Chapter 8


Last time, Cola-Fizz aged up into a cutie-pie.  Jez took care of him the whole time.  Cookie welcomed another litter to the house.  FP and Caramel had a quickie marriage after a chime sounded.

Screenshot (2)

Baklava gave me quite a fright when I had him get ready to move out.

Screenshot-2 (2)

I gave him a makeover and sent him and the cats on their way.  Then the game crashed.  Bah.  I had saved him to the bin like this though, so he did not get a second makeover.

Screenshot-3 (2)

Baklava:  Omg, sister. I’m your biggest fan!

Screenshot-4 (2)

Baklava:  Thank you for signing my autograph book!

Screenshot-7 (2)

Ashe came out for a visit while Cola watched the romance channel.

Screenshot-8 (2)

FP finally had some Cola wishes to take care of.


The chatted for a bit.




FP:  The mean claw is gonna get you!
Cola:  *choke*


FP:  Grrrrrrrr


Cola: Mommy funny!


It was really nice to see FP spend more time with Cola than with her painting.


Just because I love the pic of these two.


Cola was put aside so he can play and talk.


FP:  You could have made me a grilled cheese too, you know.


Caramel:  Considering I’m still mad about the new baby, get your food yourself.


Jez:  Pregnant again?  I’m telling you now, I will not be taking care of it this time.


FP still paints the most wacky pictures ever.


FP had an opportunity outside of the house and then visited the beach afterward to think.


Her motives were dropping pretty fast,  but she didn’t want to go home.


She watched the sunset over the water.


FP had decisions she needed to make.  Caramel was getting on her nerves regarding his hate of the new baby.  He accused her of getting pregnant on purpose, when it was him that pulled that stupid try for baby.


Jez stuck close by Cola through the night.  Caramel never came home from work and no one knew where FP had disappeared to.


Jez was not happy being the nanny anymore.  It was time to make some plans.


Cola had no clue what was going on, but as long as he had food and toys, he was perfectly happy.


Caramel was seen playing his guitar all night.  He was only happy when he was alone with his guitar.  No screaming kids, no smelly diapers, and no nagging wife or mother-in-law.


FP stayed so long at the beach thinking, that she ended up pulling out her sleeping bag and taking a nap.


No one bothered to tell Jez where they were.


Cola refused to go to sleep.  He was so used to FP tucking him in at night.


Jez was getting upset with his screaming.  She could even hear him at her fairy house and would trek all the way back up to the playpen to yell at him to shut up.


Jez had finally had it.  She was at her wits end.  She grabbed Cola and told him Mama would be there soon.


She set him down outside on the ground.  Cola had never been outside before.


He followed Grandma across the yard.


Cola:  Gwamma, wait!

Cola had stopped screaming now that he had a new area to investigate.



In the pre-dawn hours, FP woke up and decided to work out for some cash.  How hard could lifting weights for four hours be?


Well, she almost made it.


A few hours later, FP was shocked that Caramel showed up at the birth of the twins.   Natural twins.  No music.  No fertility treatment.  No tv.  Caramel was so angry.  He ranted and complained all the way home.  FP didn’t say a word.  She was a little horrified to realize she agreed with him.  It took her three years to even like Cola, now she had two more screaming, smelly kids.


Cola:  C’mon, Gwamma.  I hungy!


Fairy houses.  The best thing ever.


Cola:  Gwamma, I seepy.  Where’s mommy?
Jez:  I have no clue kid, but hold that thought.  I’ll be right back.

This looks bad you two.


Cola:  *snore*
Jez:  Oops.

Or not.

Double fail!  *sigh*


Jez and FP took turns with the three kids for 24 hours.  That’s about all I could handle.  FP does walk by and smile at the kids, but that’s about it.  She has lost all interest in Cola now too.  She is willing enough to pick all the kids up and stick them in the walker or playpen, but that is all.  Feeding, changing and putting them to bed fell on Jez.


The twins were carbon copies of Caramel.

Jade Mist – Artistic and Excitable.


More often than not, Cola was picked up and randomly placed around the house alone.  There were never any toys or even the potty nearby.


Even his new IF had a hard time combating Cola’s loneliness.  Jez was too busy trying to take care of the twins and forgot about Cola downstairs.


FP tried to keep a smile on her face as she dumped the boy twin in the playpen and made her escape.

Sage Spice – Athletic and Excitable.


Since FP actually took care of one child, Jez was able to run full speed and take care of Cola.


Caramel is refusing to sleep in the same room as the kids.  He did actually put the twins to bed though.  Too bad he couldn’t just find a bed himself.


Well, thanks jerk.


Amid the chaos, the quads all graduated and came home.  Cola’s screaming woke up Caramel.  He lowered himself to put Cola to bed.   Cola was not happy that this stranger was holding him.


It was all too much for Caramel.  With the quads home, he was forced to sleep with his kids.

Screenshot-3 (3)  Screenshot-2 (3)

Wolfberry – Ambitious, Friendly, Charismatic, Artistic and Snob.
Rose Hip – Loves the Heat, Charismatic, Handy, Excitable and Daredevil.

Screenshot-4 (3)  Screenshot-5 (3)

Cloudberry – Snob, Charismatic, Athletic, Excitable and Eccentric.
Dragonfruit – Loves the Heat, Ambitious, Family Oriented, Loves the Outdoors and Excitable.

Family News:
Apple Blossom married Ran Arrow. They currently have a baby named Nick.
Cotton Candy is engaged to Zombie Splash (pregnancy 26 in my WYD). They have a baby named Tiana.
Star Dust married Erik Darling. She is currently pregnant.
Amethyst Rose married Malcolm Harris. They have two kids, a toddler named Daniela and an infant named Leigh.
Mocha is engaged to a girl named Meghan. They have an infant named Elton.
Glaze married my Rainbow Sherbet. They have a toddler named Gabriel.
Jazzberry Mist is now engaged to Davina D:
Marshmallow married a girl named Robin.

Peppermint’s kids:
Jordan Tart is engaged Thistle Desiderio
Sam Tart is engaged to Agnes Crumplebottom

Torch Holders: 5
Sim Failing School: 0
Passing Out: 49
Self-Urination: 47
Accidental Deaths: 1
Social Worker Visit: 0
Births: 35
Twin Births: 4

Triplet Births: 2
Quads: 1
Fulfilling LTW: 5
Achieving Honor Roll: 6
Times Cheated: 1 (changed a trait with MC)
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation: 4
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation: 2
Every 100,000 dollars: 15
Having an NPS Spouse reach the top of their career: 1

Next chapter, we see something we have never seen before in the Tart family.  Plus more kitties!


5 thoughts on “Chapter 8

    • Should be out Monday, but I played enough that I could probably squeeze out one this weekend too. I have not decided yet. I played for a solid (RL) day without stopping.

  1. Well, the quads came out all right, didn’t they?

    I thought Jez was going to leave. Thank goodness FP can still get some help. I see she has a big decision with Caramel.

    Looking forward to your next post, now that you’ve left us that teaser!

    • Yeah, it was a mess this time around. I finished next Monday’s play session earlier, so it should be out right on time.

      The quads didn’t come out to bad at all. Wolfberry is my favorite.

      Caramel needs to be beaten over the head and buried in the backyard.

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