Chapter 9

So, after two days of searching, I found out that her hair was indeed a store hair. I just did not own the pack that it came with.  I guess it came (or a recolor came) with a sim and was accidentally deleted when I cleared out my backup folder.  I did go and buy the pack though, so her hair will show up in the next update.


Jez:  Eww!  So gross!

No one will stop you if you get the urge to clean.  Knock yourself out.


Mocha:  I hate sandcastles.  They are my enemy.

*smash smash smash*


Mocha:  Haha!  I have won the war!


It took me forever to figure out why his butt was glowing yellow.  I had to make him active.  Magic Jelly Bean!


Mocha:  Look at those stupid prom pictures.  Mine will RULE YOU ALL!

He stood there for three hours.  Just looking at them.


Mocha:  Omg.  Great-Grandpa Blackberry is sleeping in there.  What if he haunts my bed while I’m sleeping?


Mocha *sits*


Tyr:  My poor boy.  There is just something wrong in his head.


Jez:  Get used to it.  We have more incoming.


Umber:  I love a rainy night.
Jez:  It’s such a beautiful sight.

*remembers when that was on the radio*


Mocha had a hard time falling asleep with Blackberry in the other bed, but at least he found his bed!


Jez now goes around and forces everyone to rub her tummy.  Umber can’t wait for the newest grandbaby.  He spends his time following Jez around.


Mocha:  I know you’re out there!  Scully and Mulder told me in my dream last night.  I call on thee to take my Dad away!  Probe him!!


The alien DNA monitor shows that there are no aliens in town.

Mocha: I need a bigger satellite.


Tyr:  Who’s daddys’ good little sane girl?


Fruit Parfait:  I am!  I daddy’s good girl.
Tyr:  No, FP.  I said sane!  You are a good SANE girl.
FP:  For now.


Tyr:  The big scary hand monster will scare the insane trait far far away!
FP:  No, daddy!  Don’t do it!


Tyr:  Too late!
FP:  You suck, daddy.  I don’t want to be boring like you and gamma.


Blackberry:  Why?  Why must you keep having kids?
Tyr:  Calm down old man.  Jez needs 5.


Tyr got invited to a party and I figured that was a great time to pull a “Go Here” in the MM for the family.


Only Mocha and Peach showed up though.


Tyr:  Welp, nice party.  Gotta go.



By the time Tyr got home from the party, it was too late to take a laboring Jez to the hospital, but he did see Black Hole turn to elder.


Eep.  I can’t remember his name. *opens game*  Baklava.  He is Brave and Evil.  He likes Classical, Grilled Salmon and Pink.


Tyr: Ok, let’s try this again.  I want a large family.
Genie:  *sigh* You wish is my command.  Blah blah blah.

*he even has fertility treatment and no multiples.  I was hoping to have 5 kids before they were elders*
Tyr:  Oh hush!  I’m 5 days from full adult not elder.


Seriously?!?!  Screw you, Jazzberry!


Old people love.  They are so adorable.  Red heart


Tyr:  Okay, precious, are you ready?
FP:  More than you could ever know.


FP:  *wishes*


FP did get her insane trait.  She is currently Friendly, Grumpy and Insane.  Oh and completely adorable too.  She has a lot of Jez in her, but still has the Sorbet-ness too.


Mocha and FP:  You better put your seatbelts on, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.


Tyr:  Bitch!  You made my precious insane?  How dare you!
Mocha:  I bet we get to do another photo shoot.


Family cake time!


FP refuses to sit in that chair and just stands to eat.


Jez:  What did you just say?
Tyr:  Oh c’mon, honey.   You heard me.


Jez: I did not!  Speak up and don’t talk with your mouthful.


Tyr: Fine.  Go upstairs, get naked and get in bed.
Jez:  Um, why?
Tyr:  Must have more babies before this large family moodlet disappears like the last one did.

Will they be successful in having multiples?  Will Tyr ever forgive me for making all his kids insane?  Will you ever see Jez’s cute hair again?  Find out next time.


4 thoughts on “Chapter 9

    1. Fruit is definitely the cutest of them all. Tyr has had fertility treatment ever since she moved in. They better have multiples next time. He’s almost a full adult now.

  1. Whee! Insane! That is rapidly becoming my favorite trait. You dramatize Insane so well :). FP is indeed adorable, though Grumpy is my least favorite trait. And there are more kids coming, so we’ll have to see if any of them trump her.

    1. That trait does liven up an otherwise boring family, that’s for sure. FP as a teen is great. She stood outside in a puddle while getting hit by lightning. I was in such shock, that I did not even document it.

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