Sage: Chapter 2

Previously, Jade and Sage split up the family and took to separate towns in a battle to get one of their children the heirdom of Generation 7.  Sage took his mom and cats to Dragon Valley, where he met and moved in Shannon MacAnna who, got pregnant by Sage’s Great-Great Grandfather.  She was quickly tossed out on her ass.  Next he kissed Jennifer Pleasant in front of her husband and made him quite angry.  He then set his sights on the supremely insane Aislinn Walsh.

A/N: The resort was built 3 times, 3 weddings took place and 3 baby bumps appeared but the game kept crashing.  Hence why this chapter took forever to get out.


Even the kittens who aged up, are now back to being kittens again.


Aislinn is back to having morning sickness again.


FP:  Don’t even think that because you got knocked up by my great grandfather that you get any of the family fortune.  Congrats on the baby though!
Shannon:  I plan to capitalize on the ghost baby that I better be having.  I might even sell it.


Sage poses for his ex-girlfriend.  She is apparently starting up a scrapbook of men she has nailed in the shower.


Aislinn popped on the way to the wedding.


As you can see, it was a very formal affair.


FP chose to go swimming this time and didn’t show up.




Sage was quietly informed that his mom did show up towards the end.  During the moments after the wedding Jennifer caught his eye and she winked at him.


Back home, at the moment of the kiss, Cookie was making her final appearance.  *sniff*

Cookie:  Back off, asshole! I’m not ready to go yet.
Grim:  Then let me stab you with my index finger.  Ready yet?
Cookie:  Imma scratch your eyes out, meanie!


I then leave because the sounds of crying cats was sad…and found this.

What the hell are you doing?!?
Sage:  She did it!  She said it was a congrats hug!


Sage:  She did it!
You could have said no!
Sage:  I cannot turn down a piece of ass.  Sorry.


After the second woohoo, I tried to explain that Aislinn was right there gambling, but he wouldn’t listen.


Sage:  You could have warned me!
I did!  I even tried to cancel out that second woohoo when she showed up, but it was too late.
Sage:  She divorced me Sad smile
You deserved it!


Aislinn:  That cheating bastard is all yours now whore.
Jennifer:  No thanks.  I just love to woohoo married men.




Oh quit your sniveling.  You could have told that woman no at any time.
Sage:  But, I’m a man.  A man with needs!
Now we have to keep a woman that hates you around until the kid is born.


Nice.  Try to rub the belly of a woman who wants you dead.  Good idea, dumbass.


Sage:  Bitch, that is my kid in there.  You are nothing more than an incubator and will never see it again after it has been born.


Why are grinning like a fool?


Omg!  You’re such a pervy creeper!  She’s just a kid!
Sage;  Girl, call me when you’re legal.  I’m  totally gonna tap that.
Nora:  Not even if you were the last man on earth, pervert.


Instead of going home or even better, going to the bathroom, Aislinn made us about $30,000 in cash.


Then pees herself.  Thanks a bunch.


When she did finally decide to go home, she didn’t even make it.


What are you doing?

Sage:  Trying to chat with my ex-wife.


Aislinn:  Maybe if you were a real man, a strong man with willpower, we would not find ourselves in this situation.
Sage;  If you were a smart woman, you’d know eating spoiled mac n cheese is disgusting.


Fudge:  Hey FP, you ready to be a grandma?
FP:  My cat died *sob*


Aislinn passes out again.


Really?  Why does Jennifer insist on sending you gifts?  She implied she was through with you.
Sage:  I’m too good to be tossed aside.


Sage;  Oh never mind.  Just wedding gifts from the town.


FP:  This song always helps me to digest my food, so let me help you too.
Sage:  Ugh.


Aislinn:  I’m in labor!
FP:  Ahhhh!  Sage!!


FP peed herself the second she stopped freaking out.


Sage:  It’s been 13 hours.  Pop the kid out and then leave.

Sage literally walked in, sat down and just waited.


Milk Dud was born, the first of Generation 7.


Aislinn plopped him on the floor and walked away.


FP was quick to snatch him up and give him cuddles and put him in the nursery that I had no clue was in the house.

Next time, we see a bit of Milk Dud, a lot of Sage and maybe a new love? I mean, he does need at least 2 kids, 3 to make me happy.

In other news, Shannon MacAnna gave birth to a human baby boy named Lavar.

Self-wettings:  -10
Pass outs: -10
Failing school:
Accidental Death:
Social Worker Visit:

Total:  -20

Birth: +5
Twin Birth:
Triplet Birth:
LTW Completion:
School Honor Roll:
Every $100k:

Total:  -15


14 thoughts on “Sage: Chapter 2

  1. I think I see Sage’s balls sticking out the bottom of his thigh in his adultering photo LMAO At least that’s kinda what it looks like.
    Geesh what an ass he is.

      1. huh…
        well my hats off to you then. I don’t know if I could give up enough control to even play an ISBI, never mind let the TH do as he wanted too.

        Though I really really want to try…

      2. For about two months, I did a challenge where you make a sim, plop them in a house, unpause the game, turn off the monitor and come back a few hours later to see if the sim was still alive. Most of them never lived past an 2 sim days, but it was funny to watch.

        I really do get bored if I have to control them.

    1. It’s actually quite fun! I keep meaning to do that again. I might actually do that right now, while doing dishes and finishing up the last few chapters of your ISBI.

  2. I’m with Heather, that sounds hilarious. Just watching them run around, doing whatever they feel they should… it might be an easier way to figure out how to be less controlling than launching straight into an ISBI.

    Does Sage have any traits that might cause him to be an adulterer, or just insanity rearing its ugly head again?

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