Needed: Sims

I am in dire need of berry and non-berry sims.  Male and female are welcome.  Age preferred is teen/YA.  I will also need some berry cats.  Gender can be anything.

I do not download from the exchange or take .sims3pack files.  I have all EP’s and SP’s  except Sweet Treats and I own most of the store.  The only thing I will change will be hair and clothes.  


21 thoughts on “Needed: Sims

  1. I exported the Samples for SRaina a few weeks ago and put them on my server. They’re here if you want them: The triplets are teens, which should suit your needs.

    Charles and Sky have the silver Metalmen skin here: (the original one rather than the brushed or plastic). If you don’t use those, you’ll have to change their skins. I’m perfectly happy with whatever you do to their coloring.

    • Your sims are gorgeous! I will definitely be adding some of them in. Thanks so much for the link and comment. I like both berry and non-berry so these are wonderful no matter what.

      • Thank you so much XD! I’ve definitely enjoyed them so I hope you will too. I’m even glad that I’ve saved them for myself so I can use them again some day.

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