Chapter 5


We return to find out that Jez accepted the marriage proposal, not that there was going to be any doubt.



Tyr rolls a marriage wish.
Jez rolls a marriage wish and a baby wish.


Tyr:  I’m just going to stand here and moon over you all night.
Jez:  *swoon*  Me too.


Tyr:  Okay, dad hold on.  I’ll have you out of mourning in no time.

Umber is asked out on dates like 5 times a day.  I had accidentally accepted one of them and he was gone half the night.


Tyr:  You became my girlfriend and moved in.  After a semi-respectable two days, you agreed to be my wife.  Now that you have had a day to change your mind or run away screaming (and didn’t), I guess we should do the next two things on the list.  Are you ready?
Jez:  Ready!


Tyr:  You look like you’re gonna face a firing squad, honey!


Jez:  Woohoo!  Marriage!  Babies!!   There was that better?
Tyr:  It might have been a bit overdone, but it will do.


Caramel:  See what happens when you have last minute weddings at midnight?  I’m the only one here, it’s a school night and I’m tired.  Get on with it…geez.


Umber wants you to know that he woke up and made it just in time.


Glaze:  *sob*  No, daddy, don’t marry her!  She yelled at me!
Caramel:  I’m so going to bed.



First married kiss.  So sweet.


Glaze:  *sob*
Caramel:  If I hide behind the torch maybe no one will see me pass out.
Peach:  I missed it!!  *sob*
Umber:  Glaze, stop being a baby right now!


Just because I love them.


Everyone applauded, including a miraculously happy Glaze.


Jez:  I am deliriously happy with my new husband!


Tyr:  I am so happy with my new wife!

Good, now go make babies.


Um, you might want to switch around or something.  I don’t think that position is going to work…..*lullaby*   Oookay.  Nevermind me.


Charlie is an equal opportunity flirter.  First Blackberry and now Fudge.


Don’t even think about it.  Just find a bed, Peach.


Black Hole:  Wake up!  I need attention!
Tyr:  Too tired, go away cat.
Jez dreams about her wedding.


Jez still keeps up on the laundry.


Well, until morning sickness distracts her that is.


Tyr has no clue that his new wife is heaving out her guts.  He is blissfully fulfilling all of his cat wishes.


*just noticed Swirly’s urn.  Will put that down with the family next game session*


Leisure Day fell and Tyr took the family to the Festival.  Umber is off on another date.  (oops) and Peach ignored Tyr’s go here to clean the house.

They went straight to the photo booth and took a family photo.


Then Tyr dragged them all to the hot dog eating contest.  The buzzer had just sounded and Caramel already has half a dog eaten before anyone else starts.


I was not expecting Tyr to win, but he did.  Jez came in second.


Meanwhile, Umber’s date was a no show and he hit the bar.


Molly French is being a creeper and watching Umber from across the room.


The buzzer sounded again before the kids finished.  It’s just a matter of time before they all start up a family puke fest.


They really are so adorable.


Caramel had snuck off and went home to play in the sand.  Tyr talked Glaze into playing some soccer.

Glaze:  Nah nah!  Bet you can’t get the ball past me!


Glaze:  Can’t you do better than that?  Sheesh!


Glaze proceeded to miss every single one after that first one.

Glaze:  That’s gonna leave a mark.


I went to look for Jez and was surprised how close she was.  She’s practicing all by herself.


Tyr isn’t one to let anyone win.  He goes full out and does some pretty good catches …to the anger of one little boy.


And then the hotdogs caught up with them and needed to escape.


Tyr broke the toilet, so Glaze had to vomit outside on the ground to the disgust of everyone.  I made Tyr fix the toilet too.


When Tyr was done he went looking for Jez, but couldn’t find her anywhere.  He did happen to find a fight though.


I was quite the shocked girl when I saw this!


Tyr:  Marshmallow, I can’t believe you attacked my pregnant wife!
Mallow:  She wouldn’t flirt back!

*I have no clue what happened, so I am going to make it all up*



Tyr: Don’t you ever come near my wife or kids again.


He got smacked for good measure and then Tyr declared him his mortal enemy.


I had Tyr take Jez home.  A peek showed that Glaze was already there.  Then I went on a search for Umber.  He was in the Langerak pool.  I guess I sent him to their party and he never left.  It’s like 2am.


Jez:  Baby!


For the rest of the night, no matter if Tyr is busy or not, Jez distracts him with kisses.  So freaking adorable.


Jez gets to know Fudge and I remember that I got a Bonehilda a week previously and she showed up once and disappeared.  I used debugenabler and fixed it.


Hildy:  It’s about time you fixed my coffin, dumbass!


Umber check finds him sleeping at the Langerak’s house.


Tyr went from the basement all the way to the 2nd floor just to hug Glaze when he woke up in the morning.

I don’t have the heart to send them to boarding school.


Fudge apparently tried to flirt with Jez.  This ticked her off and now they are not friends anymore.


So she decided to go get some kisses.


Peach:  Holy shit!  There’s a bag of bones walking around!

Next time there will be Babies!

Torch Holders: 4
Sim Failing School: 0
Passing Out: 36
Self-Urination: 36
Accidental Deaths: 0
Social Worker Visit: 0
Births: 26
Twin Births: 3
Triplet Births: 2
Fulfilling LTW: 3
Achieving Honor Roll: 4
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation: 3
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation: 0
Every 100,000 dollars:
Having an NPS Spouse reach the top of their career: 1


13 thoughts on “Chapter 5

  1. O,o backwards baby makin’

    And the wedding was good. I giggled and awww’d. Hehe. They are so cute. I liked Glaze being upset lol

    That pic of Glaze catching the soccer ball is another really good shot. I like it a lot.

    Yeah! Tyr kicked Mallow’s ass! He’s had that coming!

    “For the rest of the night, no matter if Tyr is busy or not, Jez distracts him with kisses. So freaking adorable.”
    Aww that’s so cute!

    • Soccer ball shot is the title pic for the thread on the Officials. I just love that one.

      I wanted Tyr to stab Mallow in the eye, but that option was absent.

      Best couple ever. That is all.

  2. I like Jez more than the last girl Tyr had. She seems dedicated to him and the home they have. They are adorable together. The soccer catching pictures are great.

    • Thanks! Yes, I really like Jez and how well she fits into the house. She is really good friends with both kids from day one. I really liked watching them play soccer!

  3. Hey there! I popped over from DragonWife’s Wonder ISBI. You photography is great and your characters look adorable. I’m going to read more and see where your “story” (as it is for ISBIs) is going. I’ve been here before, actually. I was reading your About page for rules inspiration, but I hadn’t made it back to actually read the legacy.

    I have an ISBI too, if you’re interested. It’s at:

  4. Hmmm. I swear I left a comment here, but if you unmoderated the other one, maybe this one didn’t get posted somehow.

    Hi! I saw your comment over at DragonWife’s Wonder ISBI. I dropped by here before looking for other people’s rules for this challenge, and it reminded me to come here and actually read. Tyr’s chapter is really funny. I like Jez too. You give sims great makeovers :).

    I have an ISBI too, if you’re interested. It’s at

  5. Are my comments here disappearing, or are they just being left for moderation? One more time:

    Hey there! I saw your comment on DragonWife’s Wonder ISBI, and it reminded me that I’d bookmarked this legacy to come and read. Tyr’s generation is really funny. You give your sims great makeovers too :).

    Oh, and I am doing a bit of an informal weird cat legacy. I want your cats! Are they on the Exchange?

    I have an ISBI too, if you’re interested. The link is in the header, in case that is getting my comment spam-filtered.

    • I see your comments 😀 and now so should everyone.
      Which cat are you interested in? I do not use the exchange anymore, but I can easily put them on mediafire for you. I am about to start breeding the youngest one. Will you be breeding Cheshire? I would be interested in his genetics because he is awesome! I do have Swirly Star saved. She was brought in from my Queen Bee Challenge.

      Swirly Star – I will be in game today, so I will put better pics of them up with download links. Black Hole is my current favorite.

      I have a thing against ugly sims. I have to makeover almost everyone, including townies.

      I started reading yours last night, I just had not had a chance to comment yet. I love your cats. I had never heard of a mate poll before, what a genius idea. I am totally going to have to try that one.

      • Argh. So I just spammed you with about 5 of the same comment. Way to go :-p.

        I was getting different behavior from this comment. I didn’t get an “Awaiting Moderation” notice, and I didn’t get an email to confirm my subscription to the comments. The screen just flashed when I hit “Post,” and the comment disappeared. Apparently YOU received them. I got normal behavior when I dropped the link to my blog, though. So maybe I was hallucinating, and maybe there was something going on. I won’t post any more links directly in your comments :).

        Black Hole is my favorite too. One of your cats is definitely a future mate of my cats.

        I can’t claim ownership of Cheshire. He was created by the DNA Team on I can, um, post you a link someplace.

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