Chapter 11


Last time, FP tried to win an audience who never liked her by pretending to be supermom.  She threw Caramel out, who ran off with Baklava in a surprising twist.  Guess we now know why he was such a bad husband and dad.  Somehow the three kids did manage to age up great, and moved into a new house that I built.

Cover shot is showing off my new moon and stars mod.  I also have new lighting in too!

WARNING:  Boobies ahead.

It didn’t get any facetime last time we met up, but here it is.


I’m crap at building, so let’s hope no one disappears under the floor or sleeps half in the house/half out.


Bottom Left – Jade’s room.  (Going up from there) is Sage and Cola’s room.  Bathroom.  Jez and Tyr’s room.  Living room.  Laundry Room, stairs going up and bathroom.  FP’s room.  Middle is kitchen, dining and a reading area.


Going up the secret stairs is the cat playground.


Or in this case, the sleepy time spot.

I have deleted a TON of CC, so things are still wonky in my game and I can’t be bothered to fix it or change it.


FP:  It has been 10 days since we’ve seen you, loser.


What are you doing?
FP:  Painting.  Duh!


FP:  Why the heck is my painting invisible?  Gah!
Well, it still fetched $400.  Just be glad the money isn’t invisible too.
FP: It might as well be. Can you really use pixelated money?
Good point.


I can tell you now.  Most.Boring.Chapter.Ever.  It has been 30 years since the invisible picture.

It was finally time for some excitement though. Cola-Fizz was glad to see his birthday cake.


Cola:  Will you all hurry up!  It’s almost time to bow down to your new heir!
FP:  Is that what you think?
Cola:  ??
FP:  Don’t count chickens, boy.


FP:  Happy Birthday, kid.  I’m just going to go cook the food that is in the pot on the floor.  That is bound to be pretty tasty after 3 days of room temp marinating.


Cola-Fizz is adorable.  He was given the insane trait.


Tyr, FP and Cola:  Cake!


Cola:  So, Mr. Garbage can, any suggestions on how I can become heir?
Garbage:  Feed me!


This would have been a nice pic if you hadn’t closed your eyes!


FP:  What?  You want me to streak down this empty lot?  Okay!


I put in some Sundae’s!  Hi guys!

Orchid Blush:  Where are we?  What happened?  I’m so confused.
No worries, everything back home is just fine.  I just figured you would like to spread out and visit new towns.  Plus, everyone here has the name Tart attached to it.  We needed new meat.

So here are the first 5 spares from my supernatural rainbowcy.  Left front, Tea Rose (witch), Orchid Blush, Cherry Ice, Mulberry and back left is Kobi Shiraz.    Cherry Ice and Tea Rose are actually the oldest, but I am using them as teens here.  If you can’t tell Generation 1 was pink!


FP:  What a wonderful day to…
Sage:  Get a facial?
Cola:  Give out smoldering looks?
Fp: …to graduate you dorks.
Cola:  Graduate?  Aren’t you like 30 now?
FP:  Who cares.  I’m going to rule the world with my diploma!



This marks the first and last time that Jez and FP were in tune with each other.


Tyrian’s  brothers and sisters are all dead now.   I believe that is Lazarus Desiderio pining for his dead Cotton Candy.


FP graduated with honor.  She was voted Most Artistic.


Cola:  I just learned to drive!  Woooo!  Now I’m going to run home.


Took me forever to figure out where the clanging came from.  Hi, Peach!


Both Sage and Jade made honor roll.
Cola:  Ass kissers!


Ugh you two.  Just stop!  I’m so tired of hearing woohooo music.  These two are up to 5 a day.


Sage:  Gotta go.  Gotta go.  Gotta GOOOOOOO!
Well, then go!


Sage:  Okay.


Sage:  Yay!  I peed on the floor!  Go me!


Not even two minutes later.
Jade: I gotta goooo!
Then go!


Jade:  Eww.  I did, but I’m not happy about it.
No one said to go on the floor.


Cola:  I have to gooooooo!
I give up.



Oh come on!  FP you are an ass!  5 fails in about 30 sim minutes.

FP was talking to herself in front of the toilet and everyone had to go.  I had no clue she was there.  The door to her room is locked because Jez and Tyr kept woohooing in there.  I forgot she also has the only door to the 2nd bathroom.  LOL!

It was time for FP to go to work.  Apparently, I made her get a culinary job last update!

Go figure.


The Tart Life.  Sage mops pee puddles, Jade places booby traps and Cola makes friends on the computer.


Jez started doing laundry!  Yay, the smelly piles were driving me nuts.


Tyr is even more helpful.  He goes around distracting everyone so that he can scare them to death.


I put the little sunflowers out.  Sage was the first one to go dance!


FP gets home to an almost clean house!  She heads off to watch tv.


Oh c’mon.  They have only been there a few hours!  Damn you zombie!


Nothing says you are awesome like having your ancestors on hand for your birthday!  Plum and Blackberry were on hand with Ashe and Sunny Dee Amour.

Plum:  Ooh lookie at all the ghosts!
Sunny Dee:  Starving!!


Plum, I do not miss your inappropriate trait one bit.  How mean!
Jez:  I have to pee!  But I must celebrate birthdays.


Oh man.  She’s gorgeous.  Her new trait is super easy to remember.  Welcome to insanity girl.


Jade:  I have to pee.  I need cake.  I have to pee.  Cake!


Everyone else:  Happy Birthday!


I’m focusing on the background at this point.


Busted!  She at least tried to get to the bathroom.


Awww.  Poor thing.  It’s your first teen whoopsie.  The first of many.  Cheer up.
Jade:  Screw you!


Jez:  Still have to pee.  Happy birthday!


Sage:  Do NOT ruin my moment, Grandma!
Jez:  I..can’t..stop.


Sage:  Just go to the bathroom.  Let me age up in peace.


Sage:  Dammit, grandma!  Why?   Ugh!
Jez:  Oopsie!


Sage:  I hate my life.


I leave you with this tidbit.  The stupid Uni Llama showed up and a Paparazzi spontaneously combusted.  Foreshadowing the teen years? I sure hope not.

OMG!  An update under 60 pics.  Is the world coming to an end?  Next time, we (hopefully) end this generation and send Jez and Tyr out into the wilds of freedom.  I mean, do you really want them hanging around for the next eon?  Tyr never ages and Jez is a fairy.  FP will stick around for one generation though.

I will tell you one thing.  Cola will not be the heir.  It’s up to Sage and Jade to duke it out.  I want to look at a different hair color for once.

Torch Holders: 5
Sim Failing School: 0
Passing Out: 56
Self-Urination: 55
Accidental Deaths: 1
Social Worker Visit: 1
Births: 35
Twin Births: 4
Triplet Births: 2
Quads: 1
Fulfilling LTW: 5
Achieving Honor Roll: 8 (+2)
Times Cheated: 3
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation: 4
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation: 2
Every 100,000 dollars: 15
Having an NPS Spouse reach the top of their career: 1


7 thoughts on “Chapter 11

    • That’s it! I knew there was something about Cola. That is exactly it. He would probably do good in one of my breeding programs. Sage is pretty close too. Jade is the only one that looks like their actual gender.

      I’ll have to see what happens in the next and hopefully last update of this generation.

  1. Jade and Sage aged up nicely that was alot of family fails for self peeing! I love the house it is nice without overdoing it and intersting without being boring. Great Chapter!! 😀

    • I am definitely taking the chosen heir to college. I have done University on my family that earns my achievements, but this will be the first official legacy/challenge family to do it. I am so excited for that.

      That damn FP. I could smack her. I had lost sight of her and had no clue where she was. To find out that her bathroom was locked to the house and she was blocking the only other toilet made me mad at myself. I hadn’t played in two weeks and totally forgot what was going on. As soon as I unlocked her door, Tyr and Jez woohoo’d like 5 FIVE times in her bed.

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