Chapter 6



Caramel would like to welcome everyone back to their house.  Previously, FP grew up, all the kids took off to boarding school, FP then dumped Drake and subsequently met and brought home Caramel, a former Paparazzi.


FP does paint some of the strangest things.


Caramel has been at the house for quite awhile.  I get the feeling he is waiting to be asked to move in.


So,  FP does just that.


He happily said yes and we now have a new resident.


I cheated.  I got rid of his schmoozer trait and gave him virtuoso.  I then used his one interaction to get a job at the theater.


FP was sleeping while he was gone and then popped out of bed to pop.


Pregnancy has affected Cookie’s brain function.  She would rather sit next to FP than go eat.


Goober never made it home.  I then put a guitar in his inventory.  I will get rid of the drums when he is done.


Charlie:  Death is very stressful.


Caramel:  I guess I should think about going home soon.
That would be a good idea.


FP was instructed to wash her hands because I was sick of the stupid trap flashing.


Oh, he made it home and found his bed!  Yay!


Did you fall feet first or something?
Jez:  No, why?
Because your legs all deformed.  Looks painful.


Jez:  Nope they are fine.  Probably EA animation fail as usual.


Sugar Date Marmalade:  Hello!  You are in my way!  I want to stand right there.
Jez:  There are like 6 climbing walls.  Why must you have the one I am using?


Sugar Date:  Screw her.  I’m going home.


What are you doing?
FP:  Proving that I can cook.
Ookay.  I’m glad I can see the alarm from here.
FP:  Oh hush.  I won’t burn down the house.


And shock of all shocks, her very first meal is very nice APPLE pancakes.


FP:  Mom, I have an announcement!  I am getting married!


Jez:  Congrats to you and that ball and chain you’ll be dragging around kicking and screaming.


FP:  I’m not done yet.  You’re gonna be a Gma too!


Jez:  Aha!  So that’s why there is a hasty engagement.  Congrats.


FP:  Pillow Fight!


FP:  This is way more fun than I thought it would be.
Jez:  Ooof.


Gummi walked by while they were doing a fairy frolic.


Then they chatted about inconsequential things.


They even chatted a bit about art.


Then the paparazzi chick spontaneously combusted.   Instead of dying though, she just reset herself off the lot.


They both took a potty break and then went back to chatting.  They enthused about the wedding.


While I watched her tummy expand.  Jez was the first one to get tired, so I had FP hit her with the moodlet manager.


Jez:  Thank you daughter!
FP:  I propose a truce.  Do you accept.
Jez:  Of course!


Amethyst Rose stopped by later that day.  She married Malcolm Harris back in SSV.


I then realized that she is pregnant.  She will later have a daughter named Daniella and promptly get pregnant again.


I ended up having to watch these two like a hawk.  They are always chatting and both found the other hot.


Pregnant walk!


Jez was invited to a party.  I’m not sure why Mocha invited her, but FP and Caramel went too.  They spent a lot of the night mocking each other.


Glaze was on hand too.


Glaze:  OMG, it’s step-mother!
Tart member in back:  Jez is hot!


FP:  Are you serious?  You want to woohoo in my brother’s house and on some strangers bed?


Caramel:  Yep.  Let’s do it.


Glaze and Agnes were seen flirting.  I was so disturbed, then remembered that she was not his mother.  LOL


Mocha:  Where is FP?  Mother is trying to steal her man!


Mocha:  Enemy, unhand my sister’s man!


Duncan Deisiderio and another Tart member were seen slow dancing.


I was like, who are you talking to, before I remembered she was insane.


Righty:  This party sucks ass.


Lefty:  Shut up, Righty.  This place is awesome!
Righty:  Is not!


FP:  You dare interrupt Righty and Lefty?  I curse you!
Jordan Tart (Peppermint’s daughter):  I just wanted an autograph.
FP:  No, I do not do autographs.


FP:  No, no pictures of my awesome are not allowed.  Back off.


FP:  That stupid Tart.  How dare she take a photo of my ass.  Now everyone will be chasing after it!


Jez and Caramel are having the best night ever.
Mocha:  I am tired people, please leave.


Caramel:  That Agnes is freaking hot.
Mocha:  I want you all to leave!
Jez:  No!
FP:  Dance?


So, Jez started dance all by herself, while I watched poor FP.
FP:  Dammit, Caramel stop stomping on my damn feet!
Caramel:  Oops.


Mocha:  Poor FP, getting here feet stomped on.
Caramel: *don’t stomp the toes, don’t stomp the toes*  *stomp*  Oops.  Sorry.
FP:  I bet Auntie’s husband Malcolm is a good dancer and he is hot.


FP and Caramel went home when her toes started bleeding.  A little while later, Mushi and Blueberry were born.  They are both male.


I prefer the one on the left.


The flat faced one is just plain creepy when he squints like that.


They really are cute though.  Stink was leaving for school and said they needed more kittens.  So, I will have another batch.


She really is painting the oddest things.  I have them all in her inventory


Sunny Dee: I sense that my Great-Granddaughter is knocked up.


You could use that guitar you know!
Caramel:  No, thanks.  Pool is much more fun.



FP Then goes on to fill up two easels of weirdness.


It’s the next afternoon, and Jez is still at Mocha’s  house.


FP decided to do a Tummy Twister on a very unappreciative papergirl.


Oh look!  Jez found her home!


Cute couple!
Cookie:  I spy a stinkin’ witch.


FP:  I don’t want to work out for 4 hours.
Too bad.


Meanwhile, Jez was out and about and then passed out.  Go girl!


FP:  Am I done yet?
You haven’t even reached the two hour mark.


FP:  Why yes, I would LOVE to get off the weight set and give the maid an autograph.


Gummi and Caramel playing video games together.


FP:  The best way to sleep is in your workout clothes!


FP:  Crap.  It hurts.  CARAMEL!  Get the car!


Caramel?   Anyone???


FP ended up going to the hospital alone.  Caramel showed up seconds before she exited with Generation 6.  Soda-Fizz.

Stay tuned for our next installment.  Soda has a birthday, Cookie has more kittehs, FP, Caramel and Jez do their thing and Baklava graduates.

Torch Holders: 5
Sim Failing School: 0
Passing Out: 46
Self-Urination: 45
Accidental Deaths: 1
Social Worker Visit: 0
Births: 33
Twin Births: 3
Triplet Births: 2
Quads: 1
Fulfilling LTW: 5
Achieving Honor Roll: 6
Times Cheated: 1 (changed a trait with MC)
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation: 4
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation: 2
Every 100,000 dollars: 15.
Having an NPS Spouse reach the top of their career: 1


26 thoughts on “Chapter 6

  1. Those kittens are utterly adorable even if the mushed face one can be creepy looking. Sugar Date showed up, they didn’t move for some reason with Mango. Jez looks good in that dress outfit that she wore to the party.

    1. Yes, I will have to check who is there with her, they are very quiet. I think all might be married or at least have relationships. Yes, I forgot she even had a formal outfit until then. It was really good on her.

      I think I’m going to try and squeeze one more litter out since Cookie will be elder soon.

  2. Woo. Apparently FP getting married and knocked up was just the conversation starter she needed to make up with Jez. Well, hey, whatever works.

    The kittens are very cute. I still have Black Hole as a future mate for my kittehs.

    1. I was so sick of the enemy moodlet, that something had to be done. I have never done it before either, so calling a truce was a new thing for me. Pretty neat too.

      Thanks, I am trying to figure out who to keep or give up. I think all four will move out and have Cookie pop out some more. We’ll see.

      I miss Black Hole!

    1. Yes, Gummi is adorable.

      I do really need to get crackin. My game is all messed up now that half of Twallan’s mods are not being further updated for Uni and breaks the game. I’m afraid to even load my families right now.

      1. He is playing SImCity indefinitely. As of now, SP has to be turned off, Register, Traveller and Woohooer have to be removed after installing Uni.

        I am trying to find a new way to play and dumping his mods.

      2. Me too. The big thing is that SP and Woohooer push sims to get pregnant and you are not supposed to get pregnant at uni. Hopefully, he finds time to work on them. I’ll let you know if I find something for the short term if I find it.

      3. Ok, I just read from a modder to just use woohooer to shut off TFB and Risky before you go to Uni. When you get to Uni, de-activate SP (turning on EA SP). I am going in right now to put it back in. I’m dying here.

      4. Ok so before going to Uni go into Woohooer settings and turn off Try for Baby and Risky and it won’t mess with anything else?
        I haven’t installed Uni yet so I don’t even know what going there is like. Is it similar to TS2? You’re in another play instance for the sim(s) that go?

      5. Yes, most people take woohooer out right before they leave and put it back in when they get back. If your sim gets pregnant while at uni, it will not progress until they return to the home world.

        It’s kind of like ts2 and WA. You travel to a new world, Two days a week it’s following them while they go from class to class. Tuesday is an outdoor class while you watch them interact with their prop. On Thursdays you are in the lecture hall and watch them learn. Fridays they go from class to class again taking exams.

      6. School is over at 6. After that you can do whatever you want. Juice Keggers, Bonfires, Bowling. Protests, graffiti. You name it, you can do it.

  3. Cats are cute. Cant’ wait to see the new baby age-up. I’m debating if I want to get a mood manager later on. My sims have been doing pretty good with the small numbers not missing the bathroom and bed so far. lol.

    1. I usually forget that I have it actually. I was just hoping to get FP and Jez back up to the green and remembered I had it. My family always finds a way to get more people in the house than I want. I am going to try and limit FP and Caramel to two kids. The fact that Jez and FP will probably still be alive for the next three gens, is going to be a pain.

  4. I love all FP’s various outfits. And that she’s insane so we get to see everything. I haven’t played with many insane sims, but they’re always fun to watch in blogs. FP doing weights in her swimwear while heavily pregnant was too funny.

  5. The kittens are adorable. Looks like great, great, great uncle Blueberry got a kitten named after him.

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