Chapter 1


It’s all about the waiting sometimes.  Jez, like so many sims before, has gone completely off the rails now.  Mocha and FP are barely surviving.  The waiting for their birthdays is going to be long and hurtful.  Luckily, Jez is gone for 99% of this update.


Cookie spends her day waiting for attention.


She is content when she does finally get that few moments of love.   You see, after losing Tyr, I got the pop up and clicked yes for once.  Jez is on a free vacation.


Apple Blossom spent her day waiting for a promotion.


Pumpkin waited until just before the last school bell rang to send the kids home.


She had no one left to say goodbye too and went with Grim peacefully.  Jello would follow the next day.


Baklava waited for the taxi to pull up in front of the house.


Then waited for a makeover and the taxi to take him back to boarding school.


Cookie waited to fall on her head, but she is a gravity defying kitty.


While waiting for the last few days to pass, FP started hanging out with the clown painting.  Just staring at it for hours.


Ran showed up and took a nap.  FP waited for him to wake up to tell him he was inappropriate and asked him to leave.


The old nursery had been waiting as had the living room and kitchen.  There was finally time to make them over.

Baklava: Yay, new rug!


Lefty:  Throw a teen party!  You know you wanna!
FP: Stop it!  Prom night!


Painting:  You should have listened to lefty little girl.
FP:  Grrr!  Shut up!


FP:  Thanks for finding the food in Cookie’s inventory.
Yeah, no problem.
Mocha:  Six year old salad is yummy!


Mocha:  It’s better than any of that garbage you would have cooked up.


FP:  Yay, prom in just a little while!  So excited!

~Drake had asked her to go a few days previously~


FP: Keep eating, brother. Enjoy the kitty litter I sprinkled on top for you.
Mocha: *pukes*


While they were at prom, I added the Tart Family Cemetery near the house.  Nothing spectacular by any means, but I am having a hard time with this world, so we might be moving to a smaller one soonish anyway.


Next door I put in this cute little Nectary and behind it a small park.

~Small Town Nectary by Ditzie.


I got the past heirs and spouses out along with Umber’s parents.  Swirly Star has her place high up on a shelf.


Going to school in athletic gear?  How …inappropriate.
FP:  Yes, but who cares.  I now have a boyfriend.
Much to my dismay.  I put a whole bunch of people in town for you and your siblings and you both pull this crap?
FP:  I can’t speak for Mocha, but *shudder*  dating your relative is so gross.  Thanks for letting me and Drake date though.
Just biding my time to find someone that can beat your 275 scoring.

~So, I got a pop up that so-and-so asked Mocha to be his boyfriend.  After a bit of research, I had to say no.  There is just something wrong with your grandmother’s sister’s son wanting to date you. ~


Weren’t you just in your athletic gear?
FP:  Silly, that was only to drive to school!  It’s now raining,  I have to wear my bathing suit in the rain!  I need to be prepared for flooding!


I guess we watch Baklava for the day.  Yay, waffles!
Baklava:  Eww.  Who made this crap?
Your mom I think.


That’s really mature!
Baklava:  Who cares.  This is good fun!
Probably not for the one who gets sprayed in the face.


Having fun?


*splash splash*
I thought puddles were for little kids?
Baklava:  I’m a little kid on the inside.


And that my friends is how Baklava spent his day.


Mocha:  I thought he got a makeover?
FP:  Lag attack.  All NPC’s were deleted a little while ago.
Bus Driver:  *blinks*


FP does her homework with a little bit of encouragement.  Mocha has never done homework as a teen.  Luckily, he is not failing..yet.


Umber gives Cookie her nightly brushing.  We got a notice that she was hours from a social worker visit.


Peachy came out for computer time.


Alien lady was out scanning stuff.  FP went out to say hi.


Active ghosts are totally dragging down my computer.


Alien:  They better watch out!  I want those path lights for myself!


Baklava managed to get Umber’s autograph.


Then heads off back to boarding school.  For Baklava, his wait was over.


With Baklava gone, we now shift over on ghost watch.  Peach cooks, Plum eats and Umber just stands there.  Staring at me.


Peach made some Grilled Cheese sandwiches to stock the fridge.  Yay!


Plum killed the dishwasher.  Boo!


FP:  Now if I was a guy, I would be able to masturbate like so, but maybe somewhere less public.


She hits up the local dance club for  formal hot tubbing.


And homework.

Then Mocha’s portrait goes red.


Guess who is home and on a rampage.  Yep.  Welcome home, Jez.

Jez:  This place is trashed!  You are grounded!


Jez:  What kind of stupid idiot heiress are you?  You are not nearly as good at managing the household as your dad.  I wish you had died instead!
FP:  Screw you!  The ghosts broke everything.  Me and Mocha did nothing but go to school and prom, bitch.

Seriously.  The waiting is finally over.  Hell has ascended from her vacation down below.  I swear free vacations scramble Sims’ traits.  Stay tuned for the fiery aftermath.


6 thoughts on “Chapter 1

  1. Haha Jez was clearly not in a good mood 😉 Looks like the ghosts are being um… “helpful” today. Baklava is a kid on the inside totally. Wonderful update as always! Oh and YAY for gravity defying cats! Wow aliens and alot of ghosts all in one chapter for some stupid reason I never have had any aliens apear and I have tried everything, aliens why do you hate me? 😀

    • I can’t get rid of the aliens. At least this time no one was repeatedly abducted. I have a family where they get abducted day after day. So annoying. It is rare for them to stop by and scan though.

      Baklava was a pain. He booby trapped the whole house. Jez is not in a good mood at all. It’s sad because she was fine before leaving on vacation. Stupid ghosts!

    • No they didn’t, but the ghosts trashed the house while they were at school and I never saw the pop up that she was coming home. The ghosts had left dishes lying around and broke a shower and the dishwasher in a single day.

  2. memi35 says:

    Lol, I can’t really blame Jez. I mean, would you believe your kid if they said ghosts broke everything?

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