Chapter 8

Lots of updates this January.  I really want to get Generation 5 started and make up for a lot of time between updates.

Last time, the creepy bus driver got a makeover, Davina made a spectacle of herself, Umber, Peach and Caramel all aged up, we got rid of Ni’ele and gained Tiny Twist, Mocha was born and a new one is on the way.


Tyr clone alert!  The only thing Mocha got from Jez is his hair color and fairiness.  Tyr’s genes would be amazing if this was a perfect genetics challenge. There is so much Grandma Charlie in that pic, it’s not even funny.  It also marks the 5th generation of the Sorbet mouth.  I’m really glad that has hung around.

Mocha Tart:  Loves the Heat and Athletic.  Likes: Country, Dim Sum and Sea Foam.


Umber got to use his one and only interaction.


Umber:  Hey bitches, I am done.


I’m not going to miss is $4,000 a day now that the family have reached 7 figures.


Caramel is going to boarding school.  She is driving me nuts.  She is constantly starving because she hasn’t mastered opening the fridge door yet.


*Kitties magically appear*


Here is Bubble.   Ugly little thing.  I apparently didn’t get a pic of the 2nd one.


Tyr still finds a way to pull hot dogs out of his ass.



Nothing exciting has happened in eons.   Boring house and all that.  Jez finally goes into labor.


Jez:  Hope this doesn’t take long, I need a nap.


The Baby Monitor of Hate.




Everyone in the house gets an unfinished room moodlet in the common area of the 2nd floor.  I can’t figure out what is causing it.  Mocha was watching tv when it kasploded.  Tyr was forced to fix it.


In other news.  Jez is finally getting that after delivery nap.


At the same exact time, Glaze had his accident.

Glaze:  Oops.


Tyr actually gets a chance to swarm this one.  I was looking at the blog stats and saw a new search term.  I decided that in honor the person by naming our girl here after that search.

Fruit Parfait Tart.


I then had Tyr fixing the sink…


Heir fail D:  I was not paying attention to his stats.

Tyr:  You are an asshole.
I’m so sorry.  *cries*


Comfort food.


Glaze has his birthday.  No honor roll for him.  Loser!


Umber:  Someone shut those brats up!  It’s cake time!


Glaze:  I’m a clone!  Save me!

Caramel never got updated!  She is a virtuoso, athletic and artistic cat person.  Lame.
Glaze:  Genius, perceptive and friendly snob.   Double lame.

*sends both to boarding school*


Caramel:  I am not happy to eat cake.


Mocha:  Ignore my cries and you get paybacks, jerks.

D:  Toddler fail


It was time to knuckle down and get the last skill done for Mocha, but Tyr kept getting interrupted.


Caramel spent her time on the keyboard waiting to leave for boarding school.

A couple of my other families have started glitching, plus something is sucking up all my Ram and causing me issues. I had to do major computer maintenance. I never touched much else, but it still caused the Tart’s some trouble.


Besides resetting the house when I added in Tempest and an updated Error Trap for Patch 1.47, Jez’s hair came up missing. The store pack that I bought is still installed, but the hair is missing. I am bummed. I even tried reinstalling it with no luck.


After everyone reset for the 2nd time, I played with some poses.  Mocha is being cute in the flowerbeds.


Jez:  Find my hair or I’ll beat your ass!
Still looking, I promise!


Tyr:  I suggest you look faster!


Fruit Parfait aged up later that day, so she got to have some fun with everyone posing too.

FP got the Sorbet eye color and mouth.  She got Mom’s hair, eye shape and skintone.  She got Great-Grandma Charlie’s nose.  She is probably the cutest toddler I have seen in a long time.


They are so cute.


FP:  I don’t want to learn to potty, daddy.
Tyr:  Tough.  I don’t want stinky diapers anymore.


Apparently, Jez did not get that memo and is now incubating child 3/5.


Um, Tyr.  Can you go finish teaching Mocha to talk please?


Peach:  Do I look like Tyr to you?
Oops?  No, but you sure are scary looking.  I am not liking Ephemera’s newest skin.


How come you look like you’re made out of metal?


Fruit learns to walk pretty easily.


Caramel will hopefully be heading of to the Sport Boarding School soon.  Glaze got a snob trait, so he is going to Prep School.


Fruit;  Stop, Mocha.  I want the pegs!

Mocha:  Tough.  I’m faster.


Fruit stops to bug Caramel for attention that she does not get.


Jez:  Babies are so awesome!  I found out that I’m having another.
Jez and Umber are now best friends because of this chat.


Glaze:  Noo!  Don’t take me!!


Glaze:  Why is the past 2 hours so hazy?


The other kitten is finally caught on camera.


Both kittens sleep with their parents.  It’s so cute.  Top is Cookie and bottom is Bubble.


After work, Tyr talked Hank into adding to his campaign fund.  Hank handed over $2,000.   About 30 minutes later, we were notified that Hank was unable to pay his bills and had to get a loan.  LOL.


Tyr:  So, something went wrong and I lost my whole campaign fund.  I was wondering if you would be interested in forking over some cash to add to Hank’s money.


Vita Alto:  Sure.  Will $10,000 be enough?
Tyr:  *squee*  That will set me up good for a promotion.  Thanks!


Jez:  I can’t believe Marshmallow’s nasty food is still around here.  Disgusting.

*hides the no spoil fridge mod behind my back*

Jez:  I am not amused.


Here is a better look at Cookie.


Bubble:  I see you!


We then had a surprise birthday.


Black Hole is now an elder.


Then it was Mocha’s turn.


I decided not to make you wait until next time to see him.  He still looks just like Tyr.  I gave him Insane.



FP:  I don’t want to learn how to talk!

Torch Holders: 4
Sim Failing School: 0
Passing Out: 38
Self-Urination: 39
Accidental Deaths: 0
Social Worker Visit: 0
Births: 28
Twin Births: 3
Triplet Births: 2
Fulfilling LTW: 4
Achieving Honor Roll: 5
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation: 3
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation: 0
Every 100,000 dollars: 11
Having an NPS Spouse reach the top of their career: 1


11 thoughts on “Chapter 8

  1. Parfait is the best face, but Mocha is a fairy! Arrrgh!

    I’m always amazed at how people can see such subtleties in toddler faces. I sometimes can’t really see what features a sim inherited until teen.

    • Blackberry Sorbet, from Cait’s A Berry Crazy ISBI, has very distinct features that have stuck with the kids since the beginning. It gets easier and easier each generation to see what is not Sorbet related. Also, Charlie had a flat wide nose, very distinctive because it showed up the second she had babies and has not left yet.

      Remember, FP can have an elixir thrown at her later on in life if I decide to keep the fairies going. I might have Tyr head to the elixir shop and see if he can find one.

      • Heh. I’m going to pay more attention to my toddlers when Gen 5 finally has kids.

        I hadn’t thought of an elixir. Of course! Well, then I’m behind Fruit Parfait.

  2. “After work, Tyr talked Hank into adding to his campaign fund. Hank handed over $2,000. About 30 minutes later, we were notified that Hank was unable to pay his bills and had to get a loan. LOL.”

    I really did laugh out loud at this. Too funny!

  3. I was going to quote, but then saw that Madcapp already did – that is hilarious! SP finance regulation fail.

    And Fruit Parfait is soooo cute! I agree, one of the cutest toddlers eva, especially with that pouty face in the last pic.

  4. memi35 says:

    Fruit Parfait really doesn’t want to learn how to do things… She’s adorable though.

    And I can’t believe you think Bubble is ugly… All the kittehs are wonderful.

    • FP, she is still around to this day I think. Damn fairies. I had to re-read this. It has been sooo long. I wonder whatever happened to Bubble and his mustache.

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