Chapter 9

~This is a huge chapter, I apologize in advance.  There is also some foul language~

Things got a little tense in the family last time.  The quads all aged up and moved out.  They took the newest litter of kitties with them too.


Hello,  Llama guy.  Go away.  No university goers until the next torch holder is an adult.


You can’t cry in the second pic of the update!  I won’t allow it.  Stop!


He had no reason to cry, so I had FP get right on to his potty training.


Caramel didn’t know if he should go to bed and then starve to death or eat and pass out on the floor.


He left the kids screaming so that he could eat and then went and yelled at Cola.


Then he walked away from him…


To wake up an exhausted Sage. Ugh!


Now Cola’s screaming has woken up his little sister.  She started screaming for food and woke up Sage, who had just fallen back to sleep.


What follows is a chorus of screams.


They can’t do it at the same time, so they trade off.


There you go!  Synchronized starving yells.  Good job.


FP and Jez:  SHUT UP!!  Both were out in the fairy houses trying to sleep.


FP managed to grab Jade and feed her,  but Jez would not move.


So she left.  Jez finally got over to Sage.


Both boys had to be carted upstairs to go potty, because I never put any down on the first floor like a dumbass.


FP never made it back to sleep.  She has been carting kids up and  down stairs, to potty’s and playpens.


Poor Sage was never put back to bed after peeing,  because FP had passed out.


FP got up long enough to try and take care of the kids, but she failed.


She then beelined straight for the fairy house, but had a slight accident on the way there.


FP never made it.  I had to send her back upstairs to get Cola put to bed.



She didn’t get there in time.


That is the face of a mother driven to the brink of a nervous breakdown.


O.M.G.  What I failed to note was that the kids in the playpen can cry, but there is NO sound.  I checked and the portrait panel had them barely yellow.


Nice of you to help out now that they are going to be taken away.  Asshole.


Oh Jez.  How nice of you to show up.


Social Worker:  You should be ashamed of yourself!  You are the worst parent I have ever seen.
Caramel:  Who cares.  I hate those stupid little brats.


It counts.  They may not be on my portrait panel anymore, but they are still in the house.  Double passout failure.


On a happy note, the cats are happy as clams and have more kittens on the way.


Jez was sent off for an opportunity and missed the kids being taken away.  I have to sadly say that she did not cry one single time in the first 24-hours.  Neither did Caramel for that matter.  I saved and quit here.

On reload, Jez took over because of an Opportunity that showed up while waiting for SP to load.


Jez:  You are a pathetic, good for nothing lump of shit.  I have had it with you!


Jez:  What the hell is wrong with you?  I know we have had our problems, but I never thought you would turn out to be this bad of a mother and person.  You better get my grandkids back or get out of my house.


Jez:  They will both regret this when I’m done here.  I’ll make sure of it.


Tyr:  What the hell is going on in this house?  It must have been pretty bad if your mother felt the need to resurrect me.  Straighten up or I will get your kids and raise them while you live under a bridge somewhere.  I am sorry that you were forced to take over the family at such a young age, but Glaze and Caramel had moved out already.  You will not fail this family.  I forbid it.



Jez: I’m sorry, I just could not deal with the two of them alone.
Tyr:  It’s okay.  We’ll get everything sorted out.

The 6 hours that transpired ends the controlling of Jez and Tyr.


It just seemed too perfect of a thing to ignore.

I will also say for the record, that I love that when the Quads moved out, they went to a Sleepycat house.  The fact that it had two or three cribs was what made this all possible since they adopted all the kids.


Jez:  I came to pick up my kids, Wolf.
Wolfberry:  I am not just going to hand them over, Jez.  They deserve better than you for a parent.


Jez:  The state did not agree.  They are giving me a second chance.
Wolf:  I see.  Well, they are in the nursery.  I hate just handing them over to you, but know that I will be over to check on them.  I’ll make sure you lose them for good next time.


Jez:  Will you get out of the way, Rose.  I am taking them home now.


Jez finally found her tears, fake though they were.  It did fool Rose and she moved away from the kids.


Jez:  No one will take my kids from me again!
Cola *impaled by hair*:  Child abuse.  Help!  I can’t see!


Blackberry and Umber came out to wait for the babies to come home.  Charlie had gotten bored and decided to have an adventure.


Now that the quads were gone, one of the rooms was converted into a nursery for the kids.  All three were tired and put to bed the minute they got home….by FP all by herself.

We can also thank Blackberry for breaking the computer two seconds later.


Caramel:  *pew pew pew*  Take that Jez.  Head shot, bitch! Die!


FP was finally able to get some sleep now that the kids were sleeping.



The peace and quiet ended abruptly.  Before FP could even exit the fairy house, Jez and Caramel were swarming them.

Yes.  Caramel.


Jez:  Don’t think this lets you off my list.


Caramel toted Jade around the house before depositing her in the playpen.


Jade:  Peeka


Jade:  Boo!
Cola:  AH!!


Cola:  She’s scawwy!


A fully rested FP is on the loose.  Sage finally woke up and FP was right there with his bottle.


Tyr figured out where to sleep all by himself.  I did have to put an end to a rendezvous in a fairy house before Jez ended up pregnant.  I used SP to turn off her pregnancy chances.  Now they can woohoo all they want, all day long for all I care.


FP then put Sage into the walker since he had not learned to walk yet.


With the kids all taken care of, I caught Jez doing laundry!  Yay!


When it was time for Cola’s birthday, I did not realize that Jez would carry him to the cake.  It’s fitting since she took care of him singlehandedly for a long time.



Only Tyr and FP were on hand to cheer though.


Cola:  Dad, you missed my birthday!
Caramel:  No,  I just chose not to attend.  That video game was way more important.


Jez:  You’re an asshole.


Tyr:  You have got to do something about that lump of shit you married.
FP:  Shh, dad!  Not in front of Cola.  This cake is amazing!




FP:  I don’t know who put that plate of pancakes on the floor, but that does not mean you can eat it, Gummi!  It’s bad for you!
Gummi: *meow*  Translated:  I have these cravings!  Must be because of the kitties on the way.


True to his word, Wolfberry showed up to check on the kids.  He ended up distracted by Gummi and they spent several hours playing together.


FP and the kids’ relationship bar is now almost to friend.


Wolf:  I see things look better between you and the kids, but I will still be checking in.


Cola found a bed with no help at all! Yay!  That means as soon as he wishes for something fun to do, I can use his child interaction to do that instead of aiming him to his bed.


Tyr:  You have been standing out here all night leaving everyone else to deal with your kids.  What is wrong with you?
Caramel:  No comment.


Cookie’s third and last litter produced copies of the first two.  One of these will be chosen to carry on.  I have no clue which one yet, so they are both here for the foreseeable future.


FP does it all now.  She got Sage and Jade fed.


I also found out that Jade was not potty trained yet.  FP got right on that.



She tucked the twins in and went to find a quiet place for herself to sleep.


Meanwhile, after being near work for 24 hours, Caramel got home in time to pass out.



That night, while everyone (except Caramel) was asleep, Cookie aged up to elder.


Caramel thought he was being cute and did laundry hoping this would right all wrongs.

He will soon find out how wrong he was.

Stay tuned to find out if FP can continue to keep up with everyone.  What will Jez and Tyr do now that they are back together?  Which Kitty will carry on the Tart name?  Find out soonish.

Torch Holders: 5
Sim Failing School: 0
Passing Out: 56 (+7!!)
Self-Urination: 48

Accidental Deaths: 1
Social Worker Visit: 1
Births: 35
Twin Births: 4
Triplet Births: 2
Quads: 1
Fulfilling LTW: 5
Achieving Honor Roll: 6
Times Cheated: 3 (changed a trait with MC), (activated Jez as controllable), (added the kids back into the house after they were adopted by family members).
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation: 4
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation: 2
Every 100,000 dollars: 15
Having an NPS Spouse reach the top of their career: 1


24 thoughts on “Chapter 9

  1. When FP and Caramel lost the kids I was like O.O NOOOO!!! It’s good you got them back I didn’t even know you could do that (I am now of to a file to try and get back a pair of twins) Great chapter! 😀

  2. I think it is extremely strange for the mascots to show up in the regular neighborhood. And likely to be really annoying.

    Good lord the mahem those kids cause. I’d probably have left them in social work’s care after all that myself. Geez!

    I hope you kill Caramel. I hate him.

  3. So does Caramel have Dislikes Children?

    So do you have some setting in the Twallan suite that allows townfolk (relatives?) to adopt kids taken by the social worker? I like what you did, and it’s the kind of way I’d be inclined to cheat — you get the hit on the scorecard for the fail, but still get to raise the children.

    BTW: I found a setting in StoryProgression that I think addresses the disgrace for Woohoo with Occult. It’s Options: Friendship->Celebrity->Disalllow Disgrace By Type.

    • It was nothing that I set, but I have checked it out since then on a Nothing is Free challenge that is not posted. I forced three different households to have the social worker take the kids away. All three times, the kids went to someone else in town. I don’t normally get to the social worker point, so I have no clue if this is normal.

      Caramel does not have dislikes children. He just dislikes them anyway I guess.

      I am in my name game file. I am totally going to set that and see if it works. I can say that I have not had an issue with any disgrace lately because I finally got annoyed enough to turn it off. I always have false accusations turned off though. Thanks for that. I can’t wait to see if it works.

    • Nope, FP just hated the kids and hated being a mom. She was hardly ever home for the most part, but when she was she dropped all interactions that had to deal with the kids. I would have to tell her 3 times to feed one, by then the others were starving and it would take an hour to get her to go to the next one.

  4. Ha, we’re totally reading each other’s blogs right now. I can’t believe the kids were taken away! Is it normal to be able to go get them back? I’ve only had one kid taken away EVER, and it was in TS2, I had this wonderful gal, and her life was just getting going, so I had her call to adopt, since she wasn’t seeing anyone. The social worker dropped the toddler off on the lawn while she was at WORK – then of course, was cursed with *OMG, you’re commenting on MY blog right this second too! Weird!!* ahem – cursed with having left the baby home alone, and the toddler was taken away. She never even got to SEE him. Poor thing, it was traumatic. Anyhoo, I’m having so much fun!

    • Haha! I am determined to catch up on yours!

      I am using MasterController, so I added the kids to the house of her sibling, and then made it part of the story to add them back in to the house. I was not prepared to have FP have more kids, so they were coming back no matter what. FP is still the sim I hate most in the whole simverse.

      I have had that happen in ts2 too! I hated it! Stupid EA’s thought on that process is unreal. In ts2, a another house can adopt kids and it will be the taken child. I have no clue if sims 3 does that too.

  5. Aw, FP, stop being so strong willed! Other than game-forced drops (graduation, birthday, etc), I haven’t had a controllable sim drop interactions like FP has been. So strange.

    Though I kind of want to experiment and see how long it would take to get kids taken away – I’ve never even seen the popup. Maybe because of the social; my sims are always autonomously snuggling and tickling the toddlers, even if they don’t think to feed/change/put to bed.

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