Sage: Chapter 1

So, it’s been a super long time, and I am soooooooo sorry.  I started working again, I got really sick for a long while, then my hard drive bit the big hairy one three times in a week, then we rained for three weeks straight and had flooding.   Awesome and amazing four months..well not really.

So, let me start by saying that I lost some stuff, so we are going to pretend that I didn’t.  We are going to press the fast forward button and Sage and Jade are now at their YA birthdays.

Some major changes are going on now.  Sage and Jade have split up and taken over two different towns.  They split the family money down the middle and each have $850,000.  Yeah, they had way too much money, right?  Sage will be taking Fruit Parfait and two of the cats to Dragon Valley.  I will drop Tyrian in long enough to take the graves and put them on the lot, and then kill him off *sad face*  I am doing this because I don’t want either half to lose genetics.

Sage has Forsaken the Fae, and got a tan.  Jade has done the same.  Jade took Jez, Tyr *happy face*, her Dad Caramel and one cat to Paradise Island.  Fruit parfait was dropped in and killed off for genetic purposes (and to reconnect Jade to the family tree).  Tyrian was resurrected and Jez has forsaken the Fae too.  FP is the only one left as a fairy.

Each half will go at their own pace and do their own thing.  Each half will tally their points after each of their chapters and added here for you to watch.  I am hoping to limit the offspring to three or less per Heir.  Whoever has the most positive points at the end of the Generation, will win and we will pick the heir then.  The other family will then be forced to move to the winners town and be left to autonomy.

Edit: Anyone born with the insane trait will automatically be heir, point winning family or not

In the slim to none chance of an actual tie in points, the most downloaded one will win.



Here we are.  The cats are Cookie and Gummi.  I also forgot to put in a lot of my hair, so FP got new hair.  I also only have hair and makeup CC.


No surprise that your mother didn’t show up, right?
Sage:  Why did I have to bring her?  We could have told everyone she drowned in the flooding.
She wasn’t that bad!
Sage:  Oh really.  Do you not remember the social worker?
Oh, yeah.  I think I blocked that.


Nice outfit!  I can’t believe your first wish was to go jogging.


There!  Now you can jog in comfort!
Sage:  Really?  You sure it’s not so you can ogle my hot bod?


Sage:  At least someone is getting some hot action.


Looks like you might also.


I tried to make her over, but she still looks a bit off.
Shannon:  I heard that!  Now be quiet while I nab me a man.

*wonders how and why FP is here*


Sage:  This would be better if my mom wasn’t here watching.  How creepy!

Turns out they live right next to this place, she must have moseyed over.


Shannon:  Hurry up, Kendell!  Document this so I can move up in the world!
Sage:  Can I go home now?
Not yet.




There.  First kiss, first make out and a proposal all on day one!  Must be a record!



Sage:  Say what?  I’m a freakin catch!  I’m famous and rich!  Who the hell turns that down?
Apparently her.


Sage:  I will not stand for this!  I demand a new woman.


Sage:  My name is Jenn.  I’m an asshole who makes pixels do what they don’t want to do.


Sage:  Just be glad that I’m not the one controlling humans in a game.  I’d make you pay for this injustice.


See, it will work out. even if she keeps turning you down…


We can always use her as an in house maid.


Or you could woohoo in a shower with a plate of pancakes.  Kinky, but whatever floats your boat.


Sage:  Did you say you wanted pancakes?
In the words of Nellas, “There’s pancakes in the pic?”




Sage got a job in sports since he wants to be a Superstar Athlete.


Shannon MacAnna, the girlfriend, is level 5 in the cops, on her way to be an International Super Spy.


The ghosts were out in full force that whole first week.  Plum, Peach and Sunny Dee were out this night.


Sunny Dee had no where to nap, so she hung out in the bathroom making silly faces.


Then Umber and Blackberry came out to run from the zombies.


Surprised smile   I literally was WTF?  Fudge and Charlie are at war and he’s related to the other ghosts (except Sunny Dee and ash, Umber’s parents).


I was literally dying here.  This prude nailed my Fudgy?  Apparently my Evga precision took a crap, so I don’t have any of my screen captures (two game play sessions worth dammit!).  Fudge was a prostitute?  I don’t recall him signing up to be a pro way back when.  She paid $50 bucks for that woohoo.  The moodlet she got was professional mistreatment with a negative boost.  Oh and she’s pregnant now.


I had Sage dump her cheating ass and we sent the bitch packing.


Sage:  Thanks a lot Great-Great Granpa Cheaterpants!
Fudge:  I did you a favor boy!  Better to find out now rather than after you have a shit ton of sniveling little brats.


Sage went jogging and his co-worker Jennifer Blurb was out with her husband.  Not that Sage gave two shits.


Sage:  You’re seriously unrendered.  I hope you’re cute.


Apparently so since a few hours later they were having their first kiss.


And our 2nd marriage proposal.


At least this time we got a yes!


After this wonderous creature moved in, we found out two very bad things.  1.  Aislinn Walsh is as insane as Sage and FP.  2.  She is almost an elder.  *facepalm*


See?   Sage gets off work and even across town from each other, they talk to themselves at the same exact time, almost in tandem.  They were totally meant to be.  We must get her knocked up now.


A very tired kitten aged up after his brother.  Nice look cats too.  Oh and Aislinn had a cat, so he/she moved in with her.

Stuff that didn’t happen because the game crashed.


Oh wow.  First woohoo was a TFB I guess.  Baby!  (the game crashed all the way back to when she was 10 hours pregnant).

Note:  As we all know, my sims are very procreative.  For this purpose, my woohooer is set that they can woohoo every 900 minutes (i.e. 18 hrs).  Keeps them out of trouble.


We lost his resort and wedding.  His super pregnant ex girlfriend and his (still) romantic Interest Jennifer Burb were on hand.


Proof that FP is an asshole.  She got up and walked out of the wedding.


There was more emotion from the little blue haired girl than anyone else, well except Jennifer who is crying over missing out on his money.


We took one look at the whale’s tummy and the game crashed.



Score: None.


5 thoughts on “Sage: Chapter 1

    • No, I found out (inadvertently in another save file), that if the sims have access to a computer, they will register themselves as professionals through Woohooer, which means anytime they nail someone not in their family, they get paid. I have no clue who registered, him or her or when. I think they both had laptops in their inventories though.

    • This was actually my 2nd official challenge, so I still had no clue what I was getting into.

      It’s nice to be in the mood to play again. Now, I just need to get everyone started back up.

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