Chapter 1

Cola-Fizz was moved to Bellatrix where it seems the atmosphere there did not agree with him.  He aged up to elder in just a few minutes.  His goal is to get a child to Adult before he dies.

University – 2 Week Term, no degree.


Cola starts off by taking some classes to better prepare himself for the limited amount of time he has in front of him.

Without being able to buy potions, he is pretty much doomed to failure.  I have been living at Carl’s all day scouring for ways to keep an elder alive.  Since, I normally have my elders set for like 3 days (new setting, previously 9-12), 17 is an eternity.


The females at University are either not bad or super Eww.  This one is just ew.


Why the heck did you roll a wish to cook something with fresh fish?
Cola:  ‘Cuz I can?
Well, you don’t even know a recipe for fish yet.  We better get cracking.


You are driving me nuts.  Why can’t we just go to a party without your being scary?
Cola:  It’s the moon.  I can’t resist the moon.
This is the first sim I have ever had do the Lunatic Embrace and Slap in 3 seconds of each other.


Great!  You slapped him so hard he went crazy and started streaking everywhere.
Cola:  *covers eyes*


Nice face, Esther.
Esther:  Cola is just too awesome for me!


You look so old DX


Cola:  I’m too old for this crap.
His unhappiness is depressing,  I just want to hug him.


Then you see his classmates and realize they are just as miserable as him.  Then you just have to laugh.


Ewww column.  Plus a vampire.


Hey Cid!  Why didn’t you ever show up when Freya called you ass?
Cid:  Huh?
Nevermind.  Wrong story.   Jerk.   But back away from the Cola.   We don’t like you anymore.


The maid is cute, she just needs a bit of work.  Too bad she took off before we could actually speak to her.


We did find  Shea Hollis.  He comes over randomly to play video games between his singing for tips.


Cola:  I found her.
Found who?
Cola:  The mother of my children.


Esther?   You picked Esther?
Cola:  Yeah, so?
No reason.  I like her.


Slight makeover later for hair and eye coloring.  Her red had brown roots, really gross.

What did you give her?  Gems?
Cola:  A jellyfish.
Huh?  Why?
Cola: It’s all I had and I wanted to give her a present.


Oh great.  You say you hate her house after you give her your only fish.  You, sir, are a jerk.


Esther:  If you had an eye, I could pretend you were Cola and gouge it out.
Skeleton:  *shakes in eyeless relief*


Knowing that Esther still wanted to break his bones, Cola did his hands on schooling apart from the rest of the class.


He spends every waking minute on the science thingy.  He wanted to analyze a plant.  It took forever to find an unharvested one.


He is most happy by himself with his weird experiments.  He ignores most party calls because he ends up in fights.


Radiation treatment of the cockroach went well.


The ladybug not so well.  He had several hours of the moodlet after getting bitten by it.


The one time he agreed to go to a party and the radiation bite turned into nausea and vomiting.


This did not stop Esther for not only forgiving Cola, but nailing him too.  She later would agree to become his roommate.


She doesn’t do much except watch tv and stay in the yellow.


She did give a DNA sample for later analysis though.


He did finally make it to level 5 in fishing.  Too bad I have no clue what fish are where here.


Pretty picture I took while Cola was catching his first Anglefish.


Then I realized that he had gotten tired and hungry.  At this point, I’m just hoping he doesn’t drown.


Home is across the river and he was about 10 feet from shore when the drowning moodlet showed up.


Cola:  I hate you!
At least your still alive!


Esther:  Oh yeah.  Hunny, I broke the sink.
Cola:  No, really?  I hadn’t figured that out yet.
Oh leave her alone.  She’s been mopping that single puddle all day long waiting for you to come home and fix it.


Uni has ended.  Tomorrow, he goes home without a degree.  He is one term away because he had no skills coming in.  So, we will be back.

University – Week 2


Week 2 is more of the same.  Woohoo and school.


He catches up on some studying.


He also reads skill books and recipes.



Everyone is still miserable in class.


Putting his recipes to good use.


Experiment gone wrong.


Thursday, the last day for classes.

He did finish up by acing all of the exams and making the Dean’s list again.  I find University boring to document and he still has to come back for another term to get his degree.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 1

  1. Awww sorry Cola. The goal wasn’t to make you miserable.
    University was a good place to look for a wife. Very smart.
    just no cheating to money to go there! 😉
    May I ask your full age settings? I actually should get everyone’s.
    I like Esther. She will make good babies I think.
    Good luck! You can do it!

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