bring in alien babies.  That would so cool.

Torch Holders: 4
Sim Failing School: 0
Passing Out: 32
Self-Urination: 35
Accidental Deaths: 0
Social Worker Visit: 0
Births: 26
Twin Births: 3
Triplet Births: 2
Fulfilling LTW: 3
Achieving Honor Roll: 4
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation: 3
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation: 0
Every 100,000 dollars:
Having an NPS Spouse reach the top of their career: 1


6 thoughts on “Chapter 2

  1. The ghost in the sauna reminds me of a scene in Halloween Town, a kids movie where a ghost is in one of those old fashioned steam tanks.
    My toddler in my ISBI does the same thing as Caramel, all day she wanders around to look at the windows, and anything else in the house. At first I though it might be because she is a genius and she was learning about the world, but now that I look in my mods folder I also have a toddler interaction mod.

    • I love that mod. If you have two toddlers that know how to talk, they can chat together and up their friendship. They will eat dog/cat food if they are hungry too. That’s funny to watch.

      That’s so funny! I don’t think I have seen Halloween town, but I will have to check it out. My kid might like it.

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