Chapter 4

Edit on 1/25/13 to add:  A quick note to say that two sims are added to the game at this time.  One is made by me, Damian Finn and the other one is Jezebel Baymont.  She made her first appearance in the Everyday Sims thread.  She is a genetic experiment between my Berry Simself and RavenKay’s Scott Baymont.  I fell in love with her and decided to find her a place to live.  So I put her in here in hopes that she would find someone.


Bad ice cream maker placement.

Charlie:  I can’t wait to eat whatever putrid thing is in here.
Peach:  Hurry up!  Move!
Tyr:  Can’t clean the ice cream machine.  Everyone is blocking the way!



Tyr:  Clean, clean, clean.
Davina:  I’m not hungry, but move so I can eat!

*Hates deep fryer and ice cream maker*


I hate you even more.


Davina:  I have finally figure out how to light a fire under your ass and finally marry me.
Tyr:  *chokes* Who says I want to marry you?

Just eat before you starve to death.


I swear to God.  Find a bed or I will kill you.


Davina;  Well, if you’re just gonna be a bitch about it.  I will!


Charlie and Blackberry still meet secretly to flirt.  With Davina awake for 4 days and the ghosts not disappearing for 4 days, I figure something is wrong.  I reset all the ghosts at one point, I just don’t remember when.


Tyr:  So, you must be new in town.  I’m Tyr and you are a potential spouse if Davina pisses off Jenn again.
Damian:  Yep, brand new.  I’m gay.  You are not attractive to me.  I will be marrying a brother of yours though.

~sigh~  Glad I put two of you in.


Tyr:  You smell so fresh and clean…unlike a certain female that is sponging off my family.
Jez:  *heart flutter*



Jez:  Well, let me get a picture of the famous Tyr and then we can see where this will lead after.  Okay?
Tyr:  Whatever you want.


Fudgy, what are you doing?
Fudge:  Holding my great grandchild, duh!
But he wants to be put down.
Fudge:  Not my problem.  I plan on holding him, in this spot, for the rest of the day.


This would be really, really cute….


..if it did not originate from this.


Davina;  Holy cow!  This spoiled, shit flavored ice cream ROCKS!

Blackberry and Charlie are now publicly flirting.


Davina:  Shit flavored ice cream makes tummy go BLURGHGHFF!

That’s how it goes.  I will not be showing you every time a man, woman or child runs off to puke.  I’m just glad it does not count in an ISBI.


Ghost lovin’.


Davina;  Shit flavored ice cream, you are gone.

*dies of shock*


Skipping school in front of your mother isn’t very bright.  Wait.   Why aren’t you going to boarding school?

  Almost time to age up, piss you off beyond imagining and then moving out.  Not necessarily in that order.


Davina:  I love you ice cream.


Blackberry:  Why don’t you shower you nasty old cow?
Davina:  *lick lick lick*


Davina;  I can’t believe the EA attraction system is so screwy.  You’re just a kid!
Mallow:  I have loved you forever.  Did you get the flowers I left by your bed?
Davina:  Flowers?
Tyr:  *is oblivious* I am home from work!  Glad everyone is still alive.


Tyr finally catches on.

Fudge:  Are you upset grandson?
Tyr:  Beyond all imagining.


Fudge:  Then I too, will be upset in support and commiseration.
Tyr:  Thanks, Grandpa.
Mallow:  No.  My true love has walked away from me.  *sigh*


Caramel:  Thanks for doing laundry, daddy.
Tyr:  Anything for my girl!  How was your day?
Mallow:  The evening light glistens so wonderfully in your hair.
Davina:  *melts*


Tyr:  You dirty whore!  How dare you flaunt your body for my brother, get him panting after you and your stink cloud and then act like you did nothing wrong!
Mallow:  Gee, brother, you look upset over something.


Tyr:  Get the hell out of my house!
Davina:  Are you going to let him talk to me that way, Mallow.


Mallow:  I was wondering if I could keep her?  You know, make Jenn unlock teen/adult interactions so I can nail her with my hormonal teen imbalance all over the house.


Tyr:  Are you retarded?  No.  You better just be glad I let you live.  You have been harassing her for days.


Mallow:  She’s mine!
Tyr:  You are a fool.

EA attraction system…Fail!


Tyr:  No time to be tired now.  Time to start all over again.


Jez:  Omg!  It’s Tyr!  *claps excitedly*  I might get to be in the ISBI..and have babies.  I love babies!  I want 5 of them!



Then she jumped up and hugged Tyr..and I fell in love with this couple.


Tyr:  She is a bright light in a dark world.
Paparazzi:  Can you turn and look at the camera, Mr. Tart?
Ayesha Ansari:  OMG! You’re so hot.  I love you, Tyr!
Jez:  *stand back patiently*


First kiss!  So cute!



Tyr:  Want to come back to my place?
Jez:  I can’t.  I have to leave for work soon.
Tyr:  What do you do?
Jez:  I’m in the handiness business.
Tyr:  *mutters* Not for long.


She asked him to watch the stars and they looked so cute, that I only took one pic.


Pap Chick:  That hussy is going to join the house and monopolize all of his time and my cash flow will dwindle without pictures of him!


Ayesha:  That sucks.  It also means that there will not be a place for me.  *sigh*  I love him so.  He’s so dreamy!
Tyr:  I totally have a moodlet manager to help you with your exhaustion.  Then I have a question for you.


Tyr:  Will you be my girlfriend and move in with me and my family?


Ayesha:  Answer him!  Answer him!  The suspense is killing me!


Of course she said yes!  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  She gets bonus points for finding the correct bed all by herself while Tyr put Glaze to bed.


Glaze:  Not put to bed.  Daddy feeded me.  I starving.

*so cute*  He’s a clone of his dad and not up for heir.


Glaze:  I not heir?  I scream until you change your mind.


Or until Grandma moseys by and changes your smelly butt you mean, right?


Peach:  The easels is free?  OMG!  My painting is on the wall.  Must.Paint.More.


Quiet time with Grandma and Glaze.


It was finally time for Glaze to become a child to the loud cheers of…


Great-Grandma Charlie and Jezebel.  Peach and Umber are at work and Tyr is about to get the late for work pop up.

Mallow:  I piss on the brat and his stupid birthday.


Oh, he’s cute.  Looks like dad though.


Blackberry *still cheering*


Glaze:  I wish grandma and grandpa could have been here.
Jez:  I’m sure they are sad to have missed  it.  I bet they will be at your next one.


Blackberry:  So, girl, have you started making babies yet?
Jez:  I do have a name, sir!  No, I’m not that kind of girl.  No babies before marriage.


Soon after, Glaze went around and upped the socials of all the cats.


Tyr:  See son, this is how you brush the cat clean.  You will find your very own brush somewhere hiding in your pocket.


Star Dust’s only child came home with Caramel after school.  I have no clue what his name is now.


Jez beelined for him and they chatted together for a few minutes.


Tyr:  I want you and Caramel to do your homework while I go take care of my woman.
Nephew:  How do you do that, Uncle Tyr?
Tyr:  I’ll get back to you on that in like 8 years.


I thought you weren’t that kind of girl?

Jez:  I’m still on the pill.  We can woohoo all we want.


She even took a shower!  All by herself!


No!  Don’t go into the lights!

Jez:  I…can’t…resist…


Jez:  I did not enjoy that one bit.



But she did enjoy a late night snack with Peach and playing chase with all three cats.


Mallow:  I can’t believe my 2nd True Love is here to cheer me on to adulthood.

I hate Marshmallow and his overabundance of male hormones.  He started panting after Jez, but luckily she avoided him.


As much as I can’t stand him, he is cute.


I actually let Tyr spend the money and buy him a house instead of just kicking him out.


Meanwhile, Jez does laundry and disciplines little boys who skip their second day of school.


Jez:  I sense that the easel was just cleaned off!
Glaze:  I sense a new rug somewhere in the house.

Correct on both counts you two.


She ran to the easel.  I can’t recall her traits, but they are geared for being a SAHM.  Her one interaction was to quit her job the second she moved in.  She is Artistic, neat, nurturing and two other things.


Swirly:  I really have to pee, but it will have to wait.
Cat who’s name I just lost off the tip of my tongue:  No, Mommy, don’t leave me!


Grim:  You ready to go to The Great Litter Box in the Sky?
Swirly Star:  You betcha, Grimster.


Forgotten named cat and Jez *sob uncontrollably*  Jez was home alone when Swirly was taken away.  Tyr is several hours from being able to zap her back to happiness too.


Jez;  Hello!  I’m tired and this is my bed!  GTFO!  I will clobber you both if you leave love juice in there!


Tyr finally got home and made the rounds.


Jez:  I caught your parents in here.  It was so gross, but I did wash the bedding when they were gone.
Tyr:  Wanna dirty them up again?
Jez: *giggle*  You bet.


When sexy times were over, Tyr made his intentions crystal clear.

Cutting off here due to length of post.  

Torch Holders: 4
Sim Failing School: 0
Passing Out: 36
Self-Urination: 36
Accidental Deaths: 0
Social Worker Visit: 0
Births: 26
Twin Births: 3
Triplet Births: 2
Fulfilling LTW: 3
Achieving Honor Roll: 4
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation: 3
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation: 0
Every 100,000 dollars:
Having an NPS Spouse reach the top of their career: 1

Jezebel Baymont is a genetic experiment between my Berry Simself and RavenKay’s Scott Baymont.


8 thoughts on “Chapter 4

  1. “Tyr: You smell so fresh and clean…unlike a certain female that is sponging off my family.
    Jez: *heart flutter*”

    “Davina; Holy cow! This spoiled, shit flavored ice cream ROCKS!”

    LMAO Fudge, making sure Tyr was upset to support him and be upset as well. So good. Davina sucks anyway. She and Mallow should just go together.

    Awww the pics of Tyr and Jez are so cute! Even their names are cute together!

    “Tyr: See son, this is how you brush the cat clean. You will find your very own brush somewhere hiding in your pocket.”

    • Oh I forgot to link the message I have on the Asylum Forum. She is a Genetic experiment between my (berry version) simself and a friend’s sim named Scott Baymont. Her in game name was Jezebel Baymont.

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