Chapter 11

Well, we left off last time with Jez looking shell shocked and Tyr smiling like a whacko.


Due to size constraints, there are now two nurseries.


Then I heard woohoo music and I had not gotten a chance to turn off pregnancy for Jez.  A quick peek in MC showed no baby.  Jez’s SP settings were fixed.


Even though my quad setting is set 0% chance, I am guessing fertility treatment coupled with the genie wish overrode that percentage.  Three boys and a girl.  Three fairies and a human.

Wolfberry, fairy male.  Purple hair/pink eyes.
Rose Hip, fairy female.  Only girl, black hair/pink eyes.
Dragonfruit, fairy male.  Lighter purple hair/brownish gold eyes.
Cloudberry, human male.  Purple hair/brownish gold eyes.

Telling them apart is going to be difficult, use the guide above to tell which is which.


Four squalling babies means that for 24 hours, life is hell.


FP is good about finding a place to sleep, not that the babies will allow her to actually get any sleep.


Fudge is harassing Jez.  She seems to always have the creeped out moodlet from him.


Jez went to pick up one of the babies and the whole house reset.  So now they have to dig the babies out of the snow.


Then it happened every time they took a baby out of the cribs.


So, they moved and got a new house.  Baklava has been doing pretty well.  Decorating of the new house is non-existent.  Apparently so is lighting.




Pre-decorating of Peach and Umber’s room.  I just slap junk on the walls until I get a chance to fix it up.


Kids room for whoever.


This eyesore belongs to Tyr and Jez.


I had to cram  a second twin bed in each room.  I forgot that Caramel and Glaze were back in the house.  I should also mention that aging was broken in the other town too.  Caramel has 2 days left as a teen, Glaze has 4.  They have been teens for 5 days past what I have it set for.


Play room.  When the kids are older this will become either a skill room or their bedroom.


Nursery.  The upper doors lead to the playroom.


First meal in the house.


Mocha:  Playing chess alone sucks!


I better get my fail notes ready.


So, they did get a full 24 hours as babies.  I deserve a medal for lasting that long.  I aged them all up.


Baklava is almost ready for his birthday.  Rose Hip is a female Tyr.


Going by the notes up top, this is Dragonfruit and Cloudberry.


Here is Wolfberry.


There is not enough time to put the older kids back in boarding school, so we are going to suffer with 9 kids in the house.


Find a bed Peach.  Any bed.


Jez had no clue where to sleep, so she plopped in front of the door.  Wolfberry learns to walk.

Mocha:  Hey, we got a toybox!
FP:  Ooh, paintings!


Peach found a bed, and it’s the correct one.  I hope Umber follows her.


Getting skilling done is impossible.  Tyr starts to skill and has to stop because someone wants that baby in a crib.


Baklava is ready for cake.

*synchronized celebrating*








Baklava:  I can’t believe I survived toddlerhood!

Baklava is now Brave, Insane and Evil.


Cloudberry learns to walk.


How do you keep perfectly happy kids happy?  Lock them in the playroom.  The adults would not leave them alone.  It was driving me crazy.  A fairy house to the left keeps three of them happy.  Cloudberry is the only one who needs an adult around.


Backlava was playing while  FP was sleeping.  I checked everyone, and I think that’s cat pee.  I forgot to put out a litter box.


Cloudberry needed fed and I unlocked the door.  The kids were swarmed.


Then it was time for a bunch of birthdays.  Tyr became an adult and Mocha a teen.

Screenshot-292  Screenshot-300

Tyr looks the same.  Mocha is a purple haired Tyr.  Because of the town move, he was listed as a C student (boo!).  I think he was a B in the other Sunset Valley.  He had Supernatural Fan locked in.


A chorus of Change Me’s reminded me that none of them could talk or potty.


Shark Racket came for a visit.  FP has the hots for him.

I put the family in a Seasons Edition of a Sunset Valley remake.  I put my own Sunset Valley and some Twinbrook families in with them.  Next door, Ran Arrow (from Cupid’s Conundrum) is lawn living while I decide to start a story with him.


Thanks, Glaze.


This  is going to end badly.  It’s inevitable.


Caramel falls first.


Tyr has to rush home from work  to feed, change and skill the kids.


Mocha was next.


Tyr is finally teaching them to potty.


..and talk.


Peach decided to help a bit too.  She got distracted by Umber who wanted to woohoo.


By the time Peach got up and into the bedroom, Umber was having a water balloon fight with Jez.




and talk.


and talk.


Don’t even think about it, boy!


It’s the last one to learn.  Bring on the cake!

Screenshot-324  Screenshot-327

Wolfberry:  Artistic, Ambitious and Friendly.  Likes Chinese, Falafel and Turquoise.
Cloudberry: Excitable, Eccentric and Athletic.  Likes Roots, Goopy Carbonara and Green.

Screenshot-328   Screenshot-331

Rose Hip:  Excitable, Daredevil and Loves the Heat.  Likes Roots, Lobster Thermidor and Black.
Dragonfruit:  Excitable, Family-Oriented and Loves the Heat.  Likes Latin, Shawarma and Black.


Then we got the pop up for Caramel and Fruit Parfait.  I aged them up within seconds of seeing that.


Caramel is now YA.  She is actually really pretty.  She looks a lot like Agnes, but with Tyr’s coloring.  Athletic, Artistic, Cat Person, Virtuoso and Daredevil.  She is now a Test Subject.


This is where I clicked on G instead of F.  *facepalm*


Glaze aged up a couple of days early because of my oopsie.  Yes.  That IS Glaze.  He is a perfect clone of Tyr.  I had to give him a new look after seeing this.

He is now Snob, Friendly, Perceptive, Genius Perfectionist.  He is also a Test Subject.  The family bought him and Caramel a two bedroom house and moved out the next day.


No screw ups this time.  Fruit Parfait is going to be a teen.


She is cute!  Not the best pic or hair though.


Rose Hip has her first fail.


After her makeover, FP went outside to stand in the thunderstorm.


Everyone was having a cow when the dishwasher broke.  I sent Tyr to take care of it and then a HUGE flash of light shook the house and Peach went red.


She had been struck by lightning.  Poor girl was not happy.


We autofocus to here and I literally yelled, “NO!”


I then realized that me and Peach had the same expression on our faces.


Now I have a cat, 7 kids, a wife and two elders all crying.  Shoot me.


FP:  I didn’t want to become heiress this way!  I can’t even drive yet!




Tyr shook Grim’s hand and off he went. I was crossing my fingers that Cookie would save him since they are good friends, but he proved to be worthless.


Two days of this?  I don’t think so.  I took control of Jez because I needed an adult.  Mocha and FP will be at home, but Jez sent the 5 younger ones off to boarding school.

Jez is completely heartbroken.


Umber and Peach watch is now in effect too.  I just found out that they are 94.  I have lifespan set to 92 days.

So let’s hope someone gets an Oh My Ghost.  I’m still a bit shocked and sad, so I’m calling it quits for now.  Generation 5 starts next time.

Torch Holders: 5
Sim Failing School: 0
Passing Out: 45
Self-Urination: 43
Accidental Deaths: 1
Social Worker Visit: 0
Births: 32
Twin Births: 3
Triplet Births: 2
Quads: 1
Fulfilling LTW: 4
Achieving Honor Roll: 5
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation: 4
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation: 2
Every 100,000 dollars: 17
Having an NPS Spouse reach the top of their career: 1


15 thoughts on “Chapter 11

  1. I imagine that that was a headach with a toddler and 4 infants then the 5 toddlers and only one controllable adult. Quite a few of Tyr’s kids look very like him and how sad it is that he died fixing the dishwasher.

    • I am so annoyed with all the kids that look just like him. FP is the only one who does not.

      It was a mess. I didn’t even take pics because it was the same thing everyday. I am just thankful for the fairy houses.

      Tyr had a fairly decent amount of handiness skill. It never occurred to me to even worry. i am so bummed.

  2. Noooo! Tyr! I didn’t think it was possible to die from electrocution when you had a high handiness skill. Now I’m going to live in fear of letting my sims fix things.

    FP does look really interesting, but some of the quads look interesting too.

    Dude — how large to you have your household size set?? My game would slow to a stop with that many sims.

  3. I think he was level 6 or 7. I had him set to fix the dishwasher when I saw someone mopping. I guess he was in a puddle when the kid got distracted.

    Because of Tyr’s death, FP will automatically become heiress. I also haven’t played since. I went and restarted my Life States Dynasty that corrupted. If I can get an Oh My Ghost, I will be taking back up with Tyr and doing an heir vote then. Just cross your fiingers. My Life States Dynasty girl got 4 of them because I kept deleting them.

    MC always allows more than 8. The most I have had was 22. My alien legacy/OWBC had 13 toddlers (born within hours of each other), and 6 adults I think. It took quite awhile for me to want

    Let me count in my head, Mocha, FP, Quads, Jez, Umber, Peach. There’s only 9. The quads will be off at boarding school, and Peach and Umber will probably be gone in the next couple of updates.

    • Well, it was 11 with the older two kids.

      You can use MC, I think, to add new sims with the Add Sim menu option, but you still can’t propose marriage to someone outside of an 8-person household. I assumed you would also be prevented from having more children than required to bring your household up to 8. That may not be true. I’ll have to investigate.

      I once added Gen 4 spare Ada’s boyfriend to the house for a little while to make 9, but that was just because I couldn’t marry them off otherwise. In general, I’m more than happy to stay at 8.

      • Yes, you can marry with more than 8 in a house with MC. I do it all the time. When the move in option comes up, I usually add my person to their household instead of adding into the active family.

        I have my woohooer set more than 8 also, that might be the difference. Not sure.

      • Maybe it’s Woohooer. I know it isn’t MC by default. There may be a setting that does it, but I spent a bunch of time wandering around in the docco looking for just that. I wanted to do exactly that — marry off a spare and add her to her spouse’s household, but I couldn’t.

        I just installed Woohooer, though. I wanted autonomous Woohoo in my ISBI, and now my heir to my serious legacy is a lesbian, so I’ll need Same Sex Try for Baby anyway. It seems logical that it is the one that opens up the household size like that. Not sure how I feel about that part….

      • I’ll have a look around. I don’t use that to govern the families though.

        I click on a sim – nrass/sp/sim options/ allow pregnancy:false. This is what stops me from going over 8 in my serious families.

        It will also work for same sex. Let them tfb and then turn the non-pregnant one off or they could both end up pregnant at the same time (pokes Vinson family).

      • Heh. I’m actually hoping that both partners in my ISBI get pregnant at the same time. That would be entertaining. I intend to turn Autonomous Try for Baby off in my serious legacy. There won’t be any fertility treatment in either legacy this gen, so if both partners got pregnant, it would be fine.

      • A lot of my towns are 100% bi, that way everyone gets a chance at love.

        Leo and Hector both got pregnant, but I also turned them both off for auto tfb right after. I have them as a small household now. Just them and their three daughters.

  4. Do I spy Plum’s hair/eyebrows on Baklava and Dragonfruit? Awesome, four gens in and still with the founder’s genetics! Too bad so many of them look so much like Tyr.

    Wow, two THs now electrocuted while repairing the dishwasher? That’s some very bad lucky there. I’ve had sims scorched by it, but never electrocuted unless I force them to repair again while still scorched.

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