Chapter 0



Well, you have to give it a try right?
Fruit Parfait:  Well, the story goes that Dad saved Grandma with the genie, and I did inherit that lamp.


Genie:  Sorry, Kid.  No can do.  How about a different wish.
FP:  No, thanks.  *sigh*


FP:  Time to make the rounds.  The crying is going to drive me even more insane.


First up was Umber, who was taking the death almost as bad as Jez and Peach were.


Peach was too depressed to even shower.  The family tried to ignore the smell of burnt flesh.


Too bad the Moodlet Manager didn’t miraculously clean Peach.


FP raided everyone’s inventories and snuck to the Consignment shop before school.


You’re going to be late for school.
FP:  I’m the boss around here from now on.  You do not get to tell me what to do.
Well, in fact, I am the boss.  You do what I want after I get what you want done.


FP:  Who are they?
That’s Thistle and two of her three brothers.  The vampire is Drake and the human is Lazarus.
FP:  Why are they here?  The brothers are kinda hot.
They are the last generation of my Wishacy that I completed recently.  You cannot have Drake.  He is fathering children over on my Random Legacy.  Thistle looks too much like you though.  So, I hope you might like Lazarus or the missing Duncan.
FP:  I heard a rumor that some new guy named Duncan was dating Gobias Koffi.  Eww.
Double Eww.  I guess Lazarus it is.
FP:  Not interested.


While I was trying to coerce Fruit into my Desiderio’s (with no luck), Jez was at home consoling the kids.  She is the best mom.


Fruit didn’t cure her!  Ack!


Your mom is sobbing all over the house and you are several hours late for school.  Get moving!
FP:  I had to wait for this guy to show up and take all this crap I snatched from my family.


Screw that, FP.  Get home.  NOW!


Umber was in the bathroom when he passed.


Everyone was trying to get into a 3 x 3 space with no luck.


Umber Amour/Tart, spare of Colors of Amour and Spouse to Peach Tart.  The only Tart spouse to ever complete his LTW and top his career.  Beloved husband/father and grandfather.  He will be missed.


FP: I forgot to hit everyone.  I guess I will do that now.


A heartbroken Peach makes me sad.


FP:  I’ll fix you, Grandma.


FP:  I’m not ready for this, mom.  There’s too much to do and I can’t handle it and school.
Jez:  Just relax.  I sent all the little ones to boarding school.  It will just be us with Grandma and Mocha real soon.


Jez gave Fruit Parfait a nice pep talk and FP wandered off to finish her rounds of Moodlet Managing.


Fairy pranks are getting old..very fast.


FP:  You might as well get your homework done, Mocha.
Mocha:  It’s done.  I think.


So that’s the real reason you stayed all morning waiting for the consignment guy!
FP:  Surprise?


FP:  Well, I have wanted to become a Supernatural all my life.  I was finally able to make it happen.


I thought you weren’t interested?
FP:  I’m not.  I want Drake.  I figure befriending the brother is the best way into his brother’s pants.

~double checks that no teen woohoo is on~


FP: Okay, I admit it.  Lazarus is hot too.


FP:  Coincidence or Curse?


FP:  I sure as hell hope I don’t get blamed for killing Grandma’s brother, Cream Cheese.


Cream Cheese begged to be left alone, but Grim would not listen.


FP:  You want me dead don’t you?
No, not at all.  I just want to prove that anyone can fix a dishwasher.


FP:  Woohoo!  I did it!
Yes, and you have 3 handiness points.


*pic for no reason*


Jez:  Thanks for finally getting around to zapping me out of mourning.
FP:  Sorry it took so long to get around to you, mom.  Will you teach me to drive now?


The answer was yes of course.


Back away from Ran Arrow.  Back away now!
FP:  But, but he’s hot and half naked.
He’s also an adult and failed his own challenge.  He is lawn living and I forgot he was there.  He will be starting a new challenge attempt in Riverview.
FP:  Is this version of him moving?
I don’t know yet.


FP quickly ran across the street to meet up with Thistle.  They chattered on about having babies for legacies.  Thistle said she was glad that not only was she not the heiress, but that her generation was the last.

Lazarus was just standing there waiting his turn to talk with her.


She ignored him and said ran off to say hi to his brother Duncan.  He was not pleased when his gay brother was attracted to his ticket to a new legacy.


But he waited patiently and when his turn came he to tried to grab on tightly.


FP:  You better watch where you put those hands next time pal.
Laz:  Oops?


FP:  So, you have a girlfriend? Boyfriend?  Anyone?
Drake:  No, No, No.
FP:  That sucks.


She ran down Ran and got him to “Watch Over Her”.  Slut.


Lazarus tried to ply her with flowers.  She decided she is young enough to string them all along.


She also made sure that Cookie was happy and healthy.


She was finally able to use Bloom.  She found Ran’s garden and bloomed everything until  he came over to frolic with her.


Then she danced outside of his fairy house party.


VJ Alvi asked her out on a date.  She agreed but was quickly bored.


And across town, Peach made her farewell.


I was able to get FP there by means of teleportation.  Luckily all the kids had went off to boarding school the day before.


Just as gracefully as Umber, Peach shook hands with Death and told him that she was ready to be back with her love.


And for the third time that week, FP went to make the rounds with the Moodlet Manager.


Then Drake called her up for a date and they had a nice time together.


Mocha, who used to enjoy pranking a full human FP, hated it when she was able to retaliate.


They can barely stand to be in the same room together now.


Mocha is such a jerk.

FP had a pretty traumatic start to her rein as Heiress.  She spent her free time chasing teen and adult males.  They did not seem to be that put off either.

The question now is, will she settle down with just one?  Or will she be a Heartbreaker?


8 thoughts on “Chapter 0

  1. Oh, the drama! FP really did have a rough start, but already I couldn’t imagine anyone else carrying the torch for the Tarts. She’s certainly earned it, and she’s a ton of fun to watch.

    Farewell to Umber and Peach. Now your household is suddenly small. But I honestly can’t wait to see some of the quads when they get back from boarding school and age up.

    • They will definitely be back as teens. I just couldn’t handle two days of Baklava and the Quads crying. Plus, FP is a handful already. She has kiss this guy and make out with that guy wishes. Driving me nuts.

      I definitely think she was the best choice. They all fade to the background when she is around. .

      • I’m delighted that she’s a fairy now, too. It suits her personality.

        Oh, and I did find out that it’s Woohooer that causes your house to stuff up past 8. There’s a maximum house size for autonomous Try for Baby that is left unset by default. So you CAN tell it that you don’t want any more autonomous pregnancies when your house fills up, but it doesn’t do it by default.

        I haven’t decided if I’m going to set that on my Woohooer or not for the ISBI. For my serious legacy, I think I’m not going to do autonomous Try for Baby at all. I want more control over who has kids when as the story dictates for that one. Since I actually have only played on session on the serious legacy since installing Woohooer because it’s been glitchy, I haven’t really done anything with the settings there. One thing that’s really awesome about Twallan is that you can set this stuff differently for different saves.

    • Yes, but they are all my sims and I’m tired of seeing them everywhere I go. LOL I have several sims I am adding in today, including your fabulous two. I made a couple myself which is unheard of. Instead of linking every single one, I am going to do a Generation 5 resource page with pics and links.

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