Chapter 0


Cola-Fizz:  What happened?  Did I get chosen heir after all?  Is this where I start Generation 6?
Um.  No.  I found something else for you to do.


Cola:  Like what?
Let’s call it an experiment.


Cola:  Wait!  Do you hear the windmill?
Um.  No.


Cola:  It says bad things are going to happen to me here.


Yes,  I would have to agree with the windmill then.  How do you feel?
Cola: Crotchety and wingless!  Why?
Them’s the rules, bud.  You’re still cute though!

Cola-Fizz Tart, oldest child and 6th Generation spare of my Tart ISBI.  Since his younger siblings are still fighting over the heirship, Cola was automatically selected for this.


Cola:  Screw that!  I’m outta here.
No.  No you are not.
Cola:  Laterz, peeps!
Will you get back here, I am not through with you!

For the purposes of this adventure, Cola-Fizz had some changes.  He is now an Insane, Hopeless Romantic Perfectionist that likes to cook and fish.

Cola:  Say what?  You did what to me?
It’s okay.  It had to be done.  You are 17 days from death Cola.  You have to have and raise a child to full ADULT before you die.  You can’t use a potion in any form.  We either have to find a million life fruit plants or learn Ambrosia.  It normally takes a sim all their life to learn that.   You have less than three weeks.
Cola:  Now I’m really gone.  I thought I was the insane one?
You can’t escape me.
Cola:  You robbed me of my life.  In one second I went from  teen to an old man.


Cola:  You will not steal my university experience from me.
What are you going to study?
Cola:  Science.  I want to be able to clone DNA and make an army of plantsim babies.
An army?  Really?   Let me look into that real quick….


Okay.  Have a couple.  They live normal lifespans.





Cola:  There are a lot of chicks here, but none of them are for me.
You have two weeks to decide, but until then, you better get to taking cooking and fishing classes.
Cola:  I guess so.


13 thoughts on “Chapter 0

  1. Wow what a crazy challenge! I could never do it. I can barely get life fruit in one whole lifetime let alone ambrosia. Then again a lack of lag may help me lol

    • I actually am not doing this one anymore. It was impossible. He would have to live at University for decades to learn anything. Then he would have to go home and hit up one of the countries for the next few decades. He can’t afford to do that.

      • I am sad to hear this. I understand, but if you had just let me know I would have asked for feedback on how this can be made more doable. After all, its still at the feedback stage.

        If you can think of a way to making this doable but not too easy and would like to keep trying…please let me know. But if you really feel that this is not your thing, please tell me and I will take your name of the list and stop bugging you about it.

      • I think it’s just Cola-Fizz. I have been trying, but he dies at age 85 like clockwork. He has never lived past it.

        I’m not sure if it’s lack of skills or what that is causing this. I will try other things, but I am at a loss. The decision to stop, was literally just today and I have not had a chance to come up with alternate things. He won’t live long enough to earn points for an age freeze potion or make ambrosia.

        I seriously don’t play elders. I have them in my games, but if they are not in my active house, the age is set for 2 days. I never control them when they are in the active house. They just take up space. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  2. I have tried out some things…I have a least one good system down pat from what I can tell. So it is doable.
    I don’t want to give things away but…I am going to post some vague tips on the challenge page.
    Ummm…you can’t use an age freezing potion you know…
    Just let me know what you decide as far as continuing.

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