Chapter 7


This opening pic does not bode well for the update.  Apparently, the paparazzi lady got struck by lightning.


No matter what form you are, it’s always nice to have a Firefighter handy.

Fudge:  There.  Now leave.  Next time I won’t put you out.
Pap  *is stuck behind locked gates…poof*



Black Hole kept staring at the Jelly Bean Trees.


Progressing very slowly.  Seems funny that only my m/f pregnancies are working.  All others are hopelessly borked.


Blair Wainwright stopped by to flirt with Tyr.  He was a good boy and just backed off.

Tyr:  Gimme money?
Blair:  Sure.

*adds $2,000 to the campaign fund*


Tyr:  Long time no see, Dad.
Umber:  That party was lame 28 hrs of lame.


Plum stood over Peach just watching the wall.   :/


I forgot about the Festival pics the family took.


Ni’ele:  Payback for not giving me attention humans.

*pees on Tyr’s side of the bed*  She was moved out of the house.


Tiny Twist moved in soon after.


The two lovebirds go at it like bunnies.


Peach:  Whatever you do, don’t answer the door!

I didn’t heed the warning and sent Tyr to answer the door.


Eek!  It’s Davina!  Hide!


Both kids came out from their hiding spots and swarmed her.


They soon had to head off to school.

Caramel:  New bus driver is creepy looking!
Glaze:  No kidding.  Totally face 1.


Yikes.  I was bored and didn’t want to deal with Davina’s visit.


So Carlos the Creepy Bus Driver got a ton of plastic surgery.  I then started a Midnight Sun challenge and forced him to have alien babies while living on a 10 x 10 lot.


Davina:  You know you still love me.  Just gimme kisses!
Tyr:  Eww!


Tyr:  How disgusting.  You’re behavior is unacceptable.


Davina:  But I want back in the house D:  I’m poor and pathetic.  Love me.


Tyr: No.




Black Hole hunts down the bugs in the backyard.  Sold for $200.


Tyr *escapes Davina’s stalking*
Jez:  Can I finally stop doing this.
Davina:  Yes. This will definitely work for my Dartboard of Doom.




Time to get them some kitties.


Davina:  They’re your favorite!   Take them dammit!


Tyr: Ew.


Tyr:  I only like blue flowers, you moron!


Jez:  Is that nasty old cow upsetting you?   *hugz*
Tyr:  I wish you were controllable and not pregnant.  You could beat her ass for me.


*has never seen anyone tinker on their own before*


Peach:  Oh!  It’s my birthday!



Looks the same, just anciently.

Davina *toots horn*
Peach:  Stop that or I will hurt you!


*pan over to Umber*

Umber:  Woohoo I got home from my date at the junkyard just in time.


Umber:  Oh hell.  Everything is old and creaky now!  *sob*


Umber;  I guess it’s not so bad.


What are you doing?  Go home it’s almost curfew.

Glaze:  Back off.  I’m skating in the dark.


Tyr and Jez watch the stars while kitties are being formed.


Jez:  Um, honey?
Tyr:  Yes, dear?


Jez:  Medic!


A little boy named Mocha was soon delivered.


Celebratory new baby kiss.


Jez:  Showers broke.
Tyr:  Really?  I had no clue.


Baby love.  She is a super great mom.


So great in fact that I don’t think anyone else in the house held him during infancy.

Tyr: *pouts*


Caramel:  I’m starving!   FEED ME!


Did your arms suddenly break or something?  No one is stopping you from using them to grab a plate.


Tyr:  Pleeeeaaase, honey?
Jez:  I’m thinking about it.  Quit begging.


Tyr: *puppy dog eyes*
Jez:  *sigh*  Fine you baby.  Here is my the last of my fairy dust.
Tyr:  Oh yay!  *happy dance*


Tyr found the lamp collection.

Tyr:  Whatever could this be?
Plum:  Don’t do it!  It did bad things for your mother.


Tyr:  You are one of the ugliest genies in the simverse.
Genie:  What’s that?  You wish for a large family?   Done!
Tyr:  No!  World peace!


Caramel:  That’s really neat, Jez.  Oh.  It’s my birthday today.


o.O  I just noticed this!  Yay!  Positive points for once!


Here have a birthday cake for being so good in school.

Jez and Tyr:  *synchronized celebration*


Caramel:  Don’t hate me.
Tyr:  Don’t do it girl!


Caramel:  Can’t.  Stop.



Jez: Guess what?
Tyr:  What?
Jez:  Love you!
Tyr:  Love you too!



Soon after that….


…which led to this!

Torch Holders: 4
Sim Failing School: 0
Passing Out: 36
Self-Urination: 37
Accidental Deaths: 0
Social Worker Visit: 0
Births: 27
Twin Births: 3
Triplet Births: 2
Fulfilling LTW: 4
Achieving Honor Roll: 5
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation: 3
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation: 0
Every 100,000 dollars: 11
Having an NPS Spouse reach the top of their career: 1

12 thoughts on “Chapter 7

  1. I hope the new baby has Jez’s hair color. Jez and Tyr do make a cuter couple than he did with Davina. Caramel did great on getting on the honor roll for you. Tyr made alot of cute faces this post.

    • I was pretty amazed that she got the honor roll. I never saw her or Glaze do homework. Tyr was not happy that Davina hung around for like 12 hours harassing him. She would follow him around and try to flirt. He would reject her and Jez would come and give him a hug. Pretty funny though.

      Mocha will hopefully not become a Tyr clone like.

  2. How did Davinia end up there anyway? Did she show up at the door autonomously?

    Yay new baby! Jez and Tyr are in fact adorable. She doesn’t seem to mind being the second wife at all.

    • Yes, I get visitors every day. Most show up at like 2am so I never have Tyr answer the door.

      No, she is secure in the knowledge that they will be together forever. She does tend to make sure any females in the area realize it too. She always hugs or kisses Tyr when another female is in the room, more so than she usually does.

    • I have no clue. I keep meaning to check it out too. I will have FP check it out when I go in to add the sims I am compiling now. I think she inherited it from Tyr.

      • Aww… poor Tyr, it seems that your torch holders are doomed to be killed by dishwashers. Let me know what happens, I have not played with any fairy’s yet in my game.

  3. Nothing like a comment eleven months later, but I’m having fun and this made me LOL so…
    Umber: That party was lame 28 hrs of lame.
    HA HA HA!

    *back to catching up!*

    • I love comments even on older posts. I get to go back and re-read it to remember. I forgot about poor Umber never coming home. Or the bad punctuation!

  4. memi35 says:

    Seems like the male Torch Holders have trouble finding the perfect woman…First Fudge with Ginger and Tyr with Davina.

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