Jade: Chapter 1


We are now in IP with Jade, Tyr, Jez, Caramel and Pixel.


We start off with another birthday, but this time in Paradise Island.


Oh and because Jez is no longer a fairy, it’s her adult birthday!


Or not.  Jez’s cake caught on fire and almost killed Jade.  Jade was mid transition and could not move or help.  I was prepared to watch her burn, but Tyr came to the rescue.  I was so relieved.


She turned out just as gorgeous as her twin.  I do have to admit that she went back into CAS and got a breast reduction.


Jez had a clickable opportunity, which I allow as long as she finds her way there and home on her own.  I have no clue how she got a hold of Caramel’s broom though.  Thief!


Jade wants to be a rock star like her dad, so off she went to get her job and I put a guitar in her inventory.


For some reason she wanted to go to IP’s sorry excuse for an art gallery.  She totally fell in love with this weirdo.  Seriously in love.  Rolled the want for marriage.  Before I made a decision, I decided to take this freak show into CAS.


Hell.  He’s cute.




I sent the two off to dinner and checked on everyone else.  Caramel was practicing and Jez was dancing to it.  Tyr was doing whatever men do in the bathroom when left all alone.


Love was in the air for the two and Albert moved in with the $4 he mooched off of Jade after dinner.


Everyone was asleep, so Jade quickly gave each cat some love.


And the childish mooch went to play with toys.

You picked a real winner there, Jade.
Jade:  He’s cute that’s all that matters.
That’s pretty lame.


Sunny Dee was again the first ghost out.  She was followed by Peach and Fudge.

As a reminder, I have the same ancestors in each town for genetic purposes.


Since this house is on the same 900 minute woohoo, Tyr and Jez spend most of their time being silly and waiting to sneak a TFB by me.  They got one, but no baby (thankfully).


Pixel needs love too, so they adopted Snowshoe.  Now we have to wait for him to grow up.


Albert:  They won’t toss me out of this big house for breaking the toilet, will they?
Doubtful, but don’t do it again.


The resident girly girl was not the happiest repairwoman.


I have deemed him a keeper just for the fact that he plays with the cats.  Constantly.


This girl talked Caramel into an autograph.  She now asks him on dates everyday and sends him presents in the mail.  If this wasn’t an ISBI, I would have them married off and moved him to her house in a heartbeat.


Albert is back to playing with the toys.


Their 900 minutes passed in a blur.  No baby again.  I say it now, if she does become pregnant, they are gone.


Oh whoops, I forgot that she never had her birthday due to her cake fire.  Not sure why it was delayed for a day or two, but whatever.




Albert has taken up the cooking for the house.


The cats are getting to be pretty good buds.



If he’s not in with the cats or the nursery, you can find him playing in the nearest mirror.  He’s such a goober!


Tyr lives in the pool.  Belly Flop!


Tyr:  You killed the shower.
Jade:  Yes, I was there.


Caramel:  You killed the shower.
Jade:  Duh.


Snowshoe finally grew up and then I heard woohoo music.


It was Fudge again, but this time with his ex-wife, Charlie.


Then Fudge went outside and screamed at the wall.


He had no clue that his mom was on the other side.  I think he should run.


Jade:  If they keep this up, they will have to start paying me.


Jade:  I can really, really start to hate this family.


Well, aren’t you the most helpful guy in the house?
Albert:  I cook..sometimes.


Kittens!  Just like at Sage’s house, the kittens are completely identical.  This time though, there is a male and female.


First woohoo!


Tyr and Jez snuck in a TFB (not successful) and proceed to run around the house bare assed.


Now that she’s pregnant (we think), she proposes to an overjoyed Albert.


They spent a day at their new resort and then chose to show up for their wedding dressed like this.


Caramel’s stalker was on hand too.


Even at the resort, Jade has to fix shit.



Poor Jade is not the most graceful sim.


It must be even worse when you realize your brand new husband watched you flop.


While Jez and Albert ran off to play tag, Caramel christens IP with a puddle.


Albert found the slide.



Jade found her bump, then made her own puddle.


Caramel aged up to full adult after work one night.


We leave off with Fudge and Charlie and their shenanigans in the photo booth.

If you recall last chapter, I lost all my pop up shots.   So here’s what you missed:

Tyr has climbed up to level 8 in politics.
Jez is level 4 in teaching.
Caramel is level 7 in music, we did choose rock.
Albert made it to level 3 in teaching.
Jade is level 4 in music.
They got their resort to 5-star and Jade unlocked a hidden island.

Self-wettings: 2
Pass outs:
Failing school:
Fires: 1
Accidental Death:
Social Worker Visit:

Twin Birth:
Triplet Birth:
LTW Completion:
School Honor Roll:
Every $100k:  2

5 thoughts on “Jade: Chapter 1

  1. I was feeling a little gypped at first, when I clicked on the picture it sent me to the Split—which is not quite a chapter, lol Then I figured out where the chapter was, and all was good!

    Caramel is pretty cute, I can see why he has his own personal stalker.

    I love all the faces that Albert(?) makes the mirror. Childish sims can be fun, they can also be annoying because all they do is play with toys all day, lol

    yay for baby!!

  2. Yeaah, those childish Sims, I seem to get one every generation. It’s cute, but annoying when you can’t tell them to cut it the fuck out and do something productive.
    Kittens! They are so cute!

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