Chapter 5

Last time, all the kids were signed up for boarding school, Jez got her hair back but that didn’t make her happy, FP met Caramel Corn and then aged up.


Soon after her birthday, FP hunted down Caramel Corn to test the adult waters.  Plus, she needs to up her fairy magic too.


Ran and Caramel were still jamming.  A scan room put her and Ran at 322 points.  Ran Arrow is heading up my Speed Legacy and is not eligible.  Her and Caramel still had a respectable 272 points.   Then she threw herself at him.  I’m just glad that he caught her since they were still acquaintances.


FP:  I see that you’re hungry.  I can fix that.

So she used the Moodlet manager on him.


Then brought him home.  I sure hope the Flight of Felicity wears off soon.  The cloud around him is annoying.

Oh and I thought I should mention that Caramel Corn was a Paparazzi.  I was giving him a once over in CAS and aged him down to YA, colored him a bit and set him free.  I then took him out of homelessness and added him to the population.  I finally used Register to remove him from the Paparazzi life.  I did not note down his traits or anything.


It did not take long until they reached first kiss status.


FP:  That was amazing.
CC:  I agree.


CC:  Catch me!


FP:  Holy crap.  Do you have rocks in your pocket?  You weigh a ton.


He then agreed to spend the night and FP got her claws into him.


Gummi:  I haz an idea!


Gummi:  I saw the hoomins doing something interesting.  Want to go copy them?
Cookie:  What did you see?
Gummi:  C’mere and I show you!


Cookie: that again!


Tyrian makes his first appearance at the new house and world.


I then watched Jez (background) walk from one fairy house past this paparazzi..


And into this one, where she took TFM’s advice and got nailed. Hard.


Jez: Thanks, husband!
Tyr: Anytime, love.




Swirly Star, Plum and Fudge made appearances too. I just hope they leave in the morning.


After her night with Caramel, FP hung out and carved pumpkins.


These two have become even closer too.  They hang our grooming each other.


I knew it wouldn’t take long for Fudge to find the rock wall, but I was also glad to see some of the boys finding it too.


I was unaware that pumpkin carving was an addiction.  I quickly stole the pumpkins and put them into Gummi’s inventory.


Ghost Pumpkin:  Don’t let her stop!  I need more evil pumpkins to do my bidding!


Happy:  I hope nobody comes and smooshes me.


FP, why do you insist on wearing your outerwear in the middle of summer?
FP:  I’m just random that way.


FP decided to try out her golf swing.

FP:  Okay, with adjusting for wind speed, if I hit it right here…I’ll nail Baklava in the head.


Golf Club: *breaks*  I do not condone my use to cause sim injury.


Everyone then left for boarding school.


FP:  Great, thanks.  Now I’m left all alone with that woman.  That thought alone makes me ill.



FP: Blarghghg
Oh honey, I do not think your mom is the cause of that at all.
FP:  I knew that risky woohoo was a bad idea.


I actually had no clue that he was still at the house..or that he was a witch.  I did make a lot of people and fixed up a lot of NPC’s too.  I must have gave it to him during his makeover.


FP:  Look, I’m pretty sure I’m knocked up, so you might as well take this ring or I’ll make your life hell.


Caramel:  But..but we barely know each other!
FP:  Is that your final answer?


Caramel:  No, no.  I was just thinking out loud.


FP:  *whispers*  Good choice.  I’d hate to have to bury you under the house.
Caramel: *chokes*


Caramel:  These waffles are amazing!  I assume you did not make them?


FP:  I can cook.
Caramel:  Really?  You’ve actually cooked something before?
FP:  Well, no, but I can do it.


Caramel:  There isn’t enough money in the simverse to tempt me into eating anything you have cooked.


FP:  Careful pal, I am fully capable of beating you to death with my laptop.


Caramel:  That kind of sexy talk will find you married faster than you could grab the laptop.


Caramel:  I told you to be careful what you say.  I hope you learned a valuable lesson today.


FP:  What would that be?
Caramel:   That any talk of violence will get you woohoo’d to death!


FP:  My threat of violence was not foreplay!


FP:  You are such an imbecile.  I have the sudden urge to brain you with a plate.


Caramel:  You think you’re funny, don’t you?
FP:  Of course.  Race you to the fairy house!


I’m not sure who won, but overall I think they both did.


What are you doing?
FP:  Nothing at all.  Just taking a stroll.


Ghost Pumpkin:  Noooo!  Don’t kill me!!


That is one creepy looking face, girl.


Ghostie:  I don’t want to die!  Save me!


FP:  *stomp, smoosh, squish*


FP:  That’ll teach you to try to start an army against me.


FP:  I gotta go puke now.


Ghostie: *muffled sobs*


FP:  Well, I’m done for the week.  Next week I’ll probably pop out a kid, get married and finally give mother a HUGE surprise.  Hope she’s ready for that bright idea.


13 thoughts on “Chapter 5

  1. FP and CC sounds like agreat matech I can’t wait to see how thier child turns out. And maybe kittens too? FP killed the pumpkin! The boys on the rock was funny it looks like thier all going to fall, when FP’s golf club bent I was laughing so bad I didn’t even know that could happen! Wonderful chapter!

  2. Woot! I have to say that FP’s is one of my favorite hairstyles. Caramel is adorable, and a witch will be fun. My isn’t adult FP violent, or at least violent in her fantasies.

    Poor Jez. She’s a heartbroken bitch. Sigh.

    1. FP is just a tad bit touched in the head. Most of that stuff was on free will while I watched. I think Jez’s constant trouble causing has traumatized FP in some way. She is really a violent person and always wishing to be mean to someone even though she has no bad traits (outside of the insane one).

      1. Haha, poor Jez.
        This whole thing is hilarious, I don’t know when I’ve laughed to hard or cared more about a Sim’s death. 😛 When my Sim accidentally dies, I reset the game, but I don’t do real challenges yet… maybe I should try it?
        Are you going to update soon?! I’m really excited to know what happens next!

      2. I am hoping this week and get back on my regular schedule of Monday’s. I have been under the weather for a couple of weeks and I ran out of scheduled updates.

        I used to do that, but then I have learned to love the unexpected. Tyr’s death was hard on me though. If only he would have waited until FP was closer to YA. That was one long ass two weeks.

        Thanks for reading!

  3. Huh. I didn’t know pets could come back as ghosts. Also…Kitten time is coming!

    Wait a minute…If CC’s original name Caramel Corn, and he married into the family, wouldn’t that mean his name would be Caramel Tart? Isn’t there already a Caramel in the tart family, FP’s half sibling?

    1. Haha. Good catch. Yes, the family tree has two Caramel Tart’s. I forgot all about her when I was spouse hunting. IIRC, Caramel Corn was a made over NPC or Paparazzi.

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